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Released Mods / [COMPILATION] FMP Extended
« on: May 12, 2019, 10:47:34 pm »
FMP Extended. Initial release.

- Added Gym. Now starting base cointains Gym module.
- Added FireExtinguisher
- Autocannon now has extended autofire effective range similar to other machineguns (autoRange: 25).
- Enforced some of Extender options like Ufo Extender Accuracy. Many of them based on Xcom files.
- Required latest OXCE
- Mod based on FMP 2.2d
- FMP Exteded bundled with OXCE like Xcom Files
- Corrected version label in Solarious readme (it is 2.2d but not 2.2b)

Original author of this mod is Solarius Scorch (and others):,2027.0.html

This mod is merely extension. But someone may find it useful.

Download link:

Github repository:

It is supposed to be stable since my changes are not big and definitely not invasive.

As far as I know game already has improved content of FMP with a lot of new features from OXCE+. But accessing it without moving throught a lot of x-fles contents is hard. And all of this without exploding aliens with rocket launchers.

At the same time there is no plans to port features from Xcom files to FMP. But this is that it is not needed since content already there.

If there will be possiblity to start from multiple points of time with already unlocked researches and predefined base then Xcom files instantly become FMP 2.0.
It is like

Select starting chapter:
1) Begining of the X-com (Deafult start).
2) We know- they are coming (Promotion I or II, later by time)
N) Aliens invasion (familiar fighting with aliens, starts with invasion time).

It can be even synronized with arcs.

Is it technically possible?
Likely with OXCE+ suggestions to add multiple starting conditions? It technically should be possible since it is should (probably) use same mechanism as usual save.

If not is there another way?

Builds & Ports / Latest nightly builds for Ubuntu?
« on: February 08, 2015, 10:50:47 pm »
Is there any way to get latest nightly builds for Ubuntu?
Or the only way to compile it for yourself?

By the way I compiled source for myself with CMake using:
But result was marked as 1.0 and there was no extra languages.

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