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Considering the alternate movement methods as well as mods (such as 40k) that use energy for special actions, it would be great if the path preview arrows could also display remaining energy next to TU. This should prevent that a player has to calculate and/or save/load to get the unit as far as possible while also having sufficient energy left to do a special action.

Attached is a small mockup how it could look. For reference bottom is Index 48 (a2e386) for remaining TUs and index 16 (ffd300) for remaining Energy. Of course any other color works too.

Tools / Merge 2x2 Spritesheet Tool
« on: March 24, 2021, 10:20:51 pm »
This is the opposite to the HWP Build helper. It's compatible with the split spritesheets from the HWP Build helper. In fact it was tested with them.
I wanted to merge split spritesheets for 2x2 units back into complete ones, so it's easier to edit them.
This works for all drawingRoutines relevant to 2x2 units (2, 3, 5, 11, 12, 20 and 21)
For drawingRoutine 2 and 11 this tool expects 5 turrets each.
For drawingRoutine 2 and 3 there are a few artefacts for the propulsion. I haven't found out why yet. But they should be easily removed by hand.

At this stage it is a command line tool (no fancy GUI yet)
You will need to path to the location of this python file and type
Code: [Select]
python file_to_be_merged.png drawingRoutineNumber

For example:
Code: [Select]
python split_hwptemplate_21.png 21

Of course it would be great if this Python script could be implemented on Falko's PythonAnywhere page

If you find any issues or got any other feedback, feel free to post.

Released Mods / [Showcase] Hatching Chryssalids and Tentaculats
« on: March 22, 2021, 10:28:04 pm »
This is a show case for scripting. I will probably put some more proof of concepts on the forum at some point.

I have found this setSpawnUnit command in the scripting API so I wanted to do something with it.
One of the results is this mod "Hatching Chryssalids and Tentaculats" which handles zombification with scripting alone. The weapon of the Chryssalids and Tentaculats do not zombify in this mod.
Instead they infect soldiers with parasites which essentially is a tag used to determine damage per turn and whether soldiers should become zombies or not. Of course it's possible to spawn different units depending on the tag. So this means curses and such are also possible.

Of course anyone can use all the scripting of the mod. Feel free to do so. Some credit would be appreciated.

If you are curious you can find the mod on on

Code: [Select]
- Chryssalids and Tentaculats infect soldiers
- Infected soldiers turn to zombies whether by the infection itself or by any other damage
- Infected soldiers are indicated with a green color as visible feedback
- Medi-Kit can cure infections (previous painkiller position)
- Cure charges are dependent on research. The more research is done on Chryssalids and Tentaculats the more charges a Medi-Kit gets
- Infected surviving soldiers will be wracked by the parasite. This means that they will lose stats when finishing a mission still infected.
- Depending on research the stats loss will be reduced to 0.

A lot of thanks goes to Yankes who updated OXCE so this mod was possible.
As a consequence this requires the bleeding edge version of OXCE.

Required version:  Extended-7.0-ea2092bc5-2021-03-22.
You can find a download here

I hope you enjoy and any feedback would be appreciated.

40k / [ADDON] IGMA - Imperial Guard Mini Addon
« on: December 23, 2020, 08:24:52 pm »
maybe some people saw it already. I have started creating a mod for 40k for the Imperial Guard adding/changing a few things.
Most notably so far are the Multilaser Sentinels, Veteran Officers and Adv. Carapace with integrated Hellpistol. There are also new sprites which I have tried to kitbash.

