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Orchestra of the Deep
The definitive lore-friendly soundtrack remake for TFTD

This is a remake of the TFTD soundtrack. It is my imagination of how the game would have sounded like had it been made today and by the same people. It is NOT a simple MIDI transposition: every track has been re-orchestrated, re-arranged, and expanded—but will always stay faithful to the originals. Think of about when you were a kid, looking at Doom's pixely graphics, and seeing glorious hi-def gore instead.

Contents and audio demos
✔ Menu:
✔ Geoscapes:
✔ Interceptions:
✔ Battlescapes:
✔ Briefings:
-- Story: coming soon
-- Brand new tracks: stay tuned!

Development status
👽 PLAYABLE: 99% of the play-time is covered by new music, with only a few rare tracks missing.
⭐️ ACTIVE: Current rate of update is once-a-week. Estimated two or three weeks for final release.

- v0.1.0: Most Geoscape themes
- v0.2.0: Geoscape 5, Menu, general polish
- v0.3.0: Battlescape themes, new Menu theme
- v0.4.0: Interception themes
- v0.5.0: Briefing / Debrief themes
- v0.6.0 (coming soon): Intro, T'Leth, Victory and Defeat

Download and installation
You will find the mod itself, installation instructions and project roadmap, at the MOD.IO page:

What feedback do I need?
I am looking for comments on sound levels, fastidious bits that don't sound well on your audio system, and whether things fits with the general atmosphere of your play-through. I am not looking for bug reports or new ideas just yet, that will come in the future.

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