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Offtopic / created a new discord server regarding game discussions/design
« on: February 07, 2019, 02:14:19 am »
created a new discord server regarding game discussions/design

join here

----link removed----

add the total inv count (from all sources) for the item youre looking at.

Suggestions / stringstats for weapons
« on: August 20, 2015, 02:15:19 am »
same as soldier except it uses  weapon stats instead and adds is to the end of a weapon's name


 - string: "auto"
   autoTU: [~, 40]
   shots: [3, ~]
 - string: "M"
   aimedAccuracy: [110, ~]
 - string: "m"
   aimedAccuracy: [~, 70]
 - string: "w"
   power: [~, 59]
 - string: "S"
   power: [60, ~]


basic request. right clicking on an item in inventory window jumps you to the ufopedia article for the clicked item. if no ufopedia then nothing happens.  clicking ok from ufopedia brings you back to inventory. you can browse left and right in ufopedia if you wish but no matter what you to exiting will bring you back to inv. this is MOST useful for quickly figuring out what items are best for what units.

Work In Progress / [TOTAl CONVERSION] Mine G.M. - wip (just started)
« on: August 19, 2015, 10:00:17 am »
Hey guys. I started experimenting with openxcom again and I am slowly working my way towards a Total Conversion. Please bear with me. Might take some time.

I will be using OpenXCom Extended right off the bat. This is something I was meaning to do a while ago. OpenXCom extended is essentially Xcom3 engine and is perfect for what I need. And I will be using most of the things I made for OpenXcom like weapons and armor as well as unfinished things like the races I was working on.

If anyone has any extra sprites they are willing to donate  that would fit the theme I would be most grateful.

So what is the concept?

Well is kinda silly but I am really into it.

Essentially is year 4 billion in the future. Sun has expanded so much that pretty much boiled  the oceans and killed everything living on the surface. Whatever is left alive has moved underground.  This includes the descendants of humans which are these multicoloured mutants.

Now this new semi-advanced humanoid mutant society  (good guys aka X-Com) has adapted to living underground and you could say is even prospering. They essentially are kinda like next level miners using subterrene (underground vehicles) called Drill Tanks to dig up new areas or find resources. Their whole shtick revolves around digging, caves, earthquakes, cave ins as well as chemistry and electricity.

All is well until these aliens (bad guys) landed on  the planet and appear to have started mining it unbeknownst of these humanoids living underground. Good guys got found out and these aliens don't play nice as they want all resources to themselves so they plan to kill the humanoid race. Now this is where you Mine G.M. come in. X-Com is a task force of elite cave diggers and machine operators that have decided to fight back.

As you have guessed most of the game revolves around mining even the ranks of soldiers are like Driller, Foremen, Machine Operator all the way up to Chief Engineer. Yeah.

And yes the name means Mine General Manager cause that's you.

The game functions differently and is much much harder. There are very few ranged weapons in the game most of them owned by terror units as built in weapons and only 1 tech for good guys called Electrolaser tech.

Most of the weapons are limited range or thrown or melee tech like chem thrower if you ever used it, grenades and TFTD drill weapons.

The game plays underground. No day or night.  And although this planet looks like a burnt ball of ash in fact what you see is the underground not the surface. In fact you don't know how the surface looks like.  The surface is very hot, bright, and is pretty much like venus permanent greenhouse effect. Very humid as all water is just floating around. Aliens have no problem on the surface but humans need special breathing equipment. Some battles, weapons and equipment works only on surface for ex solar stuff.
Power and energy is very scarce so most of the lighting equipment is chemical and aliens use solar so it doesn't work underground. Solar > chemical.

I got it the whole thing figured out in a spreadsheet but enough talk here are some BASIC just starting picx.

Here are some races. There is another one planned

Here is the first race you encounter. Cavetoid


Long story short I am working on a new PALETTE.DAT set for XCOM1/XCOM2 using Hex editing and Photoshop.

Can anyone explain to me PALETTE.DAT in more depth. On UFOPAEDIA wiki says 768 bytes is 1 palette but I found that is actually 778 and first color is always transparent.

Also seems palettes use 3 bytes instead of 4. How do I calculate what color am I dealing with from 3 bytes to 4?

