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Tools / XCOM-Intelligence
« on: September 30, 2014, 06:59:19 am »
This thread is for questions and Bug-Reports for my tool XCOM-Intelligence ( ).
To time is this tool beta. So not wonder that has just as much errors like my english ;D

And i post additional the mods that I have tested with xcom-intel.

That mods make sure no problems:
- Lukes Extra UFOs
- Moriarty's Power Armor Redux
- Ironman_Suit
- cover waspite alien
- Anthropod Alien
- Mechtoids

That mods make problems:
- Piratez (the reason are the modification by the hwps, that cause a chainreaction of problems, unfortunately:()
  (A fix to prevent a fragged Minimap is out.)

I know, short list. But in the beginning, i wrote this tool for me alone and i use rarely mods for openXcom. I set my focus from now on the compatiblity of your mods, if i have the time.

Before i forget, i have in the next 2 month not so many time. But i try to branch a little time to fix mayor bugs. But no mod-specific adjustments and new features.

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