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Hey peeps, been a while! :)

So before I took a break from modding/playing X-Com back in July, I was having this CTD which occurred upon losing/winning the game, when hitting OK on the "you have failed" report. I thought it was something with my mod, but it's still happening now, on latest nightly (2016-11-15) and without any mods:

This suggests something to do with a mod, but I made triple sure there are no mods installed, just plain old vanilla. Any idea how to fix this?

Next, also testing on vanilla, getting rid of SkyrangerInterceptor/Barracuda somehow increases storage space by 5.1 and 4.7, respectively. So if it exceeds your storage capacity, you can't sell/sack them! WTF is up with this? I honestly do not recall this ever happening before, did I just find out?! At quick glance, I find nothing wrong in the rulesets, so I'm at a loss.

Lastly, not a bug per se, but, how can I change listOrder of UFOs/missions listed under New Battle mode's drop-down menu? Cuz new stuff appears at the very bottom by default. Also, bonus points: how do I fix the ugly _underline_ extending left and right of the final T'leth mission? Looks just bad, baaaaad.

Thanks for the help, as always <3

PS: If Modding/Experiments is a better place for this topic, don't hesitate to move it!

I know this mod is a little outdated, but I got back to playing after some lengthy break and I was assaulting a Muton base and getting my @ss kicked really bad, but I was spawned right next to the command center, so I figure I'd destroy it (blow up the 4 pink tables on 2nd floor) and ditch. Was taking couple prisoners with me too, so it was good. And I got only 2 soldiers left! But I digress...

So there I was, dumbfounded...

I subsequently made sure to remove all mods but this one just to double-check. Same thing. And yes, I end the turn too just to be sure. Nothing. So what's not triggering the "CONTROL CENTER DESTROYED" pop-up?

(Vanilla works fine, also tested, so the problem's got something to do with this mod alone.)

No rush, thanks :)

Troubleshooting / Re: Latest Nightly Not Playing FLAC?
« on: April 16, 2016, 05:28:17 am »
So I come back after 2 weeks (of being busy/not playing) to install latest nightly and I get some crashes. The thing is, I made no changes between then and now. First, UFO/EU had no music. So I switch to TFTD and everything's fine on that end. I do quickly notice, however, that under audio options TFTD only has "Music Format", whereas UFO/EU has that too plus "SFX Format" Was SFX an option before? I don't remember it. And if so, why doesn't TFTD also have it? Confused.

But anyway, I decide to switch back to UFO/EU and I get (pic is actually from different nightly, cuz I tried a couple different ones just to be sure):

So I go check, and SAMPLE.CAT is right where it always was (SOUND folder).

Alright, I decide to revert to a much older nightly to see if that's the problem, and (starting again from TFTD) what I immediately discover when trying to go into UFO/EU is this:

I then update back to the latest nightly and keep getting the same (above pic) crash. Notice there's also just 2 mods listed under UFO/EU, strangely enough (they haven't been deleted from the "standard" OXC folder under which they are listed, so they are clearly right where they should be).

Anyway, I figured if this was a known issue it would have already been addressed here, but it's just me by the looks of it. I honestly have no idea WTF is going on!

Should I just uninstall?

Hoping there'd be an easier/more stupid solution :P

No rush, I'm busy and won't be playing for a while, so I'll just leave this here for now.

PS: Already tried disabling all mods. Although I don't see how that'd be a problem since none of them affect MUSIC. Also, if curious, the following options (in options.cfg) are set to default:
Code: [Select]
  preferredMusic: 0
  preferredSound: 0
  preferredVideo: 0

Work In Progress / Empty Sub-Pen (TFTD)?
« on: March 31, 2016, 06:27:25 pm »
Always kinda bothered me that no matter what type of sub/craft you have at your base (if any at all), Sub Pen will show TRITON regardless:

Any (relatively quick n' easy) way to just make them empty like in UFO/EU during Base Defense?

