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is there some info about that out there?  guys wrote a little bit about that here in the forum. I could not find the info with an initial forum search.

Suggestions / Forum 60 minute log in default setting is a...feature
« on: December 12, 2019, 03:24:10 pm »
I logged in after 5 years. Because the mod TWoTS is so great.

On clicking log in, i noticed that the marker for "staying logged in" wasn´t set. But it was to late. The page was loading.

I then typed feedback for over an hour for the mod TWoTS. Luckily I pressed CTRL+A, CTRL+C to copy and safe my text before clicking "Reply".
The next screen....i was logged out, the text was gone. And I was in an empty mask where I could create a new forum post.  For 3 seconds I was like WWWWWHHHHHAAAAAT?????
From experience I know, that this feature is bad. I have lost text like that. More then once. That´s why today I do CTRL+A, CTRL+C before sending.
Maybe you want to take a look into your forum software. On some forums you can even click "PAGE back" by accident. When you go "PAGE forward", your text is still there. What a smart feature.
I can´t link to any examples. But in the past I used forums where such a thing like loosing your text can´t happen so easy.
I believe GITHUB has such features, if I remember right.

One can always argue that the biggest issue with computers sits right in front of the screen. ;-) But there are some really nice features out there to make reduce the impact of that issue.

do you know the situation, when an alien ist scouted just on the boarder of visilble terrain, where it is still in the shadows?
You can target it, because the indicator starts blinking, if the indicator is over the alien.
In the original, you get the "fall to the ground" animation on the kill or on the stun. That´s missing in Openxcom.
The scream is there on the kill. But the animation is the indicator for the stun. And that´s the point. You don´t know if it is stunned or still there, which gets a little confusing.

Open Feedback / Reserve time units bug
« on: December 23, 2014, 03:56:49 pm »
I reserved time units for kneeling down.
After kneeling down, 4 TUs where left  (movement in 4TU+ terrain).
I the tried to turn the soldier for having the strong part of the armor facing the enemy. But a message still said TU´s reserved for kneeling. So I could not change the facing of the soldier.

I guess there is no check if the soldier is already kneeling or not.

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