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Help / Boosting stats for a turn
« on: November 28, 2019, 06:35:29 pm »
Is there a way to have the effects of a stat like shooting/melee temporarily boosted/negated for 1 turn by another unit? (not permanently boosted?)

Example; Officer has a radio that he uses on a rookie to tell him to remember his training
Psi-Unit uses an attack to warp an enemy's perception, that reduces their chance to hit that turn

Help / Inventory rejigging
« on: November 24, 2019, 04:24:09 pm »
I'm adjusting the space weapons take up, and the like.

I've created a 4x1 weapon, a mosin-rifle resting horizontally (3*width is too small imo).

When an item is picked up by the cursor for placement the image crops to a different size, is there a way to stop or redefine the cropping?
Also the weapon seems tricky to get into the inventory (need to test more)

Lastly is there a way to delete inventory space without causing errors?
For example, when I delete the left hand an error occurs when the battle is started (I guess because of the aliens trying to access it)
Code: [Select]
  - delete: STR_LEFT_HAND

I essentially am trying to make a new inventory that has only...

Wielded Item 3x4 *1 (type: anything)
Slung Item 3x4 *1 (type: gun/corpse)
Quickdraw Item 1x2 *2 (type: gun/melee)
Utility Storage 1x1 *4 (type: ammo/grenades etc)

Interested in knowing if this is feasible with basic adjustments.

Help / Mana simulating Fatigue/PTS/Trauma
« on: November 13, 2019, 12:23:25 am »
Hi, I'm looking through the references, and I'm looking for the best way to simulate Fatigue with the current build.

One way of simulating seems to be to have all armors drain Mana, and then there's the commendations that I think are used in Pirates(Freshness) and X-Files(Readiness) I'm not really sure where to start with that  :-[

Would anyone be able to clarify the steps involved in making a mod for just this feature and let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree?

How to take away mana every mission (edit: see below)
How to make mana effect unit's in-combat stats (i.e. their attributes not the weapon's attributes)

I'll see meanwhile if I can get it working  :-\ :P

OpenXcom Extended / Brainstorm
« on: October 02, 2019, 03:17:28 am »
Hi, wanted to contribute a number of suggestions, some of these may already exist in some capacity, many I'm sure have been suggested, but I wanted to voice them.

1.Transformations == Weapon/Unit
1.1: On Death Transform (In Game: Zombie dies transforming into a Chrysalid)
1.2: On Hit Transform (In Game: Chrysalid strikes soldier transforming them into a zombie)

1.3: On Hit Consume User (Example: The unit leaps onto the face of a soldier, transforming them into a zombie, but they remove themselves as a unit)
1.4: Transformation Delay 0-X (Example: A unit (like a civilian) may spend X number of turns before converting to a zombie (transforms between player and enemy turn))
1.4.1: Can Cure With X (Example: Anti-Virus halts the Transformation clock)
1.5 On transform retain gear

2.Gore == Unit
2.0: Gore colour (Black oil, Red blood, Green/Purple/Yellow/Blue alien blood etc.)
2.1: Blood Trail, when a wound is dealt a bit of blood is left on the floor
2.2: Overkill activates different corpse images, battlemap and inventory
2.3: Giblets 0-X tiles, on overkill an explosion drops random giblets within radius, this could just be an animation of blood droplets
2.4: Shrapnel Radius, Amount, Damage, Like a top down shotgun blast, fragments of bone/metal scatter
2.4: Bloody Water 0-X tiles, when underwater the corpse obscures with Gore coloured smoke

3.Melee Attack Types == Weapon // Probably a more useful suggestion
3.1: "Strike" 1 tile facing (In Game)
3.1.1: Number of strikes in attack
3.2: "Swing" amount, the number of surrounding tiles struck to left and right of the tile attacked (max 4 = a round swing, 1 = a sword swipe, 0 = forward strike (max different for a 4 tile unit))
3.3: "Reach" amount, the attack can strike further than 1 tile

4.Self Harm == AI // Suicide Units
4.1 Is afraid to hurt self using items (true/false)
4.2 Cares about blast radius using items (true/false)
4.3 Triggers [StunSelf/KillSelf/ExplodeSelf(+exp-types)]
4.3.1 When dead (true/false)
4.3.2 When Unconscious (true/false)
4.3.3 When Mind Controlled (true/false) // Really would be good to buff aliens with lower psi defence that work alongside psi-units

5. Area to Head == AI (I'm too basic to use this )
5.1. Areas of Interest
5.1.1 Most Player
5.1.2 Least Player (trouble enough getting them to engage)
5.1.3 Home
5.1.4 Least Aliens
5.2 Aliens seek Most Hostiles for X turns
5.3 Civilians seek Most Player and Least Hostiles indefinitely
5.4. Am Leader, will remain within X tiles of Home
5.4.1 Am guard, will remain within X tiles of leader

