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Suggestions / Several Suggestions
« on: June 03, 2014, 07:13:10 pm »
As somebody who played X-Com and similar games now for few Years I loved some of the concepts, other people came up with.
Some of it got already modded in, like Sniperrifles, but some other Ideas were still pretty neat.

Damaging Armor:
Something that TTS had and which is honestly very realistic.

As soon as you have the strongest Armor in the game, most weapons just do not injure your soldiers anymore.
Though Armor only suffers damage if the Soldier IS wounded, making Armor literally unrealistic.

So a plasma pistol hit might not cause any injury when wearing a power armor but weakening the armor, making the X-Com Operative not invulnerable against a specific type of damage or weak weapons.

Eventually the Armor will give in and a hit causes an injury or Aliens with better weapon have an easier target if the armor is already damaged.

Medbays/Configurable Recovery-Time/Critical Health:

High Health always had a big downside.
Even small amounts of lost health (not counting Increase due to Armor) puts a Soldier into Wound-Recovery for a very very long time.
High Amounts of lost health can render even the best Soldier useless for 30-40 days.
Eventhough they are not fully lost, you need to replace them all with Recruits or Veterans with less Health, which can suffer a lower Recovery-Time but will likely die immediately.

Therefore I came up with the Idea, of having a Medbay(Similar to the one in Warboy's "War"-Mod) and Critical Condition.

Lore-wise we can see it like this: Since Plasma Weapons were never used in Warfare on Earth, public and military Hospitals are not able to treat the wounds which were inflicted properly. Therefore the Recovery-Time for wounded Soldiers using public healthcare is very high.

In the mid-Game the player should be able to research the X-Com Medbay after researching Alien-Surgery.
This gives the Player the ability to heal wounded soldiers much faster. (Maybe a ratio of 5:1? Instead of 5 days in a normal Hospital the Soldier will be only 1 day in the Medbay. Anyway this is just an Idea.)

Another Idea taken from TTS is the Idea of Soldiers going into Critical. This Idea got also picked up in the new XCom:EU, but was implemented very badly.

So it is actually very simple: As soon as a Soldier lost all his Healthpoints the remaining damage will lower his max-health.
The Soldier will be unconscious and not reviveable. Bleeding wounds will cause further damage to his max-health until the Soldier dies from losing all his Health.

Health increasing Armor will delay the effect of losing permanently health, while healing wounds will save the Soldiers life.

The Advantages are:
-Veterans and Soldiers with good armor will survive a fatal situation
-Max-Health can be (hopefully) restored by gaining experience

-Soldiers will suffer a long recovery time. (The damage applied during Critical should also count toward Recovery-Time. It'd be unlogical if a Soldier who survived with 30HP takes longer to recover as one who only had 12HP left.)
-They cannot be revived in Combat, rendering them as useful as if they were dead.
-Permanent Healthloss can render some Soldiers very fragile.

This would be my Suggestions for now.
Enjoy discussing.

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