Also I noticed some things are hardcoded for ex menus in XCOM1/XCOM2 use certain colors. Where is this menu color area and is it constant between the two games?

I mean essentially I am trying to make a palette for XCOM2 based on XCOM1 . Some areas of the hardcoded palette may not corespond. What areas are hardcoded?

See below for details

If palettes are like so



What I am trying to do is create an universal palette for myself that has more reds/oranges in GEO hence a bit more universal and also able to function in both XCOM1 and XCOM2 modding.

1 modified XCOM1 GEO
4 XCOM1 BASESCAPE (XCOM2 uses #2 above for UFOPEDIA hence the duplicate trick)
5 XCOM1 TACTICAL (unused in XCOM2)

#4 and #2 being identical makes this palette compatible in both games.

I think I may have requested this previously. I am not sure. I apologize in advance if I did.

The only thing I can think of is

underwaterOnly: 0 1 2

0 = everywhere
1 = underwater only
2 = land only

This is a quick and dirty change to allow modders to restrict equipment both ways and still be compatible with anything out there.

Would be nice to be able to use both together and be officially supported by OpenXCom team.

Both shoes and yankes could continue working on their mods and have any new features or changes be patches authored by lead devs. 

I'm thinking perhaps after OpenXCom 2.0 and once both support TFTD cause I think atm only xcom1 is supported.  Both mods are quite mature and stable and would be a great addition to the engine as a whole.

Stat tracking code + interface enhancements can be included into main branch and have Commendations as a separate  optional downloadable mod.

Extended is essentially the next up engine after xcom1/xcom2. I would say if there was an xcom3 it would probably have had Extended like engine enhancements. Just like TFTD made some changes to UFO, Extended made some changes to TFTD/UFO. Since extended makes some gameplay changes maybe  have  them default to  xcom1/xcom2 behaviour and use rulesets to tap into the engine enhancements.

Probably somtimes after 2.0 is released all devs could sit down and have a talk grab useful features from both of these mods and include it into main branch.

Combining both of these would probably yield an instant OpenXCom 3.0.

What do you guys think?

Hey guys I created a small mod where I am porting a few "first alien war" (UFO Defense) equipment that may be useful in TFTD.

For now I only ported Flying Suit.
These suits are a re-vamped old tech made with Aqua Plastics and Zrbite instead of Alloys and Elerium113 . This makes them have a different cooler metallic look to them. Also since original Power Armor tech was designed mainly against plasma, they provide no special protection against sonic damage. Sonic damage is 1.0. All other stats are identical to original Flying Suit.

Note that this suit only flies on land . You will need latest nightly for this to work.

They have same cost and requirements as Magnetic ION Armor but use Zrbite and Aqua Plastics instead exactly same amount. Requires ION Armor to be researched first.

Hey guys seems I was misinformed . I corrected my suggestion request.

I noticed drawing routine 12 (BioDrone ) and 15 (Hallucinoid) share the same drawing routine except that BioDrone has a 3 frame death animation.

Would it be possible to do something similar with Xarquid by only using one of the 4 tiles for animation to create a 1 tile xarquid-type unit?

I'm even thinking of a floater routine but with cont anim enabled and only use the body / death frames ignoring all other frames.

Old message below. Ignore

Would it be possible to change tentaculat drawing routine to use complete set of 8 frames continually for each direction rather than just 1st frame only?

This would allow the possibility of 1 tile xarquid type unit.

This anim will play continually and knowing the pck for tentaculat has a copy of the same frame 8 times it will not affect gameplay at all.

simple idea just keep time passing while in battle 1 hour / turn 20 hours battle. could also be 30 min/turn that would make 10 hours battle. could be 10 min / turn that's 2 hours battle.

if it's getting dusk/dark then light slowly changes every turn

while in battle mode nothing else happens in the game until battle ends except for 1 thing: research. research continues while in battle and shows up right away if research complete once battle is over.  OPTIONAL

when battle ends time is hours when battle started + hours/turn in battle.

This is a simplified version of  Warboy's custom statstrings mod.

This system only shows exceptional soldiers and therefore all other unlisted soldiers are below average/have nothing to contribute to the team hence useable as meat shield.

