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OXCE Builds & Ports / OXCE on Retropie/Raspberry pi
« on: December 07, 2023, 05:42:05 pm »
Hello all,

How could I go about getting OXCE on raspberrian, anyone try this yet?

I've built out my next version of my mod (Equal Terms 2.5) for OXCE and I've been putting together retropie boxes for my friends.  While I was able to get OpenXcom on it using the ZeroJay scripts, but I want to get OXCE rolling on these boxes, along with my git update scripts to keep their versions updated.


Help / [Solved]HWP not appearing & Auxiliary HWP Weapon questions
« on: January 29, 2020, 04:37:50 pm »
Yo team,

I've been having some issues fully converting my mod for the nightlies, but having some issues.
Trimmed up mod is here:
The file in question is: ET_WL_HWPv2000b040.rul

Right now none of my HWP platforms are appearing when I go to equip craft.

But they are there in buy screen

...and worked in previous versions (like 4 years ago) and also work in current versions OXCE

I know it's something I messed up, so I need some pointers to try to clear this up.


What's the recommended way to implement secondary/auxiliary weapons on HWP.  I had it working on the old 1.0 version, much to the surprise of other modders and from what I understood my implementation of it worked, but was fragile.

What's the recommended way of doing it in the nightlies?

Solution was: bigSprite as opposed to bigsprite.  Check your literals on your sheezro.

Work In Progress / [WIP][MOD][OXCE]Equal Terms 2.5 For OXCE
« on: January 22, 2020, 10:16:13 pm »
Just about to release the last planned update for Equal Terms 2.0 For Equal Terms (in the middle of smoke testing it right now), so I'm finalizing my planned changes for Equal Terms for OpenXcom Extended while I am away from my main computer.

Current planned changes:
1) Complex scripting for the accuracy for all projectile weapons
  a) Weapons like the Sniper Rifle will be more accurate only in the hands of high Firing soldiers 
  b) Weapons like the Shotgun, LMG & SMG are best suited for low firing soldiers
2) each weapon will have new reload and unload characteristics
  a) most weapons will have completely different unload and reload TU costs
  b) all weapons will have new reload and unload sounds
3) Power Range reduction for certain weapons
  a) the shotgun will be the most obvious weapon for damage dropoff
  b) other pistol calibre weapons will see some dropoff, but not drastic
4) Some weapons will be forced as Two handed.
  a) Other weapons will have customized One handed penalties
5) Other weapons will have flat TU costs for snap shots
6) High penetration weapons will be more effective against armor
7) Certain options will be forced on (UFOExtender Accuracy) to ensure the mod works properly.

Any other recommendations for things one would like to see in this mod?

OXCE Support / [Feedback] New feature: Replacement for Psionics
« on: January 20, 2020, 04:09:34 pm »
Hey team,

Feeling randomly dedicated again to doing strange things with Openxcom.

I might see about doing a personal fork to see if I can implement a replacement for psionics in the game that allows Xcom soldiers to hack/override alien electronics.

1Discharge CellDischarges magazine in currently carried weaponIf there is a weapon in handset ammo count to 0
2Fire WeaponForces weapon to fire multiple times randomlyIf there is a weapon in hand"Fire three snap shots or two autoshots randomly as if CQB happened."
3Shut Down Electronics"For robotic enemies or enemies with robotic prosthetics shut them down""If the unit is a cyberdisk Sectopod or Floater""255 stun damage"
4Overload ExplosivesSet off carried explosives on enemy"If the enemy has a grenade stun bomb or blaster bomb""Explode explosive"
5Open Door"Alien door""If it's an alien door"Open it
6Overload Electronics"Explode Alien consoles and power sources"If it's a alien navigation or power sourceexplode it immediately

What I am gonna be trying to do...

Has anyone else taken a run at this sort of thing and would it be something others would be interested in using if I got it working?

OXCE Support / [Solved] "requires: STR_ALIENS_ONLY" causing an issue
« on: December 11, 2018, 08:00:40 pm »
People are trying to use Openxcom extended with my Equal Terms 2.0++ mod and getting errors with

Code: [Select]

I am unable to do full investigation using the openxcom extended mod (I am posting between meetings at work lol) but what is the issue with the  STR_ALIENS_ONLY tag, since that was the easy way to disable items in your ruleset?

