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Help / Statstring before the name
« on: July 05, 2019, 09:12:09 pm »

I tried to look for this info but does not find anywhere. There is a way to put the string from statstring before the name of the soldier?

OpenXcom Extended / Question about and
« on: October 04, 2018, 02:07:45 am »

After updating to OXCE5.1, executable started to ask me for and on my sound folder of UFO. The thing is, I do not have those files in my UFO copy, and in my TFTD copy, I have only, and not sample2.

TFTD is working flawlessly, but UFO is crashing every time for this reason. I copy TFTD to the UFO folder, and made another copy called The problem is solved but I don't get why it ask for a file I had never had.

Does I have a bad copy? Or it is something different?

I was thinking that could be an interesting and useful redesign to remove the manufacturing options for an item in the sell screen (The screen that says the item is needed to manufacture X, Y and Z), and move that to the tech tree viewer. So, each time you see an item in the tech tree, you can see like now, the tech associated, and in the end of that column, the thing were this item is required to manufacture/build/buy/etc.

An example. something like in image 2... The only thing is that maybe the tech viewer should be also an item viewer...
With that, you can see if the item is needed for a manufacturing project, build, or anything else, all in the same screen. And the buy/sell/transfer screen can reference to that screen or ufopaedia.

I hope I explained myself.

XPiratez / General strategies for Jack Sparrow (J3+)
« on: July 14, 2018, 07:29:05 pm »

Now that we have the new version, and the mod had an incredible development, I want to start a thread about the main strategies, ideas, tactics, tips, etc, for surviving the Jack Sparrow difficulty. For example:

- I think there are some technologies that are a must to rush. Chateau, Workshop (even when you can only have one), chainmail (To reduce low level enemies risk drastically, and start the slave empire), bikini (For melee with not so trained gals), gravity harness (hunting and most zombies should become easier), long range radar (to start making interception bases), and at least the aircar (You need badly those civilians craft in the begging).

- I don't have a good time frame for the second/third base, but I think that by the 8 month, 2 interception bases are needed to milk the civilians air crafts.

- All bases should start with an outpost in the beginning, and peasants / lokknnars mix with maybe one or two experimented gals, to defend those bases on the first building steps. I normally build fist the outpost and a burrow, so I can add auxiliary units too. The inversion to expand is high, and you should consider a crackdown as a reality of life.

- Do not shoot any non - civilian aircraft before the first year, but try to storm all the landed crafts. At least to see what enemies are appearing. Crackdown for shooting faction ships are brutal, and in the first year it is hard to have enough firepower and protection for then.

- All enemies have more armor, more HP, more everything. Explosives and high firepower is a must almost every time. I try to have my troops prepared for the worst, I think hit hard and fast is a must. Run frequently will be necessary. If a weapon does not make at least 30 damage (maybe 40 after the first 6 months), then melee could be a lot better.

- At least in the first 4 - 5 months, almost all missions should be done at night. At those months, most enemies have worse NV than you. And in Jack Sparrow, you need ALL the advantages.

So people, what are your main strategies to survive Jack Sparrow?

HI and welcome to my FMP LP. I decided to do this LP to enhance my experience with the game. To give a little brief about my Xcom history, I played this game for the first time around 1996, playing a terror mission demo from a PC magazine wich name I don´t remember. I cost me a lot to successfully finish this demo, but I was 10 years in that moment. I like strategy games in general, but I have to recognize I´m kind of inclined to the cheat side frequently. I have never finished a superhuman run, only finished the game once circa 2005 in Veteran.

I played FMP for the first time in 2014, it was great!. I forgot about it until last December (2016). Actually I have like two weeks before start working again, but I will try to play and update weekly after that.

Those are the rules of the LP:

- Hardest difficult. Superhuman.
- FMP 1.9.6c. If some new version get out, I will think about upgrading or not. I had some other mods added, lightly modified for they to work. This is not balanced, but they are interesting for me and I will use it anyways. Even with this, I will try to see if they get too OP and rid of those options. But for the curiosity of it, I will leave them activated.
- Smoke grenade are allowed. Smoke curtain will be used. I will try not to abuse, because I know a lot of people don´t like them, and consider them cheaty.
- Pre primed grenades only on hand. No pre primed on inventory. I think this is a good compromise.
- I know this is polemical too, but I will sometimes wait for the first turn, sometimes no. In general, I will try to play the first turn without standing still, but sometimes (Like in terror missions), I will just do that.
- I can use the hot potato - grenade trick. Another one that is don´t liked too much. Again, will try not to abuse. I use it seldom normally, so I think it is not going to be a problem.
- I will let myself three reloads per month. If something went blatantly wrong in a mission, I will repeat it. The reloads are on the end of a turn or pre-mission only. But three for month, and that´s it. So, surely I will use it in some early terror mission :). Oh, I´m using save scumming. I know this is going to cause lot of "you should be ashame" reactions, but at least I´m trying to give myself a limit. Yes, it is shabby tactic, but I need a breath :), I´m frustrated enough in Real LifeTM. I can think restricting this more or eliminate completely. Let´s see what happens.
- I´m using OXCE+ 3.6. I like the options. And to experiment.

