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I've been recording myself playing a couple of games, all in superhuman. I've done pretty well I suppose in most of them, but restarted at points in which I technically could return from a major loss, but I felt more enthusiasm to restart from all the things I learned.
I've been playing until tritanium vests and the osprey, fighting post-outpost cultists,
MIB, stuff from the deep and ghosts
- everything after that will be a blind journey.

Spoiler: How my first serious run ended:
My first major loss which ended my playthrough was fighting the black lotus avatar, 14 of my elite crew, 1 rat and an AI died to bring me the simple information that indeed, the shield CAN be broken, but not through several turns of fire, but high alpha damage.

I made this thread because I want to know what would make a good viewing experience. Should I zoom out the battlescape view? Turn off music? Walk speed to slow (as so the viewer can see what is happening) or fast (as to speed up gameplay)?
Do people want the full unedited version or condensed highlights?

I have plans for a full playthrough or until I lose the run. Please let me know how I could best make something worthwhile watching :)

I have plans to start this or next week.

The X-Com Files / Question: Damage model 50-150?
« on: December 22, 2020, 03:58:53 am »
Hi, thanks for a fantastic mod - I have not been so obsessed with a game\mod for several years and now I constantly keep track of my time alive NOT spent exploring this awesome mod.

Being a veteran of similar titles and games, I was looking for a slightly more consistent damage model if possible. I have never modded anything in XCOM before, but I have faith I can delve into some superfical alterations.

I was wondering whether someone could point to the alterations I would need to do in order to change the damage model from 0-200 to 50-150 for all* damage types. I realize balance might be put off somewhat, but after 10-20+ hours I think I prefer the TFTD model.

Thanks for any assistance :)

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