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The X-Com Files / Another balance thread
« on: September 29, 2022, 11:29:36 pm »
So I want to comment on three aspect (for now hehe) relating to weapon balance:

-First of all consitency or rather the lack of it on some instances. Why for example some melee weapons like the machete operate on a 0-200 scale? Why does the hunter rifle gets a 50-200 spread while the bolt action, a weapon fillng the same role (and with a sniper variant) doesn't ? What are the basis of weapon fire rates and why for example the Pkm and the Minimi get 1 shot snap while the M 60 gets a two shot snap? It is really neccesary for the 7,62x51 or the G11 round (best rifle !) to get power bonus ?

- Accuracy modifiers. Maybe is bc I got better in the game and I'm getting more experience agents but there are two accuracy formulas I think need to be review:Thorwn sharp weapons being guarantee hit with not that impressive stats (seriously ninja stars are probably one of the best close range weapons) and the 0,5+x^2 formula which I simply don't get. Why do you need to be brave to fire a sniper rifle outside of enemy range ?

- I will latter go iinto much detail about rambling about weapon balance, but one item I find completly outclassed is the ligth cannon. Why would you want to use it when the OICW is much better as an direct explosive weapon, and other roles will be much more effectivily be cover by other weapons? It's bigger brothers have some niches but even with flexibity ( which isn't that big of a plus due to how heavy & bulky ammo is) it seem like an always wrong choice to try to use it .

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