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Troubleshooting / Separate shortcuts for UFO and TFTD
« on: April 18, 2019, 06:03:00 pm »
Currently, to swap between both games, one must change in-game settings.
Is there any command, something like "openxcom.exe -mod ufo1", that can be added to shortcut to swap mods without using ingame settings?

Suggestions / Funny Racial statistics in TFTD
« on: October 07, 2015, 05:07:17 pm »
SoldierName files have been optimised for Xcom1, so most Chinese are Asian, most Swedes are blond, Irish are redheads, Ethiopians are black, etc.
But TFTD uses different icons for aquanauts than base xcom1.

In Xcom1, you have blondes, redheads, asians, blacks, in this order, for both genders.
in TFTD, its goes like this:
Men / Women
redheads / redheads
blacks / brunettes
brunettes / blacks
bald / brunettes ponytail

As result, most Chinese women are black, just like Irish men. Ethiopians and Nigerians are white, and if men also bald.
I'd suggest to introduce separate lookWeights for men and women (lookWeightsMen and lookWeightsWomen), and separately for different mods (ufo vs tftd).

Work In Progress / Valkyria: Triton in OpenXcom
« on: December 30, 2014, 03:15:20 pm »
I've tried to use Triton as a base for new craft, Valkyria, but I've run into couple problems.
Graphics - Wrong graphics appear in battlescape minimap.
Sounds - when soldier walk on the crafts deck, or its roof, they make squishy sounds, rather than proper metallic ones
placement - ocassionally, on missions craft appears stuck inside the building, or has a tree sticking out of it. (most of time time this happens with MiB terror missions, so it could be mods conflict fault)
How do I fix the minimap?
How do I make it use proper walking sounds?
I even managed to get palette work "good enough" (at first the craft was pink...) So I would really like to finish this.
Any advice?

Suggestions / Retaliation Amnesia?
« on: September 22, 2014, 04:10:31 pm »
In Original games, once Battleship/Dreadnought got to land, aliens forgot about the base they were assaulting.
In OpenXcom, they seem to send ship after ship until end of game.
Wouldn't it be nice if we got some settings to determine, whether aliens forget about the base? Lets say they simply give up for now, since they suffered losses for little to no gain, better terrorise poor civies.
Options would be:
- Chance of Aliens "forgetting" a base after assault defeated by ground troops: 0-100% (default 100%)
- Chance of Aliens "forgetting" a base after assault shot down by base defenses: 0-100% (default 20%)
- How much easy it would be for aliens to "rediscover" a base they once forgot: 0-100% (default 50%)
Last option would emulate how aliens are fed up with Xcom, and try another shot at the base. At 100% its just as hard as if they never knew (full amnesia), at 0% they'll find it pretty much by flying near it once, since flyover would be only confirmation if xcom still has base here.

Work In Progress / Mixed Crew Mod
« on: June 29, 2014, 03:50:46 pm »
I've been working on mixed crew mod - basically Aliens eventually figure out, that their races strengths lie in different places, and they try to compensate each other. Like they do in TFTD. After roughly half a year you would start getting mostly Mixed Crew Ship. Mutons are mostly soldiers, Sectoid Medics, Leaders and Commanders are Ethereal, and anyone (except Ethereals) can be Engineer or Navigator. Terror weapons are Cyberdisks and Sectopods. (Perhaps in next version I'll make Chryssalids appear in terror missions)

Issues caused by engine limitations:
If one alien or given rank is of specific race in a given ship, all aliens of this rank are of same race on this ship.
Even if you hyperwave decoder reports that Small UFO scout is of hybrid crew, there will still be only one alien in it.
(there are probably ways to work around, but it will take too much time)

Suggestions / Abstracted Manufacture?
« on: June 26, 2014, 07:10:17 pm »
I've been thinking: Whose bright idea (in-universe) it was to place engineers, scientist, and soldiers in same underground base? Why not do research and development in laboratories scattered around the world? I mean, they've had internet in 1999, no need to do everything in one place. Why manufacture items and crafts in combat bases, rather than place workshops near industrial centres, where supplying them with raw resources, vast amounts of metal and electrical energy would be less suspicious? Or just use trusted independent contractors? (as bonus, game would not be so hilariously easy money-wise once you discover Laser Cannon)
Offmap research would be harder to do (need to do some mechanism where scientist are paid per project only while they work, and not hired permanently), but to abstract offmap manufacture, all you'd have to be able to do, would be allowing to: make items available to be bought only once certain tech is discovered (and not just "everything from start"), make Elerium part of price (Allen Alloys costs can be included in price), and to specify how long it takes for bought items to arrive separately from between-bases transfer (isn't last thing already in?).

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