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XPiratez / [MOD] [Discontinued] Syn Uploads v1.0
« on: August 08, 2018, 04:36:58 am »
When I saw that the latest XPiratez has the ability to change the type of your troops (Young Uber to Gal, Dead to Spectere), I was inerested.

I've taken a look at the system and had a play around with the rulesets. Actually this is something I've wanted for the game since Dioxine first introduced the Synth troop type.

This mod lets you:
     - Reboot Dead Synths - they keep any and all stat improvements
     - Upload you dead Gals (also Pesants and Loknars) as Synths - they also keep any and all stat improvements
     - And Later in the Game, When you get the Cloneing Center, You can change any surviveing Pesants or Locknars into Ubers.

However I've been haveing trouble with the wording of the text - If anyone has a suggestion/change, just post it below.

Also the Images don't quite fit the the theme - If you know of / have a better one, please let me know.

Text in question:
Code: [Select]
      STR_UPLOAD_BRAIN: "Do Corpses Dream of Wooly Chupacabras?"
      STR_UPLOAD_BRAIN_UFOPEDIA: "{NEWLINE}While looking into the Syn, one of the gals spotted something: A Syn's brain
      seems to have odd wave/energy patterns in it. By the looks of it, if we can keep these patterns while rebooting a
      dammaged Syn, she will keep all of her memories (and skills) when turned on.{NEWLINE}{NEWLINE}...hang on. We've
      seen similar patterns before... the bodys of our dead.{NEWLINE}{NEWLINE}If I'm right - we should be able to shift the
      patterns from our dead gals to an empty Syn and bring them back from the beond."
      STR_ALTER_BODY: "Want to upgrade to an Uber?"
      STR_ALTER_BODY_UFOPEDIA: "{NEWLINE}Now that we can grow living matter into whole organisms, it shold be possable
      to use the trick we came up with for shifting our dead gals to Syns to give someone a new body. However, 'cause its living
      matter, this would have to be done with a LIVE subject, and their old body would not suvive. {NEWLINE}
     {NEWLINE}Though at the moment - with our current knowlege, the only use I can see is shifting any Pesants or Loknars we
      have into Uber bodys"

Images in question have been attached below

Edit: Had a problem with the posting - fixed now, I think?

XPiratez / [Mod] Bounty Token Exchange
« on: February 08, 2018, 01:29:26 am »
I've always had a problem with the fact you can't always get tokens for a specific customer if the RNG hates you.

Today I finally decided to fix that (at least in theory) - This small mod should let you swap tokens you have lots of for the ones you want.

If anyone has any sugestions to improve this - go ahead, I threw this together in 15min after all, so I might have missed things.

XPiratez / Repacement Images for Backgrounds/Bootypedia (Discussion)
« on: January 22, 2017, 09:55:58 am »
I've often looked at one of the pictures/images Dioxine uses for these and thought "Is there a Better Image for this Entry"

A while back, when Meredian introduced Custom pallets for the Pedia, I decided to make some for my copy for this mod.

While looking for images for my Siren Mod (Currently WIP), I found copies of some of the images Dioxine uses, and made better/custom pallet versions for myself.

Just thought I'd upload it to see if anyone is interested.

Dioxine - If you want to use my versions, feel free, just credit my work as usual.

Can't post all the images so I've just posted some - Will post the rest below.

Edit 04/02/17 : I Have Replaced the zip with a total version (all 3 mods in one Zip) Now at V1.1

XPiratez / Siren Specific Armours Mod
« on: December 12, 2016, 03:26:36 am »
I've descided to experiment with a mod to add a new type of Gal to XPiratez.

One of the things I want if for this type of gal to have their own selection of armours that ONLY they can use.

Is this possable and if so how do I put it in the ruleset?

It has always bugged me that in UFO there is a Xcomutil option to make the Interceptors into mini-transports, but there has never been anything like that for TftD.

Since I've had some time on my hands recently, I decided to have a go at makeing a copy for the Baracuda and Manta.

The Baracuda can transport up to six troops, and to represent the fact its a small craft, has a limit of 50 items.
The Manta can transport up to eight troops (including one tank), and like the Baracuda is a small(ish) craft, and so has a limit of 65 items.

I am sorry about the low graphics quality, but if someone wants to lend a hand, send me a message.

If there are any problems with the files/maps ect. please post info and pictures so I can fix it.

Released Mods / [TFTD] [CRAFT] Enhanced Reskin of T.f.t.D. Craft
« on: December 29, 2015, 02:00:25 am »
A while back, I posted a remake of Satan Claus's 'X-Com TFTD Crafts remake/reskin mod' taken from the Strategy Core Website.
(You can find it Here.)

This used Satan Claus's original Graphics to which I have added updated MCD & LOFTemps to allow it to be used in OpenXcom.

I've now posted a improved version with increased troop sizes and better faceing for the troops as well as adding the ability of carrying a tank to the Hammerhead. (See attached pictures) This version also fixed some of the problems with the Hammerhead and your inability to walk directly in front of the craft.

