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Offtopic / Redline - kind of advertisement
« on: July 06, 2020, 09:06:55 pm »
Redline is a card-game like Magic the Gathering but also mend it with the sheer fun of Battletech. An interesting project what may interest some of you!
For real infos and stuffs I drop you some links!

Redline official site:
Coming to Kickstarter:
If you interested in Redline you could sign up for a kind of newsletter otherwise (according my best knowledge) the Kickstarter campaign launch around the middle of july, 2020... ( of July most probably)

And a poster I made for advertise Redline:

Sorry if such advertisement is against the CoC but please, share this on other forums! I think Redline deserves to be great as I like it very much and strongly think this is easily one of the best card games since almost a decade or so!


PS.: Sorry for the big picture but have no clue how to resize!

Edit by Meridian: resized the picture

Builds & Ports / OXC on smartphone?
« on: October 02, 2017, 09:30:40 pm »
I got a Nokia Lumia with Win 10 iOS. Nice little stuff so far.
Question is: The same OXcom version I use on my laptop shall work on it? Since a lot of stuff works what directly moved from the laptop to the smartphone I thought I ask this question.

Resources / Altoid aliens - All sprites are free to use!
« on: September 21, 2014, 07:37:25 pm »
I greet you everyone!

After a long mocking and criticising others (well, not did this, but it sounds good and really badass) I decided to try (let me repeat: TRY) to make a minor, two more badboys mod for OXC. I done with graphics, texts and the ruleset, only one problem left (apart from the sound issues):
Why do I ever get big black cubes with a simple hand on battlescape?! Unit spritesheets have good size and palette. But background colour is black and since it is indexed I find no way to make it transparent.
Could someone help me? I use MSpaint and PhotoShop 7.0 CE (shall not upgrade). Could someone correct my spritesheet and tell me what the hell did I wrong (apart from the obvious "everything")?

If I did everything well, the zip file is attached. If not, I put it up to MediaFire. And sorry for the graphical chaos in the zip! The two problematic files are Altoid.png and Crabman.png.
Thanks for all the helps!

P.S.: The high numbers (1001, 1002) in the ruleset is direct. This way it is compatible with every existing mods (if I understood well the mod-system and the yaml-language).

Work In Progress / Duke Falcon's possible graphics for FMP
« on: September 04, 2014, 09:57:16 pm »
Dioxine wrote me in the FMP topic:
"Your Pedia graphics weren't done properly. Never paste over; prepare a RGB picture, THEN change the palette while converting to indexed color. If you can't get it to look good, just send the RGB png you've prepared and we'll make it look good in the Pedia :)"
And he was more than right. So I decided to open this little topic for post my graphics to "make it look good in the Pedia"!

The base of the idea was the experience that many aliens have TFTD copy-paste illustrations what looks odd among the other alien-entries. So, I decided it may be good to make some new Ufopedia pictures. All pictures are X-com palette converted GIF now and I checked all alien pictures in my FMP (they looks good even in full-screen although not as good as the original Microprose graphics)...

So far I make new illustrations for the Tunlun, the Cerebreal and the Reptoid races but others are under work still now (let me say I think I shall remake the Tunlun or edit it a bit I think). Here are the ominous pictures:
Tunlun terrorist and autopsy

Reptoid alive and autopsy

Cerebreal adult alive and autopsy

Salamandron terrorist and autopsy

And two illustration to possibly change the duplicated pedia pictures (it is up to the mod-god who maintain and raise FMP if they were used or not, :) )
Alloy Skyranger and Alloy Cannon

And some alien research entry illustrations extracted from the PS X-com's Game Over video:
Alien infiltration

Alien retaliation

Alien terror\flyby

Fan-Stuff / X-com inspired Open General mod
« on: September 03, 2014, 12:23:46 pm »
Not so long ago I made a mod for the Open General platform (Turn based engine of the Panzer General 2 but wastly extended and expanded and as fully moddable as Open X-com) what is more or less based upon X-com. It interprets my version of the aliens history as how they crossed through the space and subjugated many races to twist them to those abominations what appeared on Earth finally.

The mod's installer's link and some description could be found here:

But before you do anything with the downloaded exe (what is the installer) go here for the basic Open General and a very good description how to use, set up or mod it:

Hope you will like the mod and it's story!

P.S.: Here are some screenshots for you to help you decide toward a big "Yes, I wanna play it now!"

Troubleshooting / kernel32.dll problem
« on: August 05, 2014, 10:10:50 pm »

Today I downloaded OpenXcom and installed it. But whenever I want to start it it says can't reach (GetLogicalProcessonInfromation) in kernell32.dll!

What can I do? I have WinXP home with SP2 and installed the latest OpenXcom.
Any idea?

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