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Hi there.  I should note that OpenXcom on Mac OS X 10.8 had no such issue for me.  All the filters worked great (I like HQ2x), and there is no tearing.

This is Windows 7, 1920x1080p HD TV (over HDMI with an nVidia 670), OpenXcom 1.0.

I have it set to 1920x1080p, fullscreen.  If I enable a filter in Video options, except for Scaled, it breaks oddly. The graphics look right, but the image is super-zoomed-in, so that the entire screen is showing maybe the middle 50% of what it should be showing.

If I disable the filter, then everything is fine except for these annoyances:

- the intro doesn't play full-screen but instead kind of on the upper-left;
- I have to Alt-Enter a few times for the image to center and scale properly;
- major screen tearing in Battlescape when I scroll around (it's playable though).

To be honest if I could just get rid of the tearing, that's all I really require.  It'd be nice to get the filters to work though.

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