6. Vampiric Drain == Weapon // Wanted for Calcinite may be possible love to know what to declare if so
6.1 Takes X away from target, Grants Y to user (Takes HP for HP, or nightmare-thing might take away bravery (spc psi cake mission in xcom files))

7. Acid "Fire" (Fire Spite changed to pool of bubbling acid)
7.1 The acid attack drops a pool of acid at the feet of target
(I'm guessing this can already be done)

8. Push == Weapon // useful for creating an arsenal of telekinetic powers, melee weapons, explosive effects. allows manipulation of environment to suit player
8.1 Relative to projectile the target is pushed back x tiles (maybe corpse weight could be used to throw them??) if there is nothing blocking it from being so (allows for grenades to push things (ideally shotguns too but no idea how the scatter would work with the effect))
8.1.1 Effects on 4 tile monsters, default 0
8.1.2 -1/-2/etc causes Pull
8.1.3 Items are thrown with relative strength from point of explosion

9. Random weather == Misson
8.1 Rain cascades down in overlay.
8.2 Rain increases the effect distance has on weapons, and slightly reduces sight
8.3 Fog slightly increases the effect distance has on weapons, and greatly reduces sight
Bit of a spitball, wouldn't add much, but might mix up the fighting conditions

10. Enemy Waves == Mission
1.1 Initial Unit pool
1.2 On turn X send UnitPoolY
1.2.1 From edge of map
1.2.2 Spawn from specific tile types (Enemy Reinforcement Tile)

Will add to if I have any more ideas (I know that's not what you need lol, but I like to store my thoughts),
Thanks to the few of you working OpenXcomExtended you guys are wizards!

40k / Sharing Is Caring (Contributions)
« on: October 21, 2018, 08:41:06 pm »
Hi let me start a mini contribution thread to the 40k mod, others feel free to add to it

Here's some bits, as I've said on other threads I'm pretty fickle, so here's some bits I've done for T'au and the Imp, which I may add to at a later date, feel free to make use of them or not

A lot of fan-art has quite errotic T'au females with breasts, I've always found that a bit bizarre that female aliens would host distinctly human-like female features, I think I've read that they are from a dry planet, but they're also obviously based on Japanese culture, so I've tried to give them that look.
This was made for civilians but I'm hoping I (or someone else) will use these for Pathfinder and Fire-Warrior armors

I also have set aside a Laptop with External Servo-Core (AI is heresy) a data-slate (floppy-disk) and data-reader (kindle), a primitive demo-charge, amosec(??), and a holy aquila staff

As I said feel free to use or add to this thread, cheers!

Help / Save File structure
« on: May 29, 2018, 04:35:37 pm »
Hi, as a little project, I basically want to create a external tool that grabs soldiers and edits their Name Sex etc and saves over the save file. But I'm struggling to find a consistent way to isolate the segment referring to the soldier from the craft/base/etc.

So may I ask how the end of a class, is defined in the save file, is it just the indentation perhaps?? Maybe there's a link someone could refer me to? All the best!

OpenXcom Extended / [DONE] [Suggestion] Multi-Layered Paperdolls
« on: May 11, 2018, 07:29:03 pm »
Hi, the paperdoll system is something I think could maybe use some improvement.

I'd love for the armors to be on a seperate layer to the base paperdoll, it'd eliminate having to have stacks of image files per armor type with the pale/tan/light-brown/dark-brown skins and any variant dolls.

So instead of having to save a paperdoll of; skintype1 with hairstyle1 and armor1,  skintype2 with hairstyle1 and armor1,  skintype3 with hairstyle1 and armor1, etc...
We Instead just have the armors store/reference their own image, of the female/male/alt suits, and overlay it on the soldiers own assigned paperdoll.

(It'd also be good if the armor came with some sort of cropping mask, so large hair styles can be contained within helmets and such.)

I think this would allow for much more cross-compatibility between modpacks and improve the speed with which mods can be created and edited.

Just a suggestion not sure how feasible it is. :P

Resources / Alternate Paperdolls In OpenXcom Extended
« on: May 31, 2017, 04:03:55 pm »
Sorry to start up another topic, basically I want to have more ethnicities in game.

Here's kind of an example

I've had a look at sol's diversity-pack I've seen that the look-weights range from 0-3 (4 races)and so I'm left wondering how I add a 5th, 6th, etc race. Could anyone point me in the right direction here? Is it even possible without heavy modifications?