Edit: 24/3/16 - Fixed the hole in the side of the Triton and added a MCD patch in the ruleset that now lets you walk ontop of the craft.

Edit :24/3/16 - Still can't upload to the mod site - I'll store it on my google drive for now.
                        LINK: Open X-Com TFTD

I plan to create a enhanced version, with multiple exits for each craft, to improve their strategic use. (Edit 2016/05/05: Almost done - Fixing Deployments)

If anyone has any further Ideas/sugestions - just post them.

XPiratez / Roxis231's extras for X-Piratez
« on: November 20, 2015, 12:49:38 am »
This is a thread for all my NON-graphic mod for X-Piratez.

As usual, if there's a problem or a suggetion you want to make, just leave an entry and I'll try to answer it.

I've been thinking, can you use a Craft (ie Skyranger, Interceptor) as a required item for makeing a new Craft?

And If so what code/text would you have to use in the ruleset?

XPiratez / Re: [Mod] Alternate Graphics for XPiratez - 099L1A1 - BETA
« on: October 21, 2015, 09:55:42 am »
Dioxine has created an brilliant mod with Piratez Extended but personaly I find the some of the paperdoll's wrong or just not fitting in.

Thus I started to work on my own Versions - while some of these (Such as the helmet-less Tac suits and mask-less Smoke Gear) are already included in Dioxine's Mod download, I decided to put my own version out.

Link to download the Mod from My Google Drive (Recomended) Here

Link for Archived versions of the mod - Here

Please note - I have not yet put this on the new Mod Portal, though I might at some point.

This thread is for sugestions and comments about these versions.

Attached is a picture showing all current looks (this will be changed every time I update)
(Edit - Image updated for 0.99J14A)

The List below is all the completed mods and what version/any notes.

24/04/20 : Update for Xpiratez 0.99L1A1 - Just a basic general update

05/05/19 : Update for Xpiratez 0.99J14A - Includes: Minor fixes to Enviro_Changes.Rul to allow for the new armours/Races and prevent
                the 'Disappering Amours' bug, Minor Graphics Tweeks and an much needed update to metadata.yml

Important : Due to Changes in the files (Layered Images) - Please delete ALL old versions before instaling.

28/04/19 : Update for Xpiratez 0.99J13A - This version is a fix update. Includes: graphic fixes for Assassin, Dragonfly, Deckhand, Warrior and Defender, .Rul fixes 
                    to prevent Disappering Amours on some missions
18/02/19 : Update for Xpiratez 0.99J11 (Finally!) - Shifted to Layered Images and added the Deck Hand armour. (Yet to update Image)
05/09/18 : Update for XPiratez 0.99J6 - Added Custom GUI Images
28/06/18 : Update for XPiratez 0.99J2  - Added Defender (inc Damaged) and Guardian Suits - See Here for more info.
20/01/18 : Emergancy Patch for V0.99I1  Important - See Here for more info.
12/12/17 : Update for XPirates 0.99H3 - Naughty mod version now removed as no longer needed. (See Here for more info.)
18/09/17 : Update for XPirates 0.99H1 (See Here for more info.)
08/04/17 : Update for XPirates 0.99F5 (See Here for more info.)
23/03/17 : Update for XPirates 0.99F4 (See this reply)
17/01/17 : Update for XPirates 0.99E3 (See this reply)
25/11/16 : Now Compatable with XPirates 0.99E2, and fix for Naughty mod
20/07/16 : Update to fix Biker Chick (now a Variant), and have add Bootypedia entrys for all Armours.
30/06/16 : Now compatible with XPiratez 0.99
03/04/16 : New Version compatible with XPiratez 0.98B (V0.94E) (See Reply #92 for 098.C Hotpatch)
15/03/16 : Mix&Match function added - See Readme. Added Wyich (Voodoo) - Five Colours, Swimsuit - One Variant, Assiassin, Dragonfly and Stormy Armours.
21/01/16 : Default (Biker Chick V0.94A) added, Warrior replaced with updated version (V0.94A)
29/12/15 : Warrior V0.93
30/10/15 : Runt V0.92
21/10/15 : Superhero V0.91 - Sealed, Helmet Open and Helmet Off versions.
21/10/15 : Gym Gear : V0.91

Released Mods / [Craft] X-95 Blackbird Hybrid Interceptor V0.5
« on: September 05, 2015, 09:49:09 pm »
The X-95 Blackbird - A Fast, Effective Interceptor that also carries 7 troops.

This Mod lets you research and build the X-95 Blackbird, a hybrid Interceptor/Troop Carrier.

Almost as fast as the Firestorm and with twice as much acelleration as the basic Interceptor, the Blackbird is an efective craft that can also carry a small number of troops into battle.  Be warned though, the craft has limmited cargo space (55 items) due to its design.

