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Work In Progress / Armored Aliens [BETA]
« on: July 03, 2014, 05:16:16 am »
Hi guys.

After playing Enemy Unknown 2012, UFO Defense, TFDP, Apocalypse, Xenonauts, "here am I", back to UFO 1994.
And now I can mod with OpenXcom or I think I can.
Messing with the ruleset did this mod and I am having a lot of fun. Hope sharing here will help someone else or help improve the mod.

Why the Alien has "advanced" tech but do not use ARMOR. Stupid aliens? Hard to build?  Well, if Iam invading a planet, and the locals start firing at me....... just use bullet proof armor, should be easy for the aliens.
The mod should make the game longer, harder and of course more fun. For now call it Super Human Long Game, SHLG.

Alien weapon self destruction TRUE.

Wishes or idea:
  - New sprites for XCOM disruptor blue armor, xenonauts mass acelerator weapons.
  - Melee weapon that use blastRadius, and create a bomb alien suicide terror unit.
  - Tank with a car trunk, carry ammo and other things, just for fun.
  - Acid Gun.
  - BlasterLauncher with stun missile and acid blaster bomb.
  - Plasma Flame Elerium a Incendiary weapom using elerium ammo.

EDIT: After play testing, was hard to encounter the new aliens, then I think is better if Armored Aliens only attack Terror Sites. Now Terror Mission is the best way for Aliens to "Score" against Xcom. Alien Base and Supply Ships should be ...... let´s just say, not very good to raid.
SHLongGame is the mod with all rulesets and is compatible with LukesextraUFOs.
SHLGmodParts is for who want to use this mod with others. I broke the mod in small parts.

Now Alien Armored focus on Terror and Base missions.
Should be easy to use this mod with others.
See full list in Readme.txt

MKSheppard for the Colored Armor.

Sorry for my English.

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