TFTD requires separate "underwater" strings for sprites and sounds, so my question is: how does one go about implementing this, exactly? Last night I was experimenting with extra/alternate explosion colors to visually differentiate between smoke/dye, HE and stun/freeze. They work on land just fine; however, the game keeps crashing underwater. I'm obviously missing something.

(I tried a much darker smoke/dye, but it just didn't look good. These aren't final, will continue experimenting.)

I believe I got sounds figured out, like so:

Code: [Select]
  - type: BATTLE.CAT
      90: Resources/Sounds/GaussPistol.ogg
  - type: BATTLE2.CAT
      90: Resources/Sounds/GaussPistolUW.ogg

So I'm assuming something similar applies for sprites? Example:

Code: [Select]
  - type: X1.PCK
    width: 1024
    height: 128
    subX: 128
    subY: 64
      80: Resources/Extra_Explosions/X1_Stun.png
      100: Resources/Extra_Explosions/X1_Smoke.png
      120: Resources/Extra_Explosions/X1_HE.png
    hitAnimation: 100
  - type: STR_GC_HE_AMMO
    hitAnimation: 120
    hitAnimation: 80

As always, help much appreciated :)

PS: Somewhat related also: shotgun-style weapon do not work underwater either (it won't crash the game, but shotgunPellets only work on land. It's nothing urgent as of now, but Warboy may wanna patch that up that later?

Work In Progress / TFTD 2-in-1 UFOpedia Issue *SOLVED*
« on: March 11, 2016, 12:48:05 am »
So one of the last things I wanted to do for TFTD was integrate weapons/clips for Gauss & Alien tech into one UFOpedia page, like so (just one example, same for all the rest):

Alas, I encountered a problem. See, TFTD pedia entries require distinct images_id, whereas UFO/EU does not. I guess that's the problem? In UFO/EU, I simply make research of Laser Pistol unlock both weapon and clip for pedia and it displays just fine: the weapon with its statistics (fire mode, TU, accuracy) and the clip with its power value and damage type all on the same page. This is basically the same as vanilla, of course, except what I do is remove the secondary "clip page" so that everything is confined to just the main/weapon page itself (no need for two pages or two separate researches, I say, when you can do everything in one).

In TFTD, however, although I can have Gauss Pistol unlock both weapon and clip, I can either have it pull up the weapon statistics page (with the above image) or the clip type/power page (with the same image above, if I want). The problem is either one will be lacking the other's info. I mean, the whole purpose behind this was to simplify everything into one page!

I still don't understand how vanilla TFTD manages to add the "GAUSS BEAM X DAMAGE" piece of text from the clip into the main weapon page after the clip is researched. That's exactly what I'm missing, and it seems I can only get it from researching the clip properly.

I even tried having Gauss Pistol unlock the clip with cost:0 (to override it appearing in the research screen and make it count as being researched as opposed to simply removing clip research altogether and unlocking everything through the weapon itself), but that's still not doing it.

I hope that's been clear enough!

How can I solve this?

I need a lifesaver :)

--- posts merged ---

Unless there is another way around it, I guess I must resolve to putting the DAMAGE TYPE X on the image_id itself:

Problem is, of course, that if you want to change the damage type or power later you'd have to create a new image_id with the new values. At least it's a makeshift solution for the time being.

Modding UFO/EU is so much easier.

Suggestions / [SUGGESTION/REQUEST/QOL] Alien Interrogations
« on: March 04, 2016, 07:09:44 pm »
When a particular alien rank runs out of getOneFrees to unlock, the "view report" button will bring up nothing (for obvious reasons). So the suggestion/request is simple: pop up a window similar to the "not enough ammo for HWP" saying something along the lines of: "no further information can be gathered/obtained from interrogating this particular alien rank or soldiers/navigators/whichever rank applies" (as a way of saying "don't bother milking these dudes for intel anymore, you've exhausted their brains, go fetch different ranks now").

