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Mod has plenty of items, stats of which depend heavily on unit using these, and often in a complicated and non-obvious way.
Wrote a python console script on my last playthrough to print/compare final power/accuracy/etc values from unit stats, but recently been watching person streaming latest version, and struggling with the same thing, who doesn't have easy access to linux console.
Analysis screen provides all the formulas in a very nice way, but not per-unit values, which were most interesting and hard to calculate manually in the first place.
Alt-target and Ctrl+M damage displays don't help much either, as weapons are usually pre-selected on inventory screens, where these hotkeys aren't available.

So did translate that console calculator into a simple html/js calculator tool here:

It can be used to get resulting weapon/ammo stats based on specified unit attributes and compare these for multiple items via sortable table (WARNING - Mild Spoilers):

Intended use is to search and pick any number of currently-available weapons for comparison table, then plug unit stats at the top and pick whatever is best based on rough "dpu" value (power * accuracy / tu cost).
Note that such "dpu" estimate is indeed quite rough, due to how probabilities/spreads work over multiple attempts and not taking target stats (armor, dodge, etc) into account, but other columns provide additional info to manually correct for anything else as necessary (e.g. pick by top single-hit power or accuracy).
It's not intended to provide neither exhaustive item description or stats (like in-game research/analysis do), nor make any lists of items, just a gist on few known/picked ones and a quick comparison.

Implementation is an html served from directly, pulling js lib from (or next to it, if saved locally) and JSON ruleset data cache from the same repository.
Latter is generated by the aforementioned predecessor python calculator script, but hopefully should stay roughly up-to-date for while (though feel free to drop msg if not, trivial to update), and otherwise can be generated as suggested in the repo description and used locally.
Script stores all input in the URL, which can persist between browser reloads and be easily shared to e.g. point out some interesting stats/picks.

There are probably similar tools elsewhere, but thought I'd share this one in case it might be useful to someone else too, as such html version should be quite accessible, requiring neither spreadsheet software nor linux console.
Feel free to point out any issues with it here or on github, should probably be easy to fix.

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