Work In Progress / Caffeinated Xcom [WIP]
« on: April 22, 2017, 03:29:49 pm »
Trying to make a mod that jazzes up the original art-work and adds some new elements that I think might complement the original design. This is all pretty much just a dream, this is one of a few hobbies I have, but I do hope to have something ready before the end of the year.

(Long-term) Renovate Art: Paperdolls, Cutscenes, Research Images, etc.
Add Variety: Replace or re-imagine units from Xcom, but keep from becoming bloated.
Grim-Dark Story: Adjust story to feel a little less fantastical.

Helpful Links (for me to refer to),6536.0.html Inventory Space & Restrictions (i.e. grenade and ammo belt cannot be used for pistol) Unity Soldier Sound Clips Pos

Features Idea List
Fatigue-System using Mana-System
Lower Inventory (Remove most backpacks (You're a rapid-response team, you're not hiking in))
Lower Strength Cap (Helped by power-armors) (Reduce Crazy Grenade throws. and superhuman feats)
Power-Armor Advanced (Cost-Effective, Bulky, Shielded, With Armaments)
Pilots (Suit, High-G Suit, Astro-Suit)
Agent?? (Sub-Class of soldier perhaps, allowed to go on undercover missions, mixing a little of the X-files with the Troopers)
Placeable Sentry Turrets (Places a shooty civilian no movement)
Flying Power Armor replaced with flying Personal Armor (make it a trade off, less economic and more risk based)

UN Council...
Political Taboos (Female Soldiers, Child Soldiers, Cybernetic Conversion, Performance Enhancing Drugs, AI)
Favors (Rescue VIPs, Give Technology, Assassination Missions, Refugee Crisis (Caused by nations falling to aliens))
UN troops

Plastic Eating Bacteria (Silicone Plague) Brought by aliens rots infrastructure

Possible Factions Concept Only
AETOS (You (XCOM)) the eagle of Zeus, Anti-ExtraTerrestrial-Operation-Service, an orbiting object fell into Area-51 where it was taken for analysis, it was thought to contain a relay to Mars, the probe contained organic material, it was alive, after years of study the probe was asking to be taken to our leaders, it was taken before the UN council, it engaged in a conversation, it demanded surrender, the council refused, the probe relayed the refusal, and sent back a response, and started shooting council members.
-Possible Mission defending Council-
One year later a barrage of shots hits major urban areas, and observable military targets, the world is thrown into chaos, and in desperation the UN is indefinitely granted total power.
A number of probes were also sent, some infiltrate and undermine the earth's economy, others simply carry out assaults.
A larger mass approaches earth's orbit

UN Forces (Civilian) [Medium]
Note: The targeting of all earth's national militaries triggered a pact you can choose to support (Unlocks; UN Lasers, UN Adv-Alloys, ect, on market).
Note 2: Support will leak out into traitor factions such as Advent.
Advanced UN Trooper: (Unlocks when you share technology) A trooper in UN cyan, armed with laser rifle and advanced-alloy armor.
UN Trooper: A trooper in UN cyan, armed with an assault-rifle and helmet.

Eldritch (Later Aliens)
Eldritch Priests of the Red Cloth: A warrior caste of the Eldritch, not psionically strong enough to ascend the ranks based on merit.
Eldritch Priests of the White Cloth:  The stronger psionically gifted amongst their species.
Chosen: Child Warriors, gifted from the cult and given a spartan-esk upbringing, they are thought to be especially effective against their adult kin. (hitler-youth)
Chosen Elite: Graduates of the Chosen program, they are psi-resistant. (power-rangers)
Human Thralls: Humans with explosive collars, forced onto the frontlines.

Advent Cultists [Low Priority]
Cultist Member: Members of the cult of Advent, swamped in brown, symbolising their lowly status.
Cultists of Red Cloth: The warriors of the cult, they police the meetings, and occasional inserections.
Cultists Speaker in White: The men who claim to have spoken with the Eldritch. (Hat with Eldritch eye)
Cultist Martyr: A man in motley with a strapped on IED

Transhumanist Protesters [Lowest Priority]
Note: It is bad to shoot down protestors, as they are only guilty of being misled
Instigating Protester: Protesters that came for a fight, they have gas-masks and sticks.
Emboldened Protester: Protesters caught up in the violence, they chuck stones and throw punches, but little else.
Emboldened Protester with sign: Protesters with signage conveying things like; "Love thy Neighbor signs", "Give talk a chance", "Change", etc.

