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Released Mods / DOOM SKILL LEVELS (literally the best mod)
« on: February 27, 2015, 05:25:10 pm »
In a bout of silliness, I decided OXC needed a little more sass in the difficulty selection screen.

I present to you: DOOM SKILL LEVELS.

(Note: Makes absolutely zero change to actual gameplay.)


Resources / [RESOURCE][GRAPHICS] Just some bigobs I made for fun
« on: January 21, 2015, 04:37:17 pm »
Anyone can use these, if they like 'em. (Note the big white-background pictures are just for preview, the actual files are attached below.)

Pistol - modeled after the Beretta M9

Rifle - modeled after the M4 Carbine

Autocannon - modeled loosely after the XM25

Laser Rifle - useless stock removed, added additional venting/cooling stuff, lensing

Laser Rifle Mk2 - stock re-added :3

Laser Rifle Mk3

Laser Pistol Mk3

Heavy Laser Mk3



Released Mods / [GRAPHICS][RECOLOR] Grenade Handobs + Blue Smoke Grenades
« on: January 14, 2015, 08:55:33 pm »
This is a simple mod inspired by IvanDogovich's Motion Scanner Handob, High Explosive Handob, and Medi-Kit Handob.

All it does is give individual, recognizable handobs to each type of grenade (by default they all use the boring old grey grenade sprite).

Also, smoke grenades have been recolored to blue, as proximity mines are orangish, and incediary grenades (not used in vanilla) are as well.

Just wondering if this spritework looks passably good. It's simple, but I'm a terrible artist and I've been staring at this for... a while.

Improved rifle:
optics + extended barrel

Fan-Stuff / I had forgotten how impressively bad regular grenades are.
« on: November 18, 2014, 10:18:33 pm »
One of my soldiers came upon a group of 3 Floaters tightly clustered together, so I had him toss a grenade right in the center of them (immediately adjacent to all of them). End turn...


And then they shot him and two other dudes behind him. I don't think the grenade even hurt their feelings.

Now I remember why I only ever use high explosives.

Released Mods / [HWP/Resource] Alloy Ground Tanks v1.4
« on: November 13, 2014, 12:42:26 am »
Didn't see any mods that did (only) this, which was sorta surprising.

Does pretty much what it says on the tin. This mod allows you to build Cannon, Rocket Launcher, and Laser Tanks out of alien alloys (once the research is done - think personal armor for tanks).

  • use standard HWP ammo
  • have +10 TUs (because alloys are light and strong, right?)
  • have +mucho armor (still not as much as hovertanks though)
  • include that sexy bluemetal sheen! (aka new custom sprites)

I'll take screenshots if I remember, at some point.

All credit goes to Falko's awesome tools, which are the only reason I could do the spritework.

As always, feel free to use whatever for whatever.

v 1.1 - made it 100% less broken
v 1.2 - now with 30% less fat (also less OP - reduced armor values somewhat)
v 1.3 - fixed crash error, credit to DanosP
v 1.4 - updated to work with latest nightlies, disabled inventory screen to avoid errors

note: finally got into oxcmods with the help of jo5hua, so now you can download it there if you prefer:

These mods were designed for use with a mostly-vanilla game.
They are simple ruleset changes - no sprites, sounds, graphics, etc.
No, they are not impressive, but I find them useful so I thought I'd share.
They should be compatible with anything that doesn't directly conflict, e.g. a mod that changes plasma weapon stats/sprites/etc should work with Slower Weapons Research, just as long as it doesn't touch the research portion (or change/remove the names of the items)

Slower Research

This kit is comprised of two rulesets: Slower Weapons Research and Slower Winning Research.

  Slower Weapons Research has the following effects:
  • can't research lasers until Elerium is discovered (not required for manufacture though - just assume we mimic some of the properties of Elerium to create hand-held lasers feasible)
  • can't research or use any alien weaponry (including grenades) until a live alien engineer is researched/interrogated
  • plasma weapons have a similar progression to laser weapons (pistol -> rifle -> heavy), BUT clips no longer have to be researched separately
  • blaster launchers can't be researched until all plasma weapons, plus the small launcher, have been researched. Blaster bombs and stun bombs DO have to be researched separately.

  Slower Winning Research simply slows down the "gamewinners" -- Alien Origins, The Martian Solution, and Cydonia or Bust -- by x3, x4, and x5 respectively. They will take a LONG time to research, comparatively.

Battle Tanks

  This module simple adds a new HWP (Tank/Battle) to the Buy screen.
  The Battle Tank is equipped with both a HWP Cannon and a HWP Rocket Launcher, and requires both types ammo.
  It is more expensive and less accurate than its lesser brethren... but it can do two things! Two!

Cyberdiscs Are Bull#@$%

  This module switches the terror units used by the Sectoids and the Ethereals.
  The Sectoids get a (nerfed) Sectopod, the Ethereals get a (massively buffed) Cyberdisc.
  Honestly these seem like more fitting matchups anyway. It never made sense to me that the first (usually) enemies you meet have the second-most-badass terror unit in the game, while the game-ending Ethereals had a crappy unit... seemingly named after the Sectoids... using inferior weapons tech.
  Also, the Sectopod uses a laser bulletsprite instead of a plasma one, per its description.


  Also included are two little modules not important enough for their own headings - Heavier Tank Armor, and Less Terrible Rifles.
  They do pretty much what they say on the tin:
  • Heavier Tank Armor applies the heavier tank armor from XcomUtil_Improved_Ground_Tanks.rul, without all the other buffs
  • Less Terrible Rifles slightly increases the starting AP rifle's power (still less than a laser pistol), and cuts aimed shot TUs down to 50% (from 80%)

  I only am including them because the early game can be really painful with the shoddy vanilla rifles, and the battle tank is a lot less impressive when a couple of lucky reaction shots from a plasma rifle make it explode on turn 1.

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