I modified this a tad bit adding Assault and heavy variant of mobile roles and changed a few stats here and there. Units are now organized by classes. Also changed to show high psi strength rather than low psi strength.

Before roles you may see the following (only two statstring abbreviations in this mod):
S = psi strength 60+
P = psi skill 40+


/Elite : jack of all trades master of all. your best soldier
health 30+
strength 40+
reactions 60+
firing 60+
stamina 60+

---- accuracy/long range class ----
There is no heavy variant for ranged roles because they should not get too close to combat. Ideally a sniper carries lots of ammo and high acc ranged weapon and no explosives or melee weaponry.

/Snipr (Sniper)  : a marskman with great reaction fire
firing: 70+
reactions: 60+

/Mksmn (Marksman): great aim
firing: 70+

--- mobile tanks class ----
These are mobile units that can also tank and carry a lot. Ideally used as scouts or mules. Perfect for carrying extra ammo for the team, a stun rod or even a high explosive pack. Add a heavy armor and they can body block for weaker essential units.

/HvySct (Heavy Scout) : higher reaction assault unit
reactions: 50+
stamina: 60+
tu: 60+

/HvyAsslt (Heavy Assault) :  low reaction mobile unit best at getting in close and personal .
reactions: 49-
stamina: 70+ <stamina is great to get in shoot and get out
tu: 60+

/HvySupp (Heavy Support) : most trusted unit to carry a medi-kit as he/she is the least likely to panic
bravery: 70+
stamina: 60+
tu: 50+ <decent tu to help out

--- mobility class -----
Mobile units good for hit and run tactics.

/Sct (Scout) : higher reaction assault unit
reactions: 50+
stamina: 60+
tu: 60+
health: 30+
strength: 40+

/Asslt (Assault) :  low reaction mobile unit best at getting in close and personal .
reactions: 49-
stamina: 70+ <stamina is great to get in shoot and get out
tu: 60+
health: 30+
strength: 40+

/Supp (Support) : most trusted unit to carry a medi-kit as he/she is the least likely to panic
bravery: 70+
stamina: 60+
tu: 50+ <decent tu to help out
health: 30+
strength: 40+

--- tank/heavy class ---
Plain heavy tough unit with no other special aptitudes.

/Hvy (Heavy) : good at carrying things and tanking . ideally you'd want him/her with heavist armor going in first
health: 30+
strength: 40+

--- specialty class ---
These are more of a niche type units that can use thrown or melee weaponry.

/Spclst (Specialist) : someone who doesn't need to stick with conventional weapons with decent tu, stamina and good at throwing and h2h combat
stamina: 60+ < get in get out
tu: 50+ <get in get out
strength : 40+
melee: 70+
throwing: 70+

/Grndr (Grenadier) : can throw things accurately
strength: 40+
throwing: 70+

/Melee :  this unit is more about getting in melee mode (only useful in tftd)
stamina: 60+ < get in get out
tu: 50+ <get in get out
strength : 40+
melee: 70+

Let me know what you think

Suggestions / ability for aliens ai to use a medi-kit weapon
« on: August 16, 2015, 10:49:22 pm »
pretty basic. i guess take the regular ai but make it target hurt friendlies instead. perhaps only the ability to use heal health not restore stamina or revive.

not sure how do-able this is.

ideally i'd like to be able to make some for of healing units for enemies and make medics actually act like medics.

Work In Progress / can someone s'plain me how to edit D0...D3.LBM files?
« on: August 15, 2015, 09:27:06 am »
I'm trying to use UFO battlescape palette into TFTD  using hex + ufopedia I managed to figure out  kinda where it starts 768 bytes 5th palette but openxcom doesn't recognize my file whatever I do. i'm assuming i'm doing it wrong.

is there some overhead or some file info a the beginning. there is no begin end info in ufopedia for tftd tactial lbm palettes.

i know is a 3 byte color. i know there are 256 colors. i know is a total f 768 bytes per palette.
i know ufo has 5 and tftd has 3 + d0....d3 lbm files for tactical at various depths

i wanna make it so when i purchase units i get more variations not just black white asian etc but let's say blue ppl and green people

i mean i can sortof do that right now

but can i have it so for ex each sex or different soldier styles get different skills?

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