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That could be of interest to some of you.
It has already reached its funding goal.
It is a shame that some of the new material is gated behind a 75$ paperback special edition.

Offtopic / Zodiac Legion, another fantasy Game inspired by X-COM
« on: February 15, 2021, 08:59:30 pm »
Hey there!
I didn't know about @Nikita_sakov's game until a very recent date, so I started writing my own fantasy X-COM game a long time ago, around 2014.
In Zodiac Legion, you lead an order of arcane knights, dedicated to protect the heirs of the ancient Empire from the wizards of the league.
As magic depends on astral configuration, and the last emperor went a bit overboard with its use, it had been depleted for centuries, but there is a new conjunction, and it starts flowing again.
Given that magic had became a fairy tale, and the Empire had split into several small kingdoms, the Zodiac Legion has been terribly underfunded.
You are tasked with recovering and studying ancient tomes to harness the power of the zodiac constellations, and find the way to craft new artifacts of power.


The Zodiac Legion

The opposing forces:

The geoscape prototype:

What I wanted to convey from X-COM was the progression, from a low magic force to a high magic one, and the sheer brutality, where you can go home with 8 dead out of 12 characters, and feel like the mission was a success.
However, it is also an age of heroes, so once a character gets strong enough, he can become one of the Zodiac Champions, and get access to one of the recovered zodiac artifacts.
Ascending and moon signs will grant access to some powers from other classes.
We will have small "commando" missions where 6 characters can be teleported, and larger ones that can be done with a group of 12.
Unlike X-COM, there will be a single fortress to design, while the secondary outposts will have very stripped down options (because we imagined it as Castle Grayskull, ie, the seat of power of the Zodiac Order, and the lose condition of the game).

Currently, the tactical battles need some polishing (LoS clean-up, more victory conditions, different AI for different opponents and missions), but it is almost "done".
The geoscape, however is in a state of constant flux.

Help / map arrangement
« on: February 07, 2021, 10:41:53 pm »
How are map "blocks" arranged for a given mission?
Are there higher level maps that indicates which blocks are available at each position? Are there connectors between blocks, or connection rules?
I looked in the map editor, but I could only see the block themselves, no higher level logic to arrange them.

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