This is not mainly video based, but I will make some. I´m deeply ashamed of my spoken English (And don´t have a good mic BTW). One idea that I have is to record the game and then have some cuts with scripted commentaries with a good pronunciation practised beforehand, or written annotations. Let´s see how this develop.

I want to thanks all the OXC contributors (SupSuper and Warboy have the most commits, but there are 114 contributors listed, thanks to you all.), Solarius Scorch and Human Ktulu for the FMP (And all the other contributors), Yankes and Meridian for OXCE and OXCE+, Dioxine, Hellrazor and Hobbes for their mega mods, all the modders out there, and all the OpenXcom Forum comunity (This forum is pretty cool). I know a lot of people is missing (ivandogovich, luke, oh, tons and tons), but you know, the post is already very long.

The next post. General strategy guidelines, and the first mission.

Ah. one last thing. If you wish, you can have one or several soldiers with your name, as tradition dictate. It make things very interesting.

To close, here are the images of my configuration.

The extra mods are:
Veterancy by Firaa
Advanced MediKit by Hellrazor
FMP High Quality Sounds by Daedalus
Iron Man Super Suit by SimonBelmont (Very unbalancing, but very lategame)
Personal Armor variant and scout armor variant by harald_gray (FMP have LOT´s of armor, those are redundant, and unbalanced for the mod, but I like to try).

I´m thinking about using HWP - Xcom Enforcer mod by MickTheMage, but it have a weird glitch with OXCE+ 3.6 and I don´t want to bother anyone with this.

Oh. I want to say that my main inspiration for this LP are Lion66six with his Hardmode Expansion LP and Meridian with... well, mainly the FMP one but all in general.

I promise smaller photos the next time :).

I. Configuration:,5259.msg78585.html#msg78585
Part 1.a. General Strategy and first steps.,5259.msg78587.html#msg78587
Part 1.b. First Mission. Happy rocket.
Part 2.a Some updates.,5259.msg78683.html#msg78683
Part 2.b UFO down.

XPiratez / Some questions about surrendering.
« on: January 20, 2017, 03:41:57 am »
What units can surrender? It is a function of Bravery? Do you need to knock or injure someway a unit for this unit to surrender? After an epic battle, I cleared a pogrom map of all enemies, except for an armored car. Well, long history short, It was a staltemate. I can´t destroy the car. I was hopping for the car to surrender, but that never happens.

XPiratez / Question about magna lite.
« on: January 19, 2017, 06:40:13 pm »

I think this is kind of stupid, but... How do you turn off the magna lite?. I pressed L like there is no tomorrow but the magna lite never turn off. Or maybe it is not intended?.

XPiratez / How to survive your first pogrom?
« on: January 16, 2017, 11:05:47 pm »
I start playing  0.99E.3 and get into my first pogrom in the first month. I found some Humanists. i survived two turns (Not counting the first waiting turn). They totally obliterated me without any chance of survival. I reloaded the battle and success in stun and retrieve a instructor, costing me just two die hands and one in intensive care. Maybe I´m trying a too high difficulty (Jack Sparrow),  but at least I clean a cultist and a academy mission just with some causalities, no total carnage!. It is better just to show and run, or there are possibilities in the early game to at least capture something?.

Work In Progress / Dumb questions about modular Rulesets inheritance.
« on: January 08, 2017, 11:47:37 am »

I have what I think it could be a little dumb questions about the modular Ruleset mechanism. In particular, about research.

First: What is the difference between unlocks: and dependencies:. I understand one work upward in the dependence tree, and the other downward. but I´d like to have more details about each one.


Imagine the following Scenario. I have UFO1 Rulesets (Xcom1Ruleset), some large mod ruleset (Bm1Ruleset), and a little addon ruleset (laRuleset)

In this Scenario, "Bm1" make some important changes to the Xcom1 research tree (Like in hardmode expansion, FMP, etc), and "la" add a little item to the game. The load order is Xcom, Bm1 and la.

Let´s say "la" add a "ethereal cloak", and the idea is make it dependent of the personal armor and ethereal autopsy.

So, I have

    cost: 3141592
    points: 271

 So, I want to unlock the research when the personal armor is investigated, so, I add this to the "la" ruleset


xcom1 and bm1 have an unlock item too, my question then is: when la ruleset is loaded, ¿this new unlocks override the other unlocks, or is added to the others?

I hope I made myself understand good enough. I have to said that I searched in the forum and the wiki and did not found anything that clear my doubts about this question. Thanks in advance.

Pd. Sorry for broken English.

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