It'd also make the game more user friendly (especially for new players).

Open Feedback / Is it me or... (TFTD vs UFO/EU comparison question)
« on: March 02, 2016, 01:21:24 am »
...are there significantly less USOs zipping around in TFTD as opposed to UFO/EU? Shouldn't there be an equal (or near equal) amount of alien crafts popping up in the radar both games? Radar detection chances are the same (and in my mods, you should get Decoder/Resolver roughly at the same time too). So what accounts for this discrepancy? This is really happening every game, and my starting base is always on different locations.

I mean, it's August here and it's only my 7th crash site. That's less than 1 crash site per month!

Unfortunately, I don't have a UFO/EU pic to compare, but I am under the impression that by this time I'd have at least 20 crashed sites in the other game. They just seem to be harder to come by in TFTD for some reason, and I was thinking that's one aspect I like more about UFO/EU.

I know TFTD isn't played much, but anyone noticed this by any chance?

So I've modified Aqua Plastic Armor and Mag. Ion Armor spritesheets (first for better color scheme and second to add orange "grav-pack" on land). I couldn't fail to notice that all female head/hair sprites default to blonde as if the "Enhanced soldier sprites" options specifically didn't apply to them. Please do note that male heads/hairs still display correctly (all 4 variations of them on both modified versions of Plastic And Ion Armors), so this is some sort of bug or coding issue specific to female sprites.

"Enhanced soldier sprites" works fine on vanilla spritesheets. For illustration purposes only, this is what female heads/hair sprites should look like (in Diving Suit here):

And no, I have specifically made sure I didn't touch head/hair colors when modifying the armors themselves.


Work In Progress / Vanilla Sprite "Extraction" Question
« on: February 14, 2016, 10:25:52 pm »
Basically, I was/am thinking of having Calcinite spawn its amorphous mass of protoplasmic entrails upon death by using Silacoid's sprite in its place (which, since I don't use it for my UFO/EU mod, I figured I'd just put it to good use here). The spawned blob would then get a ranged acid (TFTD electric, but whatever) attack to compensate for Calcinite's previous melee-only limitations while in the suit.

The coding is fairly simple (use Zombie as template), I am just at a loss when it comes to adding Silacoid to the extraSprites ruleset because I really have no idea where to get it from or how to "extract" it. I mean, I know there's a SILACOID.PCK and TAB file in UFO's UNIT folder, but I don't know what to do with it or if that's all I need. I thought it wouldn't be so hard since Silacoid's sprites have already been created and it'd be just a matter of implementation.

So how hard would it be?

PS: Yes, there'd be a color mismatch between purplish Silacoid and greenish Calcinite (autopsy image), but we could just say it looks green behind the container's tinted glass :P Plus, there's already other color mismatches in TFTD anyway, it's part of the charm!

PPS: I don't know how the transitional "missing frames" between Calcinite's death and Silacoid's spawning would look, but this is just all testing anyway.

Open Feedback / Alien's dual weapon wielding? (AI question)
« on: February 06, 2016, 04:30:06 pm »
I give Alien Commanders a Blaster Launcher and a Plasma Pistol. They hardly ever (don't think I've ever seen them yet, but I'm only now beginning to realize) use Blaster Launcher. They stick to Pistol, and I've tested several times on debug mode already. 

So what determines AI's choice of weapon? Do they just go for the "faster" one (lower TU cost) every time? I'd like some aliens to wield two weapons (Big Gun or Drill usually paired up with a Pistol so they are not limited to Blaster/DPL's "situational" application or Drill's close-range risk factor). I mean, they use grenades just fine.

I guess my question is this: am I hampering Ai's use of Blaster Launcher by pairing them up with Pistols (or any other secondary weapon)?

PS: Also, does AI ever draw/use weapons from "back pack" or is it limited to just right/left hand and belt?

