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Suggestions / Text for new e-mail notifications from OpenXcom Forum
« on: August 09, 2017, 08:09:30 pm »
Currently it looks like this (example):

But doesn't show the forum path to board where new topic was posted:

Green = new additions & modifications

This way, the new text for message is:

Hello, <user name here>.

On our OpenXcom Forum, a new topic,{NEWLINE}
'Debug options',{NEWLINE}
has been made on a board you are watching:

Contributions » Released Mods » OpenXCom Extended+

You can see the new topic at
<URL here>

Unsubscribe to new topics from this board by using this link:
<second URL here>

Best regards,
The OpenXcom Forum Team.

Also, add same fixes to the template for notifications about the replies in already existing topic.

Is it possible to have localized metadata fields for separate languages?


Main technical info for mod in metadata.yml
id: LongTime
isMaster: true
master: xcom1
# reservedSpace: 0

metadata-en.yml contains localized strings for English
name: "Long Time After Us..."
version: "v0.4.2 testing / OpenXCOMv2 nightly 2020-06-01 12:34"
description: "Same universe, same planet. The echoes of human civilization is already faded away in the forgotten past. After entering the Earth atmosphere some research ship crashes because of heavy damage received from unknown beam of artificial origin. Fortunately, the entire crew is survived but spaceship is irrepairable at all. To survive, now they have to look for common language with this world and its inhabitants... who doesn't even suspect of the fateful countdown already begun... So full speed ahead to the 17th year of XXXVI century if you dare."
author: "not known yet"

for Russian language this is a metadata-ru.yml
name: "Задолго после нас... (Long Time After Us...)"
version: "v0.4.2 тестовая / OpenXCOMv2, ночная сборка от 2020-06-01 12:34"
description: "Та же вселенная, та же планета. Отзвуки человеческой цивилизации уже угасли в позабытом прошлом. После входа в атмосферу Земли какой-то исследовательский корабль терпит крушение из-за сильнейших повреждений, полученных от неизвестного луча искусственного происхождения. К счастью, вся команда выжила, но звездолёт неремонтопригоден совсем. Теперь, чтобы выжить, им придётся искать общий язык с этим миром и его обитателями... которые даже не подозревают, что судьбоносный обратный отсчёт уже начался... Так что полный вперёд, в 17-ый год XXXVI века, если посмеете."
author: "ещё неизвестен"

... and similar translated files for other languages.


Offtopic / Uplink OS: a new graphic user interface for the Uplink game
« on: April 07, 2017, 11:44:37 pm »
Good evening to everyone.

Recently I have found this promising mod, but not played it yet.

Uplink OS is a total graphical modification for 2001's indie cult hit
Uplink: Trust is a Weakness by Introversion Software.
It aims to bring a fresh look to the game's cyberpunk visuals
and a much needed upgrade to its interface and usability.

Mod page at ModDB:

Videos from Uplink OS developer:

Two developers from Introversion Software playing the mod:
"The creators of Prison Architect show off a fantastic mod to their hacking simulator, Uplink."

Hello everyone (modders especially).

The OXC Mod Portal is malfunctioning again, and all I (and not only me) want
is to have additional abilities to download mod releases using alternative links
(file sharing, "clouds", etc.).

Thanks in advance.


Programming / Ruleset filenames: spaces instead of underscores
« on: November 17, 2015, 05:23:49 pm »
2 ruleset files have spaces in its names.

Found in nightlies from 2015-11-07 15:19 to 2015-11-16 09:15

Troubleshooting / City name length limit?
« on: April 15, 2015, 03:08:58 pm »
While translating the new version of Terrain Pack mod,
I found that some pretty long city names doesn't fit
in their text boxes and therefore partly visible.

Open Feedback / mod site is not working
« on: October 15, 2014, 08:09:31 pm » is unreachable (error 523).
Checked from many locations worldwide - all the same.

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