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Open Feedback / OpenXcom + Munt
« on: June 18, 2014, 03:31:36 am »
So the DOS version of X-COM was originally intended to be played with a Roland CM-32 synth, as many people have noted when pointing out that there's supposed to be a siren sound at the beginning of the intro:

For those of us who do not have a CM-32 (I have an MT-32, which does not support the siren sound but does otherwise reproduce most of the music correctly) there's a pretty good open-source MT-32/CM-32 emulator available named Munt:

In case anyone else is crazy enough to want to get this working with OpenXcom, here's how I was able to do it on Windows:
  • Download and install Munt. If you're on 64-bit Windows, also download and install the amd64 driver.
  • Configure Munt for CM-32 mode. This involves acquiring CM-32 ROMs, which I cannot link because redistribution is a legal grey area.
  • Configure Windows to use Munt as the default Windows MIDI device. There are a number of MIDI device chooser utilities out there that can do this.
  • In your OpenXcom data/SOUND folder, rename GM.CAT to something else.
  • Download the file from this post:
  • Now unpack the ROLAND.CAT file from to an empty folder, rename it to GM.CAT, and put it in your OpenXcom data/SOUND folder.
  • Run OpenXcom and configure it to use MIDI as the music mode.

Now when you run OpenXcom, you should hear the siren and the awesome CM-32 music! My only nitpick is that the sound is way louder than the music.

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