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Work In Progress / Graphic Help
« on: October 07, 2014, 10:39:24 pm »
Hello: I would like to restore the original Firestorm Ufopedia image to my FMP modded game... Till now, I am having no success...
The image I found in internet looks good in a graphics viewer program (Irfanview and Aseprite v0.95 also) but looks very wrong in-game (see attachments).

Is there an esay way to "import" the file in Aseprite and to "force" it to use the Oxc color palette? That would be very useful to import this or any other image in the game...

Thank you in advance!

Hello, I would like to comment about some features that can be added, which I think would be positive:

1) The possibility to add Accuracy, time units and arcingShot values to ammo clips, which when loaded in the weapon, will override the same values present in the weapon ruleset... Example: To mod a rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher, it would be good to use the TU and Acc from the weapon if using it with its regular bullet ammo magazine, but when replacing that magazine and loading a grenade(s) clip, the weapon should "use" the TU and Acc from the grenade clip ruleset (which, may be it can have less accuracy, less range, but a high angle trajectory and more HE power than the bullet magazine).

2) Add  a system of weapon types (similar to the excellent system added to craft in OpenXcom Extended) for armor suits... This way we can mod heavy infantry weapons that would be only possible to carry and fire when the soldier is using a specific armor suit type. An example: it's not possible for a regular soldier to hold and fire a minigun type machine gun, because of its eneormous recoil forces, but if the soldier is wearing a power suit, this suit can handle such a weapon.

Example: a)  Add to armors a "weapon hardpoint" stat, this would have a numerical value...

                b) This hardpoint value will be checked against a new "weapon type" stat, or even without needing to add any new stats, to the weapon weight value. If the weapon weight (or type)
                    value is lower or equal to the armor suit hardpoint value, this weapon is compatible, if the weight/type number of the weapon is higher, that weapon would not be able to be used by
                    troops wearing that armor suit.

Thanks!! 8)

Work In Progress / Ranged Psi Control Feature
« on: September 26, 2014, 11:46:51 pm »
As I learned that from very recently the possibility to limit the max range to Psi attack weapons was implemented, I decided to try it, because I always thought that the posibility to control any enemy from any distance was not fair...

So I gave a maxrange to the Psi Amp and the Mind Probe (I did not limit the range to the aliens Psi Attacks), but it seems there is a problem with the new feature:

- If the range of the attack is less than the maxrange written down in the ruleset, all seems to be ok, but...

- If the Psi attack range is higher that the maximun indicated in the ruleset, when said attack is made, the following happens:

   a) The red flashing "Out of Range" signal appears in the UI section of the Battlescape screen
   b) No attack sound is heard when making the attack...
   c) The attacked unit is controlled!
   d) The attacking soldier using the Psi amp to control the enemy unit does not lose Time Units in making this attack...

I think something has to be done about this...

Just wanted to report it to the community...  :)

Work In Progress / Modding Info - Tutorials request
« on: September 11, 2014, 08:15:46 pm »

I would like to know if there is documentation, tutorials, how-to guides, etc... aboutthe following modding topics:

1) Some days ago I read thet one of the nightlies was implementing the possibilty to mod dual-weapon HWPs... Where is this new feature documented? By the way, is there any place where a more or less detailed explanation about what are the changes included by each new nightlie are explained?

2) Include a new Alien Race: I would like to implement a "Muton Guard", an improved stats elite soldiers (with among other improvements, more resistence to psi-attacks) for late game... By the way, can any race armor be given a psi strenght boost?
What sections of the ruleset must be modded to include a new race, and make it appear in the late game?

3)  Include new late game Alien weapons... Again what sections need to be modded to make aliens use those new weapons?

Are any of the mods already current particularly instructive about how to achieve goals numeber 2 amd 3 where I can learn from?

Thanks!!!  8)

Work In Progress / Help modding a craft weapon
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:04:07 am »
Hello: Here I found one problem that I cannot solve, and I would like that some kind person here give me some advice.

The problem is that I am making a small air combat rebalance mod, part of it is the adition of some new craft weapons. I did mod in a new craft cannon, which was researched and manufatured without a problem, but while in the "Equip Craft" screen, the very moment I choose one of this weapons the game crashes...

Can anyone give me some suggestion about what to do to solve this problem?