You can obtain it here

The changes are:
Code: [Select]
Version 0.282

- Added Multilaser Sentinel (IGMA_multi_laser_sentinel.rul)
  - Basic sentinel (open cockpit) with multilaser taken from the Chimera
  - Fires 5 rounds instead of 10 (only one barrel)
  - Can fire 2 salvos per turn
  - Currently uses the graphics of the Lascannon version.
  - New kitbashed graphic (bigobs) for the multilaser weapon
- Delayed Lascannon Sentinel in favor of Multilaser Sentinel (IGMA_research.rul)
- Added veteran officers (IGMA_veteran_officers.rul and IGMA_veteran_officers_carapace.rul)
  - Can be transformed from officers who qualify for veteran status or from any veteran
  - Starts with Adv. Carapace by default
  - Added graphics from Advanced Carapace for Others and kitbashed them. The mix with golden and white shoulder insignias was my choice.
- Added Hellpistol variant for Adv. Carapace Backpacks (IGMA_adv_carapace_hellpistol.rul)
  - requires no ammo
  - can't be dropped
  - if you want to use the armor variant you need a Hell Pistol which is not on any craft but in the base inventory instead
  - made a kitbashed graphic (bigobs) and used green laspistol for handobs
- Added light version for the heavy stubber and rebalanced the heavy stubber (IGMA_heavy_stubber.rul)
  - Heavy stubber (normal) has the same autofire range than the IG Heavy Bolter
  - Heavy stubber (handheld) is the same one as the Arbites with slightly increased autofire range
  - There is a manufacture project to turn normal version into handheld and vice versa
  - New kitbashed graphics (bigobs, handobs and floorobs)
- Added Hotshot to Mastercrafted Lasgun (IGMA_hotshot_mastercrafted_lasgun.rul)
- Made IG armors consistent (IGMA_rebalance_armors.rul)
  - Armors have the same stats modifiers, no matter if normal, medic or advanced
  - Advanced is the only exception, getting only positive modifiers
  - Carapace now have weight instead of lower strength. The bonus strength is compensated by weight
  - Lowered difference between Flak and Carapace by giving Flak only a bonus of 5 TU but Carapace a malus of 5 TU
  - Increased stamina for Flak and lowered stamina for Carapace to compensate (Alternative Movement Methods)
  - Commissar carapace got visibilityAtDark increased to the same value as the other carapace, assuming some headgear
- Fixed some pet peeves of mine (IGMA_pet_peeves.rul)
  - Sentinel Lascannon got a buff but still isn't as good as the other ones
  - Manufacturing process related to officer requisition gives a guard laspistol and not the blue one anymore
  - Autoguns have trainingmode 4 (100% firing) now. I get the idea why they have 50% but I don't like the implementation.

I try to keep the changes in specific *.rul files. This means it's possible to delete them if you don't like the features.
Please see the README file for specifics such as the credits.

If you got any ideas, find some bugs or have any other kind of feedback, feel free to post.

When playing the X-Piratez mod I made the experience that not necessarily the expected side is hit by a projectile. When facing the enemy and being shot at by it there were multiple instances that one of the side armors was hit instead of the front armor. More specifically it was observable that the side armor was damaged after health reduction.

I have expected that the armor side was determined by the relative position of the shooter. So if fired from the front it hits the front, same for left, right and back. This doesn't seem to be true.

Code: [Select]
\ F /
 \ /
L o R
 / \
/ B  \
F = Front; L = Left, R = Right; Back = Back; Assuming 90° angles for each side.

Question 1: Does position of the shooter matter at all or only the hit pixel location of an unit?
Question 1.1: Is the facing side damaged by explosives which are not nearby enough to hit the under armor?

Of course there is this paper doll (seen in the MediKit screen) consisting of head, chest, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. Also a projectile can hit any pixel of an unit which is probably linked to these six zones.

Question 2: Does hitting one of the six zones determine which armor direction is used? For example if the left arm or left leg is hit, is the damage reduced by the left armor despite the shooter being in front?

Question 3: If neither assumptions are correct, what exactly determines which armor side is considered?

Suggestions / Weapon Self-Destruction depending on Ruleset Settings
« on: March 30, 2015, 10:14:24 pm »
The idea is to allow ruleset settings to decide which weapons in whose hands get self-destructed and which not. This suggestion is aimed at mods (FMP *cough*) that have humans factions as well as aliens using earth-based weapons. The humans don't necessarily link their weapon to their mind, while the standard weapons aren't even capable to self-destruct. So if a mod wants to use it, it can use the self-destruction feature while deciding the behavior of the items in dependency of who is using it.

For example:
Plasma Rifle in Sectoid's hands - PR and Sectoid are both set to true for self-destruction. Weapon is gone.
Plasma Rifle in Man-in-Black's inventory - PR is set to true, but MiB is set to false. Weapon drops.
Rifle in Sectoid's inventory - Rifle is set to false, Sectoid is set to true. Weapon drops.

Open Feedback / Autosave only during transition from scape to scape?
« on: March 14, 2015, 10:23:28 pm »

is it possible that the autosave feature can be set to only save the game when going from geoscape to battlescape and the other way around? I am not fond of that saving screen showing up after n days or n turns but I am enough of a dummy to forget saving after finishing a mission.

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