This is a monstrously stupid question.

but what does this mean exactly:

Code: [Select]
      #each bonus can be written as: `s: x`, `s: [x]`, `s: [x, y]` or `s: [x, y, z]`.
      #where each value represents coefficient of polynomial `x * s + y * s^2 + z * s^3`.

What does s, x, y, z all mean and how would you write in in the rul file?

Programming / Please ignore all commits from me.
« on: October 19, 2015, 02:43:24 am »
My git was acting stupid and it may have attempted a checkin against master. It was supposed to be against my local repository, but....

Please keep me out of there.

Tools / Batch palette conversion
« on: August 19, 2015, 12:02:00 am »
Does anyone know of a tool that does this? I have a palette than I need to apply to around 4000 files in order to fix some armor graphics problems.

If there's not a tool for it, would anyone have any use if I coded one up?

Just realized that my mod (most likely) has turned my crew of multicultural soldiers into a bunch of blondes.

How can I go about fixing this so that everyone can be who they be?  A little unclear from what I am seeing inside the base files and so on.

Edit: Just confirmed, if I use the ST_NONE_UC armor or other base armors, the heads and such appear just fine.

Work In Progress / Hardware Hacking [Omnitool] mod.
« on: July 13, 2015, 05:15:39 am »
Like many people, I detest using mind control in my games because it simply makes the game too easy. Dealing with Aliens using it is fine, but once the human side gets the game, it gets to the point where you don't even need to leave the Skyranger.

So I was working a concept to allow for hardware hacking instead of psionics.  Yes, this would require massive code changes in order to do it, but that's not outside of what I can handle (most likely)

So, once the right research is done, and a hacking tool is equipped, a soldier could do the following: (in no particular order)

1) Panic fire a weapon with extremely low accuracy
2) Set an enemy weapon's current ammo load to 0.
3) Open UFO doors from a distance
4) Render Mechanical AI enemies 'stunned' (Cyberdisks, Sectopods, etc)
5) Explode Navigation consoles or UFO Power Units

Some of these options may be completely impossible even in code, but this is just a conceptual run for now.

Anyone interested in this? I'd be more than willing to offer the code up to OpenXComEx.

Work In Progress / Modding Tools-of-the-trade
« on: July 09, 2015, 05:38:58 am »
I was just talking with a friend about the tools I use for modding. Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets.

What does everyone use for their mods as far as organization, content generation and so on?

Ever since I started modding back-forever-ago, I would make giant spreadsheets with computed values so I could attempt some sort of balance, or at least sort values and get a larger overview of things.  Final Fantasy, Ultima V, Final Fantasy Tactics, Jagged Alliance, Vampire: Bloodlines, BBS door games, NES editing, Snes save game hacking, Wasteland 1 and 2, XCom (2012), Xenonauts and some others I can't recall now:  All my mods start from a spreadsheet.

Right now I'm using:

Notepad++ for text editing.  I used to use something else, but I can no longer recall what it was.  I have a textfile for soldier editing that goes back to 1998 and most of my text is typed up on base text editors.  Not much to brag about because I'm sure there's someone who uses VI on here to text edit (there's always one), but just more an observation.

Aseprite for sprite editing: I finally listened to everyone on here. It handles gif palettes without crapping all over everything, which is amazing.  I still do a little work in GIMP from time to time as needed, but everything gets final processing in Aseprite.

Visual Studio 2013 for coding with resharper, codemaid and github. I use vs2013 with tfs at work daily so using a IDE that's familiar to me is handy. Better than struggling to get ECLIPSE up and working and coaxing Cmake to do what you want to do, which can be a massive pain in the ass.  I wish I was better at C++ instead of using easy mode C++ called C# all day (AKA: C++++).

WindHex32 I do a lot of hex editing (but none so far for OpenXcom) for most games, especially ones that aren't supposed to be modded. I used to use 'Thingy' and a few other programs, but WindHex32 is the only one I can get to work reliably.

Google Docs (spreadsheets) for mod planning. This used to be/still-sometimes-is Excel, depending on what I am working on, but it all gets imported to google now so I can access it anywhere. Here's where I do all my sorting of values, comparing, contrasting and generating 'computed' values so i can attempt to give some sort of balance to my mods.

Wikipedia and google via firefox for generalize research.

I'd love to hear what everyone else uses.

