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So, I failed campaign second time, I need some guidelines for the next playthrough.

It all was fine - I got constant fund raises throughout the years. I researched stuff till I have nothing to reasearch. 50 scientists, 2 bases, stable +2mil a month. But 1999 arrives and I have no interceptors. '-1400' rating. I expect game over next month.

I prefer blind playthrough, but I don't know what to do, help.


XPiratez / I made it to the end(Victory post).
« on: February 23, 2021, 02:45:36 pm »
Thanks for the great game, Dioxine, all of the people who made this mod and OpenXcom itself and the whole port possible (and Microprose, but they probably all dead or something). Thank you all, forum users, for replies to my stupid questions. Especially legion1. I don't post victory posts, but usually no game takes a year to finish. Also, its great that the game is playable on Android, so I was able to play it pretty much wherever I went this year. I changed three jobs while playing it. Literally.

I want to say that the changes the mod makes with the game, all of the content it has, small tweaks of the original gameplay, like hand-to-hand combat, and others they are so wonderfull and add so much to the game - its all amazing. The sick anime world of the mod is great and I literally want to see an anime or movie in its setting.

It looks like the only thing I need to get access to the final mission is to catch this guy. I already got all the other codes and I guess I got all of the possible vessels. I don't see an opportunity to capture the coordinator.
I wonder if 1 billion thing at the bottom of the purchase screen will do?

XPiratez / How to stealth?
« on: November 15, 2020, 12:19:36 am »
After reading some stuff related to this and other mods I wonder if it is possible to sneak around instead of just kill everything.

Help / Are there examples of more than two arms armor?
« on: November 15, 2020, 12:13:04 am »
I saw "one-handed" armors, I wonder if more than two are possible.

So, recently I enjoyed a great mod from Dioxine which called XPiratez. But I am playing it for few months now. I am playing it at home, I am playing it on mobile, I am playing it on the road and when at rest. I Really want it to end some day at this point. Not because its bad, but because its like War And Peace. I guess it will take too much time to get familiar with other mods. So, I wonder if there are mods which  significantly shorter than others. Also, are there any mods which make other mods science progress and tech costs lower?

Also: How do you people feel about pacing in mods? Are there a lot of people who are actually enjoying long mods? Is there anybody interested in a shorter span mods?

XPiratez / How to kill a blue-shielded hovertank?
« on: November 04, 2020, 04:25:28 pm »
I just faced a blue hovertank which ate 12 mortar shells, 4 rpg shells, and 6 grenades in a row and something like 10 plasma pistol rounds. I guess I screwed. Help.

Also: is there any good universal weapon/type against anything?

XPiratez / Few questions about damage to armor and armor evasion.
« on: October 25, 2020, 07:26:01 pm »
Sorry, there are lot of questions, but I will be happy about any answers. In general I just want to know what is the best anti-armor weapon and if there is the way to reduce armored enemy to zero with any sort of early game weapons.

1 So, what is the most effective way to damage armor?
2 What is the difference between chemical damage and armor piercing damage to armor?
3 Do lasers ignore armor?
4 Do fire ignore armor?
5 Are lasers, fire and the freeze gun for space capsules all the same thing with basically the same mechanic?
6 Do all armor piercing bullets damage armor?
7 Are there any real difference between machine guns and submachine guns/rifles?
8 Any general tips for handling heavy armored hostiles in general?

Thank you in advance for answers.

So, hello OpenXcom forums, I'm new here and I am up to searching for some way to start making mods.

After playing for a few months in XPiratez I realised that XCOM of 1993 has some excelent capabilities of making such stuff. So, I want to make a mod about giant robots, but I believe I saw somebody posting about making such mod somewhere here, or at .io site. So, the questions I want to ask:

1. Is it still in progress, so I can join and help? 
2. This one I probably has to search around, and I didn't yer, but I want to ask for any tips for a modder to start with, like what soft I need to make the mod.

Thank You.

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