The X-95 Blackbird possesses three access points, a rear ramp, a roof hatch (with lift) for airborn troops and a drop hatch located behind the front landing gear.

Mod can be found Here

Edit 19/09/15 Updated to V0.5
Changes: Fixed more wall and floor sprites, corrected LOFtemps and MCD's, fixed scanner maps, and got the Gravlift working

This Thread is for comments, sugestions, and discussion about this mod - And It's Now Open!

Work In Progress / [Question] How to make a craft map?
« on: August 28, 2015, 11:58:05 pm »
I've decided to try my hand at makeing a new craft for Open-Xcom, is there a set of Instructions for mapview, and how to make a craft?

I've already planded out the ruleset, and begun testing - but my every attempt at mapview has had trouble.

Can anyone give me help?  My level of experiance with the program is ZERO.

PS: My plan is to use the tilesets of the Lightning and the Triton to get the effects/design I want.


Released Mods / T.f.t.D. Research/Gameplay Fix
« on: August 13, 2015, 01:12:26 am »
Now on OpenXcom Mods

I have recently been playing T.f.t.D. (Both the Original and Open-Xcom)

I have come to the conclusion that the Research Tree has problems that:

1: It speeds up the early game far to much, (usually less than two months to get Sonic weapons)
2: extend the mid game far to long, (over seventeen months in one game!)

This (Beta) Mod is designed to (hopefully) fix these problems.

I recomend useing the alien weapon self-destruction option with this Mod for Improved Gameplay.

TftD Research Tree Fix - Changes the following:

Coelacanth Gauss - Now only requires Gauss Cannon to Manufacture

Alien Containment - Must now be researched, You will need to research two diffrent Alien Corpses to unlock

All Alien Weapons (Ranged and Combat) Now Need Aqua Plastics and Zerbrite in additon to the following.

Vibro Blade - Now needs Gillman Altopsy

Thermic Lance - Now needs Calcinite Altopsy and the Item in Question

Heavy Thermic Lance - Now needs LobsterMan Altopsy

Lanuages - Most of the Current T.f.t.D. lanuages - If I have missed one please let me know.

Work In Progress / Help with the position of text on a UFOpedia page
« on: September 09, 2014, 03:52:17 am »
This might seem odd, but does anyone know how to set up the text on a UFOpedia page: i.e. - so that its all on the right, in the bottom left or split between the top and bottom of the right.

I am currently looking at changing some of the backgrounds for my mods UFOpedia pages, and I would like the text not to cover the graphics.

Any thoughts?

Fan-Stuff / Things X-COM Operatives are not allowed to do [HUMOUR]
« on: August 20, 2014, 11:26:11 pm »
A little while ago, while my brother and I were discussing which version of X-Com was better - The original or the 2012 Remake - He gave me this PDF file.

I have no idea where it came from, but I nearly split my sides at some of the statements listed in it.

Since I have yet to see any thing like this on the site, I thought I'd post it and see if there was any responce.

If any one knows where it came from, please let me know, I'd like to read more about it.

Recently I've been reading several bits of X-com background fluff (X-com, TFTD, Intercepter, Apocalypse Ect), and discovered that in X-Com Interceptor, you can make more powerful Lasers by using a peace of Elerium-115  as a focusing crystal.

With this in mind, I have designed a Mod that allows you to build more powerful Laser weapons.

These become avalible after you research Laser Weapons, Alien Alloys and Elerium-115

The weapon's have increased power but at the cost of decreased fire speed (ie costs more Tu's) and limited Ammo. ( 18/09/14 - Tanks now have a Auto-Fire mode )

Though this mod is game usable, I'm still tweeking it for Improvements. If there are any major changes I'll note them in the first post.

Warning : Version 0.93 onward now uses a single ruleset - If you have a older version, You will need to delete all the older resoures and rulesets - they are NOT compatable with any newer versions. (V0.93 or newer)

Current Version Now on the Mod Site
Due to the shutdown of the old modsite ( and other matters, this mod (and All my UFO mods) have been temporarly shifted to Google Drive - Link HERE

Update change log: 13/06/15 V0.94

- V0.94 is now compatable with the 7/5/15 nightly or newer


- Not compatable with any versions before V0.93-3b

Edit 27/07/14 Updated to V0.7
Edit 3/08/14 Updated to V0.8 (Including tanks)

Edit 12/08/14 Added V0.83 beta rulesets for anyone who wishes to test them - feedback will be honestly accepted.
Edit: 26/08/14 Updated to V0.9
EDIT: Damm - Missed problem with E.Laser Cannon Manufacture, Ruleset update 02/09/14 V0.91
Edit: 18/09/14 Update to V0.92
Edit 4/12/14 Update to V0.93-3b
Edit 17/02/15 Update to V0.93-4b (I will leave this up for those who still use OpenXcom 1.0)
Edit 13/06/15 Update to V0.94
Edit 25/08/15 Update to V0.94b

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