Work In Progress / [Nightly Build] HWP Issues
« on: July 06, 2015, 05:46:26 am »
Right now I'm working on porting my (unreleased) Equal Terms 2.0 mod over to the new nightly and I've encountered some full on weirdness.

All of the sudden when I start a mission, I can equip the tank as if it's a soldier. This, of course, jacks up the built in weapons and all the rest.

This yaml code worked just fine previously, anyone have any idea what could have changed?  Getting the two weapons working on a tank always was a semi hack, it seemed, so it might be involving that.

Programming / Yaml libs again. Can anyone HBO?
« on: July 03, 2015, 06:09:25 am »
I just had my repo get hosed on git and in trying to fix it, I lost all my work and my deps folder and my repo on the git server. Whooo hooo!

I've spent the last 2 days kicking at boost + yaml + cmake to no avail.  I had it working before but I remember I had to struggle with it for a while to pull it off.

I do have version 1.5.1 to avoid the issues with things changing in 1.5.2 but it still won't go.

Does anyone have a prebuilt yaml-cpp.lib and a yaml-cppd.lib file for 64 bit windows that they could share? I'm at my wits end.

I'm on the very latest nightly and I've tried putting ogg files into the sound folder and... getting nothing but the basic midi music.

I even tried changing the basic 'music.rul' file to get it to work and I'm still having issues.

Any ideas? Is the music engine still pointing to data/sound? (too lazy to go do an actual build and debug myself, sorry).

Released Mods / [FINAL][MegaMod]Equal Terms 2.0++
« on: June 04, 2015, 06:05:42 am »
--= 313 Equal Terms 2.0 Modification for Open-X-Com =--
By KingMob4313 and Ickschuss. Created for X-Com: Ufo Defense May 2000.
Last updated Feb 2020.


Link to here:


Please See the 'ET_Install.pdf' file for detailed install instructions.

== Required 'Advanced'/'Mods' settings ==
'UFO Extender accuracy' - Range Based Accuracy is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for proper balance.

-- Suggested Settings --
Explosion Height 3
TFTD Damage Formula
Aliens Pickup Weapons

-- Other mods I like added --
Improved Living Quarters & Large Stores -
UFO Vanilla Variants -
Terrain Pack -

The mod has three portions:

-= Wolfram Lance =-
The gunpowder teir weapons lack damage potential compared to later weapon technologies, but still have the highest cyclic rates in the game: firing more rounds per time-unit than other weapon classes.

-= Coherency =-
Laser weapons, while more potent and much more accurate in autofire modes than gunpowder weapons, are inferior in aimed accuracy to other weapon classes and lack the lethality of plasma weapons.

-= Fourth State =-
Plasma weapons inflict incomparable damage, while lacking some of the accuracy or rate of fire compared to the other weapon types.

Overall, weapons have a certain amount of utility throughout the game, while still making upgrading technology levels worthwhile.  Because of this, researching the weapon technology trees now takes longer, to afford more utility to the earlier tiers.

The tier-list
0: Gunpower
0.5: Alloy
1: Laser
2: Plasma
3: In next DLC

Version 2.0.040 (Final)
--== Current ==--
Added new Recon Craft that replaces recon ability of Skyranger
  Adjusted radar capability of other aircraft to emphasize use of the new craft
  Reduced cost of Skyranger now that it is nearly incapable of finding alien bases now
Added new Trade Goods for tier 0.5, 1, 2
Flipped BigOb for SMG tier to provide visual cues that it is a one handed weapon
(Re)-Set up map file reference UBASEREDUX_00 to have HYPER WAVE ENCODER/DECODER
Fixed HWP Issues - Thanks SupSuper, ohartenstein23 and Meridian for the help.
Improved HWP GMG sound

-= Current Release Details =-
OpenXcom Nightly Release - DOES NOT WORK WITH OpenXcom 1.0 (Which is no longer able to be downloaded from OpenXcom)
Current Status: Playable - Final version for OpenXcom - A 2.5 version will be released for OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)
NOTE SHOWSTOPPER: Possible tech deadend if 'Hyperwave Encoder' does not spawn in Alien Base missions.
  - Has been tested with base OpenXcom and the major Terrain Pack

--= Future Plans =--
OpenXcom Extended Release
In planning/evaluation stage. Code at 90%
Proposed Changes:
 - armor vs penetration and armor damage behavior
 - reload times
 - miscellaneous gear
 - melee weapons

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