Troubleshooting / Game Crashing After Nightly 2016_01_27 (solved)
« on: January 30, 2016, 10:01:12 pm »
Should clarify: both my UFO & TFTD Rework mods are crashing, so something must be in conflict. Only happens after (starting a new game) I hit "Yes" in response to "Begin Mission?" on a UFO landing/crash site. So far it has not happened with already started/saved games, just new ones.

Have tested multiple times, it happens with the last three nightlies:

If I knew what this "fatal error" was in reference to, I'd be able to fix whatever needs fixing in my mod. Thus, I invoke aid from the Codemasters :P

Code: [Select]
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] Data folder is:
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] Data search is:
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] - C:\Users\R\Documents\OpenXcom\
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] - C:\Program Files\OpenXcom
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] - C:\Program Files\OpenXcom
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] User folder is: C:\Users\R\Documents\OpenXcom\
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] Config folder is: C:\Users\R\Documents\OpenXcom\
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] Options loaded successfully.
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] SDL initialized successfully.
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] Attempting to set display to 1366x768x32...
[30-01-2016 16:45:19] [INFO] Display set to 1366x768x32.
[30-01-2016 16:45:20] [INFO] Loading data...
[30-01-2016 16:45:20] [INFO] Scanning standard mods in 'standard'...
[30-01-2016 16:45:20] [INFO] Scanning user mods in 'C:\Users\R\Documents\OpenXcom\mods'...
[30-01-2016 16:45:20] [INFO] Mapping resource files...
[30-01-2016 16:45:20] [INFO] Resources files mapped successfully.
[30-01-2016 16:45:25] [INFO] Loading font... Font.dat
[30-01-2016 16:45:25] [INFO] Loading extra resources from ruleset...
[30-01-2016 16:45:27] [INFO] Data loaded successfully.
[30-01-2016 16:45:27] [INFO] Loading language...
[30-01-2016 16:45:27] [INFO] Language loaded successfully.
[30-01-2016 16:45:27] [INFO] OpenXcom started successfully!
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] A fatal error has occurred: code 0xc0000005
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] 0x8fbb50 SDL_MixAudio (SymGetLineFromAddr64 failed: 487)
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] 0x7702ace0 RtlInitializeExceptionChain (SymGetLineFromAddr64 failed: 487)
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] 0x7702ace0 RtlInitializeExceptionChain (SymGetLineFromAddr64 failed: 487)
[30-01-2016 16:45:53] [FATAL] Crash dump generated at C:\Users\R\Documents\OpenXcom\30-01-2016_16-45-53.dmp
[30-01-2016 16:45:54] [FATAL] OpenXcom has crashed: code 0xc0000005
Extra information has been saved to openxcom.log.
Please report this to the developers.

Open Feedback / Changing UFO intercept/pedia sprites doesn't work?
« on: January 28, 2016, 06:42:05 pm »
I'm probably doing something wrong or it's just not working as it should.

Let's say we wanna change Survey Ship's sprite to something else, doesn't matter what. It's vanilla sprite ID is 0, so we change it to 6 so it looks like a Dreadnought:

Code: [Select]
    size: STR_VERY_SMALL
    sprite: 6

Sprite is the same during dogfight, so I check Ruleset Reference Nightly again:

Sprite ID from INTERWIN.DAT used to draw this UFO in the dogfight view and UFOpaedia.
don't try to add more images if you don't want to punch yourself in the face - use modsprite

And right below we have:

Filename used to draw this UFO in the dogfight view and UFOpaedia.

OK, let's use modSprite for testing:

Code: [Select]
    size: STR_VERY_SMALL
    sprite: 0
    modSprite: 6

Start new game. Intercept. Game crashes upon contact with craft.

So what am I doing wrong here?

Released Mods / [FULL MOD] UFO & TFTD Rework (silent update: Jan 1, 2017)
« on: January 27, 2016, 06:41:58 pm »
So I've been kind of holding off my "reworked" versions of both UFO/EU and TFTD for a couple months now. They've been practically finished a while back—in fact, I've already played each about 3-5 times from beginning to midway/end for testing (primarily pacing). However, I always find myself tweaking little things here and there so I never feel quite ready to make an "official" release.

