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When you choose your soldiers that will take place in the skyranger notice you can change the order in wich your soldiers are listed. But thats not IT yet. From the lander' door to the front, the soldiers will be in the same order than in the list. So it is a really time-saving and efficient idea to rename your soldier and add a tag next to it identifying his speciality.

(Job)Rocketeer - RCKT(Tag)
Marksman/Sniper - SNPR
Assault - GI
Grenadier - GRN

Having your soldiers lined up according to your strategy can help you avoid tons of useless losses of lives.

My own setup is as follow. (Im using FMP but dosent matter its an example.)
2 Attack Dogs
2 Rocketeers (Holding smoke grenades in their free hand.)
2 Machine Gunners
2 Assaults
2 Marksmen/Snipers
2 Assaults
2 Grenadiers

Hope it will help the new players showing up.

Offtopic / NewbieTacticsForNewbie - Capturing your first alien!
« on: March 06, 2016, 01:10:48 am »
Requirement: Alien containment, Stunrods.
Make sure all soldiers who can carry a stun rod do so. Best first capture if you want it easy on a Small or Medium scout ufo. One that landed if possible. Once the map is all clear stack up near the doors of the ufo. Of course send a scout in and out to make sure no aliens will pop out the door and go postal on your guys. It is easier done on a medium scout from my experience since you can go in from two sides. From there its simple. End turn, Rush in and stun them. (If they face your soldier you might wanna hide inside or use your second squad on the other side. Usually, floaters and sectoids gets knocked out with one hit. But make sure you can approach with a second guy just in case or you will lose a soldier in a most useless way.

There is no real strategy from there as capturing them alive is always risky but needed. If you are lucky you might like me catch a Navigator, Engineer and a Medic on the same ufo. (Im using final mod pack so you might not get some of those depending on wich mods you use.)

Open Feedback / FinalModPack Question - Laser Rifle.
« on: March 06, 2016, 12:15:40 am »
I unlocked the alien laser rifle and produced some. Noticed it uses ammo. But I cannot produce the clips for it. Am I supposed to use those wich are dropped or I need to do some more research? Wich research it is if that the case?

Assuming you are using a standard 2 scout then 2 rocketeers setup. Use your expandable scouts to force the cyberdiscs to waste their reaction shot. Use you other one to smoke the ramp (switched to instant grenade :) ). Have your 2 rocketeers step down and fire at the cyberdiscs / stay in the craft and fire at those right in front.

Once your soldiers have stepped down make sure you got your second scout staying in the skyranger. His job will be throwing ammunitions to the two rocketeers.

Works, is fun and also more rewarding than the grenade relay tactic.

Edit: Also don't forget to unload any rocket launcher that isn't going to be used on this turn. As mentinned by yrizoud Cyberdisc are almost if not always with sectoids using psionic attacks. I usually keep the rocket in the other hand for fast reload. Because if your rocketeers are psi-attacked they might go berserk or get taken over by aliens. In both cases the skyranger turns into a frying pan.

as an X-Com leader struck with fear and sinking into the abyss of despair as he first crossed the path of one of those souless miserable creatures that used to be his squadmates. Hellbent to destroy him a few minutes after they called for an emergency evac.

One thing is sure as a new X-Com player... I sure am now scared of the dreaded Chrysalids at a point I even killed everything that moved including civilians.
I've been scared lot of times in games. Scared because of atmosphere and graphics. This is different... I was convinced I was doomed. Yet had to fight with all I can as a terror mission failed comes with a price. Both is reputation and ego. The feel of leading a desperate attack on an enemy that grows larger in number as the time passes. Being confronted to these really...changes all. No more careful advance. The faster I find them and kill them. The less ill have to deal with later. o_o

Playthroughs / Newbie in need of advices!
« on: March 02, 2016, 02:04:43 am »
Well, so far I'm alright... survived 2 terror mission.  Not meaning much since it is my first real game and im playing on beginner. I just want some tactical advices. I have joined my save file with my post. I am quite lost about what I should do now.

Any help would be welcome ! :D


EDIT: Only using FinalModPack with the latest nightly build.

Troubleshooting / Puppy Linux thtr
« on: May 27, 2015, 06:14:05 pm »
I'm using the most recent version of puppy linux on a netbook. 6.0.3. Problem is I am overall new to linux computing and I am more used to ubuntu based system. I'm currently playing the version 1.0 of the game perfectly well on this computer. And it is awesome. But, with TFTD getting close I wish to start using the nightly builds. Is anyone familiar with compiling those build on puppy linux? As long as I know this os dosent use sudo commands so I got a hard time finding how to do it.
Any help would be really appreciated. Also since this is my first post on this forum I need to add this.

This is the most awesome game porting/enhancing project since the jDoom. >(for me)

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