Rage/Spice Dealers [Low Priority]

An addictive hallucinogen (Stella-X/9D/Spore), and the powerful steroid (Rage/Zulu/Amber), appear on markets, rarely concentrated, often cut with conventional drugs...
Zulu is thought to be manufactured in West-Africa, it is then shipped to Mexico and distilled with Crystal-Meth to form an amber-crystal...
"The Mexican Laboratory" is an underground facility run by gangsters come death cultists of "Santa Muerte"...
"The West African Distribution Facility" is run by Shaka, he maintains an army of child-soldiers...
The Facility is where the product is taken, they grow crystals on the splines of the living...

The shipments of Spore are equally nefarious and come from Advent, they use human cadavers to feed the psychedelic mushrooms

Thoughts: Zombie like addicts could be featured, drugs could be used to upgrade troops (perm/temp)
These drugs could be made synthetically (by xcom), but it's much harder than growing them on human livestock, as the organisms tailor themselves to their host.
Some of the drug pushing is made to undermine the economy of earth's resistance, a little like China's opium crisis undermining their efforts at resisting the british.

Mantoid [Medium]
Note: A flying xeno baring passing resemblance to a mantis or locust, fairly intelligent if short-lived creature, fairly erratic species by human standards.
Mantoid Swarm: A dangerous and ravenous swarm of insects hard to kill without a broader projectile
Mantoid: A drone in the middle of its lifespan, it projects a corrosive acid towards its foes
Mantoid Carrier: A female Mantoid that will cling to a foe and explode, spawning a Mantoid-Swarm
Mantoid Gelded: A rare form of Mantoid less prone the the suicidal urges of other Mantoid, they will often rid themselves of most of their anatomy, but they are still by nature driven towards the preservation of the Mantoid race

Kratonian [Higher]
Kratonian Chieftain: A leader of his tribe
Kratonian Long-Tusks: Elites of the tribe
Kratonian Grunts: Standard Troops
Kratonian Thralls: Fallen warriors, often challengers punished with the conversion. Only in this state can a Kratonian control himself enough to fly.
Kratonian Bloodluster: Gladiatorial-esk berserkers, affected by a mental-disease the Kratonians sought fit to retain

Deep-Ones [Medium]
Notes: I'm thinking a lobsterman would be way way cooler if he was a 4 tile beasty, and that they held the key to the final mission.
Deep-One Ancient: Huge monster with an energy-shield, uses shotguns, explosive slugs, and claws
Deep-One: Huge monster that uses shotguns, explosive slugs, and claws
Red Bio-Drone: An exploding jellyfish
Blue Bio-Drone: A mind-controlling jellyfish

Slogutis/Wyrm [Medium] (Snakemen)
Notes: Snakemen are a little generic, I'm thinking in my take they'll be depicted as blind, perhaps with bat-like ears, and then that can be tied into them being much weaker to sonic damage.
Slogutis Matriarch: Breaths fire, attacks with tail
Slogutis Drone: Similar to now but cosmetically different, maybe uses a polearm (ties in with guarding a queen)
Slogutis Drone (Fertile): A sneaky variant that on death releases offspring.
Slogutis Offspring: A nasty snake-like beast that spills from the corpse of its father.

Geminae [Higher]
Notes: I'd like to make them appear smaller than Sectoids, they eat till they throw up an egg-sack, the embryo takes DNA from what they eat.
Geminae Ethereal: Geminae that are psionically gifted
Geminae Soldier: A Geminae in a light alloy power-suit
Geminae Drone: The majority, they use pistols, or light variants of rifles
Geminae Egg Sack: Pops on proximity releasing the following...
Geminae Hatchling: A smaller, but well developed drone, only armed with its claws

  • Can I download this?: Nope this is mostly concept
  • Can I use XYZ?: Not for now (especially as I have so little), I'll put up a zip of assets I'm happier to part with soon

Thanks to everyone that has commented so far, i'll hopefully have something up soon.

Work In Progress / [Concept] Retcon Xcom Aliens and Misc
« on: March 24, 2016, 03:15:21 pm »
My big gripe with original xcom is the ufopedia images, and lore, never seemed as cool as I thought it could be, so I'm enjoying re-imagining what units, races and rosters could be in one game. For instance combining floaters and mutons, combining some TFTD units, changing snakemen to have swarming units.

I've been busy with my retail job, but I recently saw a TFTD stream, and since I had some free time I wanted to improve on some of the stuff I made prior. I'm not so sure what I'm doing with this, I tend to get bored doing sprite-sheets and such. I'll put together my concept and go from there. I'm kind of thinking I'd like to mitigate the end game advantage you gain from loot, that renders creating your own equipment silly, and curb the blaster-bomb psionic fest on higher difficulties.

Up to date Drawings...

