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Playthroughs / muton meat xp farm
« on: January 27, 2024, 12:06:52 am »
video of my muton prison and xp farm

Makes me laugh, so made a video, march out the thick-skins one at a time to execution, hand them a rifle (can't pen flying suits), they shoot, team then takes turns at reaction fire with pistols until they expire for reaction, accuracy etc stats. For a while I was healing the fatal wounds after each round but that got tedious so now I just capture more victims. Many of you old hands may have done this (or not because it's cheesy) but I've not played in a long while and hadn't come across a vid etc of people doing the same in let's plays. On that point, the let's plays I've seen the people are astonishingly bad at squad tactics, putting whole team in open and relying on reaction fire and rushing, soviet style, wtf? I don't think it's too cheesy, I imagine it simulates the live alien drills a team could do 'irl' to improve the same stats. No sane person trains accuracy, reaction etc in combat, train for combat in safe environment for max performance.  8)

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