Anyway, this was originally a strictly personal project created for strictly personal use, so it was not at all in my plans to make any public release at all. Besides, this is nothing fancy like the total conversions or super-mega mod packs that are out there already, so it may not appeal to everyone. Again, I really just made it for myself.

But whaddayaknow? I figured there's nothing to lose either way, so here it goes... 

Oh, and yeah, Orz goes by many names (or fingers?), and will therefore go by Illamasqua for these mods.

Vanilla sundae with strawberries on top. In other words, a more tasty vanilla game: re-balanced, improved & enhanced, making it slightly more challenging while keeping the original feel/atmosphere intact.

A total conversion or heavily modified mod (I mean, it is rather heavily modified, but not in the sense of content addition—no new weapons, for example).


(1) Alien Containment facility no longer available from the start. It now requires research of certain UFO component (either one of two) before facility may be properly unlocked. Main reason behind this: extend Laser/Gauss utility while delaying Plasma/Sonic (+ Blaster/DPL) as alien weapons now require an initial live alien "interrogation". Alien Containment should be unlocked by May/June at the earliest and August/September at the very latest.

(2) Alien race changes: [UFO only] Floater & Snakeman replaced for Waspite & Gazer, respectively. Reason: (this may come out as odd but) I never quite liked Floaters and, although Snakeman was a little bit better conceptually/aesthetically, I didn't want to have too many aliens flying around and I needed to make room for newcomers.

They don't have the same stats as Robin's mod, however, for the very simple reason that they'll be appearing early on and would be a little too OP othwerise. While Gazer keeps Holodrone as terror unit, Waspite was paired up with Celatid (slightly nerfed). Reason: with Cybermite there were too many mechanical units and not enough organics, plus it made Cyberdisc's explosion upon death a little redundant. On that note, Muton now goes along with Sectopod instead of the Celatid/Silacoid pair. Celatid was left with Waspite, and Silacoid was completely scrapped as it was practically useless (just like Reaper). Also, Ethereals now come with a Sectopod/Cyberdisc terror duo. Finally, added one more alien race: Anthropods. These are a little buffed, alongside their Spitter terrorists, as they'll be more of a mid-game enemy, almost on par with Mutons (which are now a little tougher as well). Oh, Chryssalids mostly appear on terror missions too.

[TFTD only] Not many significant changes. Deep Ones were made a little less fragile (always felt sorry for those guys) and Triscenes get better under armor. **PENDING** a new 5th alien race (although Carcharodon fits nicely, I'm still looking for a more Cthulhu-themed end-game alien, then I could add the shark guys as well to make a total of 6 aliens races just like UFO/EU).

Oh, and every race now gets all 6 ranks from Soldier to Commander.

(3)  All weapons/equipment reworked. The gist is this: Pistols are good for compactness & snap/reaction shots, Rifles for sniping & higher damage output, Heavies for balance & supressive fire at the cost of weight/encumbrance. Also: Auto-Cannon/Hydro-Jet reworked to specialize on auto-fire (higher accuracy). Small/Thermal Shok Launcher can fire and reload on the same turn now. Blast radius reduced to 3, however (as previous 5 and 7, respectively, was too large and could take out entire crews packed together). Medi-Kit, Motion Scanner/Disturbance Sensor & Mind Probe/Reader TU cost reduced to a small percentage (rather than flat TU cost), while Psi-Amp/MC Disruptor increased significantly (reason: discourage MC spam). On that note, Medi-Kit now recovers 12 stun (from 4) and 30 energy (from 10). Also, High/Magna-Pack Explosive damage increased to 200 at the cost of weight and greater blast radius. Reason: used to open up UFO hulls and blow up tougher enemies, but risky! (Can't throw from too far away due to weight, plus if you don't take distance you'll get caught on the blast.) Similarly, Blaster Launcher damage increased to 210 (just like DPL). Reason: open up UFO hulls late game, but big enough for HWP/SWS's to access (4 tiles as opposed to 1). Also, some item armor changes (especially UFO/EU items, borrowing from TFTD's better armor values—particularly when it comes to grenades/throwables). Oh, and Sonic Pulser's power dropped down to UFO/EU's 90 (as 120 was a little bit OP even by my hard-mode standards).

