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I think I've seen somewhere that after 20 turns have passed, aliens can see your positions and become more aggressive. I'm OK with the last one, though I find few reasons why they should in real life :P. But I really don't like aliens to know my exact locations: it's just cheating.

I remember one time I got into the battleship and started searching the inside, and found out that their strategy became way too much optimal after the 20th turn. I could just feel to my bone that they were behaving as if they knew my exact location. So I used save/load to test it, and indeed they were so cunning that it was almost ridiculous: they changed their strategy even to a slight change of my agent's location.

Could it be possible to provide an option to get rid of those godly eyes from aliens? I think we were having enough with mind controls already ::)

Open Feedback / Enemies Spawning Inside the Craft?
« on: November 28, 2014, 04:57:37 pm »
I was searching for crafts in other mods, and tried testing various transporters in Piratez mod. Everything worked beautifully, except the craft called 'Miner'. Note that I didn't install the full mod: I just copied (1) the map and routes files (2) corresponding extrasprites (3) of course, ruleset.

Every other crafts worked perfectly fine, but the problem with the Miner was that enemies spawn inside the craft!!! Holy crab... I found nothing unusual other than the fact that the craft uses XBASE1 terrain files, and the craft has a ground level inside. Does anyone have any idea how could this happen? If there is a way to define a region where enemies can spawn, then perhaps I can handle it...

I'm pretty sure that in the full mod the problem doesn't exist. I'm also pretty sure I've done nothing wrong since every other crafts works perfectly fine. MAYBE I didn't copy enough files: I've only copied 2 files for it. One for the map, one for the routes. I couldn't see any additional XBASE terrain files (there were XBASS files though :P), but who knows?

Any idea that seems to be helpful would be great :)

P.S. The reason I put this question on this general board is that I rather want to know if there is a way to define the region enemies can spawn. I mean if I can make them into the craft, maybe I can make them a bit more away from the craft...?

Open Feedback / Can I make other armors as the default one of soldiers?
« on: November 22, 2014, 03:31:36 am »
So there were two places where the 'NONE_UC' string was used (one in the 'soldiers' section, the other in the 'armors' section). So I changed both of them with the string of another modded armor, but still the default armor seems to be that ordinary pajama. Am I doing something wrong, or is it impossible to change it for simple ruleset?

Thanks :)

Open Feedback / Is Energy Quite Useless?
« on: November 15, 2014, 06:15:15 pm »
I was consulting with the Ufopaedia Wiki and happened to find this in

A soldier's ability to recover energy is determined by the soldier's Initial Time Units. Thus, their raw recruit TU value dictates this throughout their career.

OMG... Is it still true in OXC? I think it's somewhat not fair... I wish the amount of energy recovered in each turn to be determined by the real energy value of the soldier. What's about the initial energy value anyway?  :P

Open Feedback / Having a Problem about Downloading in the Mod Site
« on: November 14, 2014, 08:14:24 am »
I just tried downloading several mods in the mod site, but I couldn't succefully download any of them for some reason. I just restarted my computer just in case, but the problem still lingers on. Is it only me suffering from this? How can I solve this problem? :'(

Open Feedback / Any way to put the tank in the back?
« on: October 30, 2014, 02:03:58 pm »
One of the many reluctant reasons to use tanks in the battle is that it is always put at the front of the exit gate of Skyranger. As we all know, aliens have full TUs at the first turn so you have a very high chance of getting a full barrage of reaction fires if you move your tank for the first time (my record is 12 continuous reaction fires triggered by 4 sectoids just by moving one single tile...). I am also doubtful if when I let one of my solider to put primed gas grenade on the ground, it will safely cover the tank (I cannot see if the gas is covering the tank perfectly. Maybe less effective than doing the same trick using your front soldier without tank).

So I was wondering if there is a way to change the position using the ruleset. Or, any recommendation for the problem would be also great  :)

[Edited] New question: Is it possible for all the excess items loaded in the Skyranger to be put in the back? I sometimes adopt tactics using explosives near the exit and all the items get blown up  :'(

Also, though it is not relevant in this topic, I've heard that after you have researched alien artifacts such as mind probe or corpses you cannot gain points for retrieving those items. Is it still true in OpenXCOM?

Open Feedback / Several Questions in XCOM
« on: October 24, 2014, 12:38:23 pm »

(1) Can't I assign armors at base defense mission? I was a bit baffled since I had a bunch of armors in my base but didn't assign them before the mission so I was just forced to fight without any armors... I think since armors are not the 'items' which you can pick up in the battlefield, I cannot assign armors, right? :'(

(2) Is there any pattern with UFO movement esp. regarding if they will land at least one time or just go away without landing? I want the intact Elerium as much as possible of course!

(3) Is there any convenient way to check the psionic training? They do not automatically tell you when they finished the training (and got increased psi-skill level). It would be also great if I can see how long the agents were in the pionic lab.

Thanks  :)

Offtopic / Dealing with Psionics Before Labs
« on: October 18, 2014, 01:37:58 pm »
It is so painful to face psionic attacks before you get some training and screening through labs. Well in fact even with that, your soldiers still can be panicked or mind controlled (Is there any limit point from where you become invulnerable to psionic attacks? I don't know such thing) if you are just unlucky  :P  But it's much easier to deal with compared to the Sectoid Base Defense Mission in January.

Some people say Cyberdisks are the problem, but they are not that hard if you know what to do. The problem is rather the steady stream of psionic attacks. Even when none of them can see you, they somehow manage to abuse MC and panicking, several times in just one turn. Without tank, it is almost impossible to beat them in the early January unless you got lucky so that none of your heavy-weapon-wielding guys got MCed. You cannot even grab the rocket launcher: I dare you. It is too risky if you've decided not to abuse save/load since one single shot can kill more than half of your troops.

So I just wanted to ask other players about how you deal with psionic attacks in the early games without adding useful mods that can effectively counteract against it. Any useful strategies?

Open Feedback / I need some mod suggestions!
« on: October 12, 2014, 05:00:11 pm »
Hello! I've only recently been suggested to play x-com series, and found out that this openxcom is just so brilliant! Thanks a lot for keeping up with this kind of great game.
I'm enjoying this game a lot, and found out there are some mods on this forum. I have several questions, and need some suggestions about mods.

1. Are all of those mods compatible with each other? I think it would not since it's practically impossible to test all of those combinations about recent mods. It would be nice if there is some kind of confirmed combination that others can safely use, though.

2. I'm looking for two relevant mods (or ways to modify the game), though I'm interested in all kinds of mods here:
- A mod which prevents too many enemies spawning right in front of/next to your ship. I'm playing at superhuman difficulty without that much problem, but I think it's too cheesy to face all those creatures right in front of the ship. It's not challenging: it's rather stressful. I want to strategically challenge the enemies rather than being forced to sacrifice some of my soldiers.
- Somewhat reduced psionic power. This problem is greatly amplified by the above problem. Enemies are right in front of you, so one of your soldier got mind controlled and the mission ends at the turn 2. The loss is too much and heartbreaking (my precious soldiers... oh god...). And also, I do not want my soldier to do the same thing against aliens since it makes the game too easy. I tried the psionic line of fire mod, but then it becomes a too weak threat...
  [Edited: Found out that there is a mod that as it was in XCOMUTIL, only XCOM soldiers suffer from psionic LOS. Any other suggestions?]
- [Editied] Also, Is there any mod where you can focus on the sight of your soldiers? If you visit a place once, then it just becomes 'explored' so you cannot know exactly how far and exactly where your soldiers can cover. 

3. Maybe you can suggest your best combinations of mods (or settings) to me. Always welcomed  :)

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