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OXCE Wishlists / _Raven_'s wishlist
« on: December 03, 2023, 03:56:03 pm »
I want to draw your attention to some rul files (I hope I'm on the right topic).
So first we will start with optimizing the game and at the end I will add some ideas on what new features should be added to the game.

1) Optimization of files such as extraSprites.rul
You have added a lazy loading feature, the game only loads the necessary sprites (not all at once), can you do the same feature for other files, such as:
- extraSounds.rul
- music.rul
- cutscenes.rul

extraSounds.rul does not suit me because the game takes a very long time to load when I'm add music to this file (5 minutes duration of environmental sounds of the location) and in the terrains.rul file I indicate the id of the music that should play in this particular location (for example gunshot sounds for terror location). Can you optimize these files so that these large audio tracks are loaded not when the game starts, but when the location is loaded (only one ogg file is loaded for the desired location, for example, the terror mission, the sound for the terror location is loaded).
###  - name: URBAN
###    ambience: 268
###    ambientVolume: 0.5

music.rul and cutscenes.rul also need to be made so that the FLC and OGG files are not loaded all at once, but only those files that are currently needed to launch the cutscene. There is one more problem with these files: when you start a cutscene, they are loaded simultaneously, the FLC file must be loaded first and then the OGG file, since the video lags behind the sound when the light OGG loads faster than the heavy FLC (especially when the mod is compressed in zip in this case the file flc is loaded 5 seconds later than the ogg file, as a result the video lags behind the sound by 5 seconds. I talked about this in more detail in the topic about FLI FLC cutscenes)
###  - type: autopsySectoid
###    videos:
###      - ANIMS/AutopsySectoidAnimation.FLI
###    audioTracks:
###      - AutopsySectoidMusic

2) New game features
Add cutscene function to files:
- research.rul
- manufacture.rul
- facilities.rul
###    cutscene: autopsySectoid
###    cost: 1
###    points: 0
###    listOrder: 0
As you can see in this example, the cutscene can only be specified in the alienDeployments.rul and research.rul files and only on the project that needs to be studied manually cost: 1 the cutscene does not work on projects that are studied automatically cost: 0 such as STR_SECTOID_AUTOPSY.
You need to make sure that the cutscene works even on those projects that are studied automatically; this is sometimes very inconvenient when the cutscene does not start automatically and to run it you must create an empty project, so that you can then manually set this project for study.
I would also like that cutscenes could be tied not only to study, but also to the construction of base modules and the production of weapons or aircraft. For example, I have a DECODER cutscene. This cutscene shows how the base personnel activate the hyperwave decoder for the first time. Second example, I made a new interceptor and immediately after that a cutscene should start showing this new fighter.

3) Co-op, two-player game mode, online network game
People often tell me that openxcom is boring and if you could play it with friends and still communicate while playing, then it would be much more interesting. I prefer the single player mode, but despite this I came up with a game mode for two players, which I will tell you about now, maybe you will add such a function.
Let's say a certain version of the game is installed on your phone or computer, let's say OXCE v7.9.8 and the same mod is installed on both devices, let's say FMP and on one device one player launches the game and goes to the "game for two" section, the second player too launches the exact same version of the game and selects the “search for running game” column (it is possible to indicate in the search the name of the game with which your friend signed his online game and is waiting for you to connect to him), you have found the desired game session, connected, your devices begin to exchange data via WIFI and one player starts the game and the other player sees on his screen everything that happens on your friend’s screen. So your phones are connected, you have the same versions of the game and the same mod files, you started the game and the game multiplies everything by x2, that is, you can build two bases at once (you and your friend are building two independent bases), you independently develop your base (at the same time, you can constantly communicate with each other and can even transport your weapons to your friend’s base), a UFO arrives (the characteristics of the UFO are also increased by x2, weapon strength and armor), you send your interceptors and together shoot down the UFO, after which you and your friend send each of your cargo planes to the crash site, the location is loaded (the location is also increased x2 times, so that two planes can land on this location, the number of aliens is also doubled x2), you and your friend, or in turn, or it’s better to walk at the same time, each with his own soldiers, you can shoot the alien in the back, who was shooting at your friend’s soldiers and did not allow him to advance further. After the mission, the reward is divided into two bases.
In this way, you can create a game mode for two players who can go through the game together from beginning to end.

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