Thanks!  :(

Work In Progress / Asking for graphics help
« on: August 21, 2014, 06:12:11 pm »
Hello to all:

  For my little personal modding project, an Addon-multiple ruleset to complement the Final Mod Pack, which will be released after I finish my test game, I want to add a "custom made" X-Com autopistol... This is part of a whole new family of powder weapons, because I feel that X-Com should be using "terran" wepons for a longer game-time. I don't like it very much to start getting laser/gauss weapons in the first three or four moths of game time... So the idea is:

- Weapons Tier 0: Vanilla firearms
- Improvement: Alien Alloy ammo for those wepons
- Weapons Tier 0.5: Improved X-Com model firearms, incorporating not only AA ammo but also some Alloys components, so thay are manufacturable and need Alien Alloys to be made. In general they are a small evolutionary step, with moderate improvement over the tier 0 weapons. They are Ok if you have to fight Sectoids, Floaters... Against Snakemen, they start to be inandequate, and forget about fighting Mutons, except you use large rockets and lots of Fragmentation Grenades (power = 75)... :-)
 This "intermediate" family is planned to have two or three level research three. You obtain the first, basic improved models of rifles, etc... and then with the following research levels you get improved heavy wepons (Autocannon, Heavy cannon. Rocket Launcher), also new concept weapons, like assault shotguns, assault grenade launcher, combo rifles (which can fire regular bullets and rifle grenades, or rifles that have under-barrel attachments like short shotguns, grenade launchers, etc)

- Then, the research tree continues with the regular FMP gauss/laser/adv laser, etc...

For this I was planning to include n X-Com Machine Pistol, for which I had seen a very nice graphic of a very "vanilla style" sprite with a shape similar to an UZi or Ingram submachine gun (i.e. with the handel in central position and with the magazine inserted thru it... The problem is that I cannot find in which mos pack this graphic is included...

Anyone can give me a clue with the info I am posting here? I spent a lot of time searcj¬°hing fpr it, but no results...


Work In Progress / [SOUND] X-Com Enemy Unknown v1.2 original sounds
« on: August 02, 2014, 05:33:45 am »
Well, I don't know if I am really adding something new here, but in my old files I found a patch that someone made for reinstalling the original alien death screams (from version v1.2 and earlier) to the newer (v1.4) version of X-Com. As I like that old screams more than the newer ones, I made a test adding the two files to the OpenXcom Data/sound folder and they worked!

So, if you prefer the first version of the alien "voices", here are they...

Work In Progress / Ammo - Weapon Question
« on: July 31, 2014, 01:47:50 am »
Anyone knows if there is a limit to the number of ammo types/magazines that can be assigned to a weapon? For example, three is the norm (HE, AP, I) and I have seen weapons with four types of associated ammo, but can be assigned a higher number of ammo types, for example six or seven? Will they be correctly shown in the Ufopedia screen? Thanks!

Resources / [RESOURCES] TFTD Resources
« on: July 28, 2014, 06:04:27 am »
May be someone find this stuff useful... I foun a web page with all the sprites from X-Com2 TFTD...
the link is:

Attached some images downloaded from there.  8)

Work In Progress / Learning to mod OpenXcom
« on: July 28, 2014, 12:01:32 am »

  I am trying to learn how to mod this wonderful game, but it seems that it is not a simple affair... After playing some OpenXcom with the Final Mod Pack installed, I decided it would be nice to introduce a small quantity of content to that already very complete mod.

My first project was to modify the sniper rifle Bigobs graphic, and then, if possible, to add a Clip of explosive bullets for that weapon. As I got tired of just getting program crashes while testing the files, I am here asking for some help.

First: Is there any documentation, tutorials, modding guides, etc, about how to mod OpenXcom? If this is so, where can I get that stuff?

Second: Maybe some more experienced modder here can have a look at my little ruleset file, and tell me where the mistake is. One thing that could point to something important: When I load the ruleset with the "handsprite: 136" line, the game crashes after loading the battlescape, past the inventory screen, then opens the battlescape proper, and when the program is auto-saving, it crashes. If I suppress that line, the game runs smoothly, till the moment the soldier who carries the Sniper Rifle is about to fire... When I give the fire order, the game immediately cashes...

Can anybody help me?


PS: By the way, just in case someone wants to use the "new" Sniper Rifle graphic, I am attaching it here. I decided to make this new file because, to my taste, the graphic included in the Final Mod Pack looked a little "plain-grey" to me.

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