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Hi, I was playtesting and encountered a reproducible crash bug in a TFTD harbor attack mission (Gillmen and Deep One). After the last alien is killed and I hit the turn-button, the game crashes every time.
Using the nightly from 2016-01-03 and I am on Windows 7 64-Bit.

This is from the log file:
Code: [Select]
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] A fatal error has occurred: code 0xc0000005
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] 0x913060 SDL_MixAudio (SymGetLineFromAddr64 failed: 487)
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] SymFromAddr failed: 487
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] 0x77da9e8f RtlInitializeExceptionChain (SymGetLineFromAddr64 failed: 487)
[04-01-2016 00:11:10] [FATAL] 0x77da9e8f RtlInitializeExceptionChain (SymGetLineFromAddr64 failed: 487)
[04-01-2016 00:11:11] [FATAL] Crash dump generated at C:\Games\UFOs\UFO2_Remastered\user\04-01-2016_00-11-10.dmp
[04-01-2016 00:11:32] [FATAL] OpenXcom has crashed: code 0xc0000005

This is not the first time this happened since soldier diarys where added (not only in TFTD, also in EU), but luckily now I have a save file and the crash is reproducible every time.
The only active mods are aliens pick up weapons and my own modpack, but it changes nothing important on alien missions, except minor loadouts and number of aliens.

I attached a zip file with the save file, openxcom.log file and the created crash dump file.
Hope this helps somehow. Maybe it has something to do with commendations, because some crashes happened with the original standalone version in the past too.
There are also still some false awarded medals left like Taking Names (STR_MEDAL_ALLRANKS_NAME) or Armis Potens Medal (STR_MEDAL_ALLBATTLETYPES_NAME).

It was indeed the Commendations Mod. The only way to solve the crash was to remove these medals from the ruleset:

Of course had I converted the criteria to TFTD Strings, but not all of these even use game specific entries. I had crashes in regular UFO too, and I think there are still some critical bugs left in the commendations code.

Edit 2:
It seems the crashes are fixed with commit 3eb30c2 ( I cannot reproduce these anymore for now with latest nightly.

Work In Progress / Geoscape Background Graphics - troubles
« on: August 09, 2015, 09:19:44 pm »
Hi, I am trying to modify the Geoscape graphics, especially the space
nebula background behind the globe, for a TC of mine. I already asked
this together with a bug report, but it seems it was overlooked there.

I successfully recolored the buttons in my ruleset and changed the "GEOBORD.SCR"
(in GEOGRAPH) to my likings. The problem is, the space background doesn't change,
it is still the normal vanilla BG, but the clock and zoom button backgrounds on the
right side changed as intended. So my replacer PNG is loaded, but incomplete. Is it
possible to change the globe background somehow or even just recolor it?

Tried also with .PCK ending, but to no avail. Would be really cool if all files can be modded
and be replaced.

This is in my ruleset:
Code: [Select]
  - type: GEOBORD.SCR
    singleImage: true
    width: 320
    height: 200
      0: Resources/NeoSME/GEOGRAPH/GEOBORD.png

Maybe some file types are hardcoded? If so, I hope this can be changed some day.

Hi, I want to replace/edit some original graphics, but it seems that
not all files actually are replaceable.
In the original TFTD game, the background when using the motion scanner,
is black, but in OpenXcom it is transparent (which looks better IMHO).
But now a ugly graphics glitch comes to light. The middle radar screen in
the interface has transparent edges and outlines. So you can see through the
I edited the image and put this in my ruleset:

Code: [Select]
  - type: DETBORD.BDY
    singleImage: true
    width: 320
    height: 200
      0: Resources/Neo23_TFTD_Remastered/UFOGRAPH/DETBORD.png
  - type: DETBORD2.BDY
    singleImage: true
    width: 320
    height: 200
      0: Resources/Neo23_TFTD_Remastered/UFOGRAPH/DETBORD2.png

In game it still shows the original file. My new file is not loaded at all.
Some time ago I already tried to change the space background of the geoscape
for a TC of mine in the regular UFO and had the same problem (GEOGRAPH/GEOBORD.SCR). I recolor the
buttons in my ruleset and they work fine. My new geobord.png is also loaded, but
replaces only the clock and rotate button backgrounds on the right side, but _not_ the
space nebula behind the globe.

There are more of these files which cannot be replaced. Are these hard coded in the
EXE? It would be very cool, if all files could be modified (I am sure all the TCs out there, like FMP
or Piratez would like such a feature too).

P.S. Sorry for my english writing, I hope this is understandable.

P.P.S. I do not want to open a new thread for this, so here is a little bug report for
TFTD too: The artifact mission level 2 is not under water, but it is supposed to be.

Keep up the good work, I really love this project and X-Com.

Programming / [BUG] Interceptor and Transporter behavior in Geoscape
« on: June 04, 2015, 03:20:41 pm »
Hi, there is a bug lurking around for some time now. I encountered it at
playing Piratez, testing my own mod edition and saw it on some Let's Plays as well.

Sometimes, after an successful UFO interception, the involving X-Com crafts stay on the
crash side and are not returning to base on it's own. If there is a manned transporter
besides them, it also stays on the crash side and no 'go to mission' dialog will open.

With this bug it is easy to miss some ground assaults if the time is going
fast forward.

I hope this can be fixed and keep up the awesome work on this great project.

Programming / [Bug] Interception music will not stop after combat
« on: January 22, 2015, 06:07:33 pm »
Hi, I found a bug in the latest nightly (2015_01_22_1227). The geoscape
interception music won't stop after combat and is playing forever.

Also in the new music.rul file, there are missing entries for the new
random interception music files (commit Thu Jan 22 11:52:57 2015 feature).
Adding these like geo and tactic tracks, doesn't fix the problem above though.

Hi, first sorry for my english.
I am a long time fan of X-Com since Amiga 500 and then the DOS versions of EU and TFTD.
I want to thank you all for this great resurrection of one of my favorite games even today
and for all the great mods out there.

1. One thing I really wish to be added is the support of random music files for battlescape
music. Like the feature for random geoscape files up to 9 different ogg's. Only one music track
in every ground mission is a little boring over time. I think this should not be hard to be

2. Another thing I would love to see is action music in battlescape like in Apocalypse. Everytime
someone see's an Enemy, the music change to a random action music file. This music keep playing
until everything is clear again und no enemy contact remaining. The normal battlescape music
from before continues at this point until another danger comes up.
This feature is not vanilla and can maybe turned on/off via options menu.

Music is 50% of the atmosphere. I hope this can be done. The new X-COM 2012 is nowhere near the
original game, but it has one good thing: The Soundtrack. With this features it is possible to
add the cool OST to the game and have the original gameplay.
Thanks again and can't wait for TFTD support. Keep up the good work!

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