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Work In Progress / MCDPatches: where to find reference?
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:02:16 am »
I have found "MCDPatches:" block in XCom1Ruleset. Seems like the values there are intended to change  terrain properties like pathpinding, LOF, terrainHeight. But wiki reference dosnt contain any info on MCD patches, where can i find some additional info? I wanted to change some tiles' armor values, but without replacing the MCDs.

I finally decided to make a public version of my mod.

What it does:
- Adds new resource "psioline" required for psionic equipment and armor. Psioline must be extracted from LIVE psionic aliens.
- Adds psionic variants of all armor types (personal armor, power suit, flying suit). They block psi-waves and give your soldier 100% immunity agaist psi attacks, but also fully negate their own psi-skill.
- Now there are 2 psi-amps. The first one you get requires line of sight to operate and 1 psioline to manufacture. Advanced psi-apm doesnt require LOS, but requires additional research and 2 units of psioline.
- Rebalances psionic tech-tree and adds a ufopaedia article describing the idea of new psionic sistem.
- Adds special item called psi-beacon. Commanders of all races in bases and battleships will carry them. These devices are additional source of psioline.

This is beta version and now uses only standard graphics. Some names and stats may change. And since english is not my native language ufopaedia articles need some correction.

2 versions avaliable. Use first if you use "Alien armoury expanded" mod (Make sure this mod is loaded AFTER "alien armoury expanded" to make sure psi-beacons spawn properly.), and use second otherwise.

Includes russian translation.

Beta 2:

-Added advanced psi-amp
-Vanilla psi-amp now requires line of sight
-Now it is possible to upgrade normal armor into psi-armor. This requires psioline and minor amount of alloys/ellerium.
-Changed psi-armor stats so they now add -200 psi skill and +300 psi strength.
-Disassembling psi-beacon now yeilds 1 psioline instead of 2.

-Added graphics for psioline, psi beacon and advanced psi-amp

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