I'm pretty happy with most of the units drawn, I may revamp some of the weaker looking portraits. Let me know if there's anything you particularly like,


I like the idea of the muton's getting a big dinosaur unit from their homeworld.

Ethereals I kind of want to make less hands on and a bit more strange, haven't really settled on how that might look.

Sectoids I like the idea of giving them a limited weapon pool of small-arms, with melee bio-drones, rather than the saucer or sectopod (on normal missions at least).

Chryssalids I like the idea of them being a separate race, with less well armored "nymph" units born from zombie hosts, but I don't know how that'd fit in.

Advent/New-Terran-Allience Is kind of a race I'm toying around with the idea of, but I think a cyberman unit might be cooler.

I kind of like the idea of sonic weapons being like high level shotguns, with stun damage.

Ethereal Flock
Ethereal: a tall fragile creature with a large 3rd eye, able to perceive every known light-spectrum, it uses great psi-strength to tackle its foes.
Psi-Drone: Used as a hands-free blaster by the ethereals
Toiler: A sectoid used for labor unworthy of the ethereals, they are meeker than other sectoids, most loose their will to live without their masters, due to their psionic fallibility, they are not trusted with ranged weapons, instead they use ceremonial-esk melee equipment to swamp hostile forces.

Neo-Terran Aug: Outside of x-com governments and corporations may be tempted by the offer of mercy and progress by the aliens on the basis of their absolute cooperation, it is rumored the bodies of many poor beggars have been torn apart, augmented, and then sealed in these powerful battle-suits.

The Collective
Sectoid Conduit: A sectoid caste that provides direction for their cousins, it is only through them that the sectoids collective psionic ability can be channeled at foes. A strange recess indents their skull,
Sectoid: A hive of intelligent yet individually stupid drones, the sectoid has only one orifice from which it consumes food, expels waste, and regurgitates its young, this is done asexually when they have over-consumed, it is perhaps no surprise they prefer easy to digest food, and in moderation. These are not perfect clones, rather the offspring feature elements of their parent's diet, human DNA not being uncommon in many.
Bio-Drone: Human minds are useful for more than protein paste to the sectoid, their comparative robustness over the sectoid mind means with only a little lobotomization a serviceable general-assistance robot can be made, these small creations possess a spiteful assortment of close-quarters equipment and pack a small explosive device.

Concept Log
Bunch of recent-ish concepts

Initially I really fancied having some miscellaneous stuff 

Redesigned many of the armors, gave them pretty bad names and fiction that I'd want to scrap

Suggestions / [Suggestion] Salvage Armor
« on: February 29, 2016, 10:24:21 pm »
I've started a new relatively hard modded campaign, exploding weapons etc, so I suffer a lot of losses. Which leads to a lot personal armor and power-armor having to be made from scratch with new resources.

A lot of X-com is essentially about salvage from wreckage, something that is at odds with our soldiers armor.

I feel that loss of life shouldn't render armor unsalvageable 100% of the time, rather in my opinion the armor should yield either a wreaked or compromised suit, that can be broken down or repaired.

i.e: Powersuit[repaired] requires (Wreaked Powersuit*4 + Resource) |or| (Compromised Powersuit + Resource)

i.e: Personal Armor[repaired] requires (Wreaked PA*2 + Resource/2) |or| (Compromised PA + Resource)

And connected to an extent is general salvage recovery via deconstruction, recovering a percentage of the resources it would otherwise cost to construct said item, for example plasma ammo.

Perhaps there's a mod out there like this, if so please let me know.

Suggestions / Suggestions (illustrated)
« on: October 17, 2014, 12:34:58 am »
Really been enjoying xcom recently, looking forward to giving a lot of the mods a go (like the look of MiB and the Alloy Interceptor) and might look into modding myself if it isn't too tricky. But here's some stuff I was thinking...

The Bullpup is a light upgrade of the standard rifle that is bought.
The Gauss weapons are inaccurate slightly more powerful laz weapons.
The plasma weapons are made for humans allowing for greater accuracy.
The alloy shield is a one handed item that increases front facing armour.
The sonic blasters are a thematic change for sectoids, they can't be used by humans and deal great dmg up close, but dmg that is weaker over distances, also they are very light weight.
Armoured Sectoid. Though they might prefer otherwise sectoids can and will wear armour when the situation dictates it must be so, soldiers can clad themselves in their alien alloys though their movement becomes quite costly. 
The flamethrower is a fire vomiting device.
Standard Military Armour is means of added protection early game, however the weight can render it obsolete against most alien firearms.
MKII Power Armour: Enhances the trooper even more than the MK1, the Mk1 would receive a de-buff and become slower moving though perhaps with grater protection.

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