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Work In Progress / Question regarding Terror Site mission occurrences
« on: March 15, 2015, 10:53:32 pm »
So running the most recent nightly to date (March 13th I believe), and FMP mods for open xcom. All the missions, aliens I've come across run smoothly, but whenever a Terror mission UFO comes out to land on a city, it lands, but turns into a ground assault UFO mission when skyranger lands. Using  these mods/openxcom since last month in total, and I have yet to come across an actual Terror Site mission in the game. Is there an option/mod that I am missing that is preventing these from actually occurring?

Current game am in the month of March, no hyperwave decoder, but I am assaulting terror ships w/sectoids or floaters w/Cyberdiscs or Reapers respectively, but no city/urban maps w/civilians. The first game before that last month, had gone on into a year, and never come across a single terror mission as well.

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