[TFTD only] Hydro-Jet Cannon, Torpedo Launcher, Disruptor Pulse Launcher & Coelacanth/Aqua Jet now capable of operating on land just like everything else (their respective UFOpedia entries slightly adjusted to reflect this). This may be reverted back later, but it feels good for now.

All other changes (including weapon damage, TU cost, weight, clip size, etc.) were very minor.

(4)  Recoverable Elerium/Zrbite reduced to 25 from 50.

(5)  Reduced USA's initial funding to 450 from 600.


— Start off with Medi-Kit & Motion Scanner/Disturbance Sensor. No longer researchable/manufacturable. Purchasable for a price instead. Reason: makes no sense that these people don't already got these items at the start! Plus, limit early research to Laser/Gauss (which should be your first breakthrough).

— HWP/SWS cost & transfer time reduced. Reason: make them more viable (less monetary loss) as opposed to opting for all-out Soldier/Aquanaut teams.

— Large Rocket/Torpedo & Incendiary/Phosphorous costs swapped. Reason: encourage use of Incendiary/Phosphor. (More on this down below.)

— Personal/Aqua Armor & Power/Ion Armor now require certain alien corpses before they may be researched :O

— Other research changes: Some research topics have slightly different requirements, while some also take longer to unlock (notably Laser/Gauss tech). Main reason behind this: give new weapons and technologies some actual utility (as opposed to skipping each tier altogether by going straight to the more powerful techs in less than 1 month). Also, vanilla TFTD's research tree was a little screwy in some areas, this was patched up here.

— [UFO only] Laser weapons & Tank/Laser now require clips, just like Gauss. Also, Tank/Laser gets reskin (from Alloy Tanks mod). Still pending Coela/Gauss reskin.

— [TFTD only] Coelacanth/Gauss now has its own manufacturable clips (no longer shared with Gauss Cannon).

— Tank/Laser & Coela/Gauss got slightly improved armor.

— X-Com crafts can be sold now for a hefty price (still not a viable "cash cow" item due to time spent/wasted on manufacture).

— Other manufacture changes: Minor changes in terms of time, cost & item requirement mostly. Plus, slightly reduced sell price of "cash cow" items (which was a major game breaker).

— New mix of alien crews, both for regular UFO crashes/landings, alien bases & terror missions (usually towards mid-late game). Lots of interesting combinations. Reason: more variety/unpredictability.

— More organic flow/transition of alien tech from early to mid to late game. Plasma/Sonic Pistol may still show up late game, though very rarely. Reason: variety/diversity. Game pace should be longer than vanilla now, so more deadly weapons needed to be pushed back a bit. On that note, alien deployment item-sets reshuffled for balancing. UFO/EU, especially, gets more changes to more closely match TFTD's better item loadouts (one notable difference being more grenades!). Reason: make UFO/EU slightly more challenging.

— Practically all alien recoverable items (weapons/equipment & UFO components) have sell prices halved. Reason: reduce cash flow.

— Armor changes: Various minor tweaks here and there. One main change would be alien's incendiary/phosphorous damage modifier: they now take more damage in general. Reason: give incendiary/phosphor weapons more utility (other than just illuminating night terrain). Also, removed Gauss resistance from most TFTD aliens. Gauss feels like an actual improvement now! Reason: the very tech that's supposed to give you your first advantage against the aliens is weak against them? WTF?

