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Released Mods / Additional inventory slots on soldier's chest
« on: November 18, 2015, 06:34:29 pm »

Is there a mod that creates additional inventory slots on soldier's chest? I was once playing with several mods (for sure there was "Extra Pockets" by TurkishSwede or "Quick-Draw Hip Slot" by Arpia, some basic terran armors mods - can't remember which one) and I was surprised to see such a feature. Then my usb drive I kept the game on crashed and now I can't recreate it. Weird thing was that I was unable to put anything in those chest slots during battle, there was always "not enough TU" message. Chest slots area was quite big, 5 slots by 6 I think, You could store SSRL's there. Maybe I got some funny mod mix-up? Any ideas?


Troubleshooting / Game crashes on base defence
« on: June 20, 2014, 04:20:23 pm »
Hi everyone!

Maybe You will enlight me what should I do. I'm playing 1.0 and I have a base defence which causes the game to freeze and crash (before the message about the defence). I've deactivated all the mods, save is loading ok (with the proper warning about missing mods) and this time message appears and I'm into the inventory and then game hangs and crashes when I get to the third or fourth soldier. Can You help me, which mod should I get rid of before starting the game over again?
I'm providing a savegame.

Thank You.

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