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Long time no see!

Recently had time to dust off the old mods download the new nightly and give 'er a spin... So while I go about trying to parse the state of the current rulesets I have a few questions if you would be so kind as to help speed me along the way.

When I last left off I was working on playing with research trees (here's a good post for where I was at,5864.msg90468.html#msg90468) and I'm wondering if anyone had any mods or posts I should look at to see what's developed in the meantime.

Second big question is about interrupting alien missions in progress. Particularly Alien Infiltration and Retaliation missions: For Infiltration, has there been any ways added to stop/reverse progress once the first wave is launched? or will each wave keep re-launching till one is successful and the mission progresses to the next wave? For Retaliation, is there any way to deal resolve the mission other than a successful base landing?.. and for that matter are there any other base battle nasty twist options that have been added that I should be aware of?(Just had an idea of a base being liquidated after retaliation with the battle just determining how much can be salvaged as relocating would be the only real way to stop it)

Offtopic / Motion Scanner developed IRL functions like XCOM version
« on: January 21, 2015, 12:50:24 am »
Like X-com version detects relative size, level of motion, and distance of object.

The biggest difference is that it's directional not 360 radial detection.

Work In Progress / SPACEBALLS The Mod v. 0.6 and other madness
« on: September 25, 2014, 05:46:56 pm »
Hi everybody!

So, I am working on a larger mod pack with a few modest goals to extend the game...  I'd like to balance the weapons so by mid game you have viable arsenal and from that point forward no weapon makes the others obsolete but rather expands your tactical options.  I would like to stretch out the time where new races are introduced and give each one a time to shine and flesh out it's back story.  I'd like to make research a thing where you study subjects and then get the tech as you finish all the relevant subjects, and add more reward/requirement to research autopsies and live interrogations.

In the meantime, I have been working a lot on sprite sheets and wanted to share what I've finished so far.

What's here:

- Sprite sheets to replace your unarmored and personal armor wearing troops in the battle scape
- Name files so your new recruits will be named after characters in the movie

What's to be added:

- Inventory screens
- Name translations (if anyone is willing to do this I would be very happy, I am only qualified to do the English versions and what I could get from the subtitles.)
- weapon sprites (Space ball rifles and pistols, maybe SPACEBALLS The Flamethrower, no plans yet for Shwartz swords)
- Dark Helmet
- Winnebago mod for the skyranger

EDIT 1: added weapons I'm working on explanation below

Tools / Sprite Sheets
« on: September 17, 2014, 02:26:20 am »
I've been playing around with editing different tilesets and was wondering if there was a comprehensive list of the order things are referenced in sprite sheets?

For example 2-handed weapons should have 8 sprite blocks in the order W,NW,N,NE,E,SE,S,SW(North being the top right edge) Soldiers sprites should be 275 blocks in this order L-arm N, L-Arm NE, L-Arm... 3 frame death sequence, F-Torso N,...

It would be helpful when trying to picture what which body part at what angle I'm looking at it.

Work In Progress / AP weapons Stun damage?
« on: September 02, 2014, 09:24:47 pm »
I've been playing around with MOD ideas and was wondering if someone could explain how the system determines stun damage from weapons that cause health damage?

I was thinking about options for stun weapons causing some actual damage( for example a stun rod that does some health damage from the electric shock, or bad reactions to stun bomb chemicals)  or weapons that cause a nerfed amount of health damage with a disproportionately high amount of stun damage(like rubber bullets they mostly just hurt but there's a good chance they'll knock someone out before they kill them).

Work In Progress / Feed your operatives MOD
« on: September 01, 2014, 06:54:31 pm »
OXcom, where the men are fat(weight: 30), the women are fatter(weight: 50), and the operatives are emaciated(weight: 22) because they dropped the mechanics for food and water micro-management in the release version. EDIT: This is not that mechanic, this just adjusts the corpse weight values.

Noticed something odd with the corpse weights well playing with armor weights, wrote this up to bring them more in line with the aliens, it also adds a weight value to the vanilla armors... also, no more fat chicks.

Report 615:
Records show field operatives have gained an average of 10 weight units in the last week, this is showing an unusual corelation with implementation of standard issue Incendiary Grenades and Combat Knives this may be related to the issues addressed in Report 589:Operatives refer to mission as "a bar-b-q" durring briefing; and Report 613:Uexplained drop in recovered corpse count. I don't wish to jump to any conclusions tho as the weight gain does not appear to be unhealthy and seems to be good for morale  -NoelBuddy

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