— Soldier/Aquanaut stats tweaks: lowered some starting & cap values. Reason: too OP late game. Lowered throwing starting max stat to 70 (from 80) and Psi-Strength to 60 (from 100), especially considering aliens themselves have a highest Psi-Strength of only about 40 average. Also increased minimum Psi-Strength to 10 and put cap on Psi-Skill & Psi-Strength at 80 (from 100, both of them). Values subject to change later, but so far so good.

— All aliens get higher Psi-Strength values. Reason: more MC training required (on field too) to increase chances of mind control. Also, all alien races capable of using psionics now, at least at Commander level :O (This may be changed later.)

— Craft weapons rebalance: Slight range, accuracy, damage & ammo adjustments, hopefully preventing spam of certain weapons and increasing viability of others. Better starting craft Cannons. Also, Gas/Cannon & Laser/Gauss Cannon accuracy increased. Sonic Oscillator/Plasma Beam ammo reduced. Avalanche/DUP purchase costs doubled (reason: encourage use of cheaper Stingray/AJAX early game). Fusion/PWT Launcher ammo increased to 3. Rearm rates also improved for all weapons. Etc.

— [TFTD only] Survey Ship and Escort mapblocks were swapped in vanilla. Here they've been swapped back to what they should be (some hold that UFOpaedia & intercept images were also swapped, but they seem fine to me so I've left them unchanged here). Battleship and Fleet Supply Cruiser had their intercept images mistakenly swapped too (not the mapblocks or UFOpedia images). This is also corrected here.

— Facility list at base re-ordered. Reason: more intuitive arrangement. Also, some costs & build times revised. For example, Small Radar/Sonar cost, build time & maintenance reduced to encourage use (more affordable than Large/Wide-Array Sonar early game, good for setting up new bases). Also, a small attempt to improve (encourage use of) base defense facilities by making them quicker to build and giving them higher percentage hit ratios.

— A few UFOpedia entries got reordered (notably alien weapons and base facilities) and a couple got new images, notably UFO/EU's Alien Surgery & Examination Room. Reason: those entries had Floaters in them, and Floaters no longer exist in this game.

— Cydonia/T'Leth levels completely redesigned in terms of alien deployment. Should offer some of a challenge now. Reason: was way too easy previously.

— Some items/topics got slightly renamed.

— Plus a dozen other little changes I can't remember right now.

(for post-release changelog see THIS post below his as this one cannot exceed 2000 characters so I had to relocate section)


After researching an item/topic with more than 1 corpse-related dependency, a "we can now research" message will come up listing all the corpses (provided there's at least one currently stored at your base) linked to said item/research. This is a corpse-related research bug only.

Same goes for UFO component dependencies if they share the same research/topic.


Mostly Arthanor, Hobbes, Warboy, SupSuper, xOps, hellrazor and Dioxine for suffering through some/most of my ruleset questions when I was just getting started <3

DOWNLOAD LINKS (latest update: Jan 1, 2017)

Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.4b
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.4
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.3d
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.3c
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.3b
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.3
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.2e
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.2d
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.2c
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.2b
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.2
Illamasqua's UFO Rework v1.1c
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OXCE Suggestions DONE / [DONE] [Suggestion] UFO Tracker Window
« on: January 27, 2016, 02:37:46 am »
In effect: a UFO intercept/radar window. Similar to your regular intercept window:

Only that instead of listing your own interceptors, this would show all UFOs currently detected by radars, with respective type, size, location, race, mission, landed, on flight, etc. Whatever's most relevant. If that's too much info to fit into a cramped box (and it sure is), then at least a simple UFO list would suffice with just the bare essentials. This would prove especially useful when there's over 10+ tiny little red dots zipping around all around the globe all at once: you could simply pull up a quick window list like this and quickly find out what's what and where.

Just 5 UFOs here and even after clicking each red dot individually I kinda tend to lose track of which one was which in the heat of the moment

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