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Released Mods / [SOUND] Gifty's TFTD soundtrack!
« on: August 18, 2015, 12:13:57 pm »
I have returned! After putting out my first music pack, I began tinkering away at a TFTD soundtrack for over a year and a half, just waiting for OpenXcom to support it. Once I saw that TFTD was in the nightlies I knew the time had come! I took advantage of TFTD's increased track list to make a pack even bigger than my last one, with three interception themes and six geoscape themes, just to name a few. Download is below! :)

For those less familiar, this is an all-original soundtrack replacement for TFTD, composed in a 90s "tracker" style very similar to music you may have heard in Unreal, Jazz Jackrabbit, or Deus Ex. It's meant to give you a fresh listening experience but also to send warm nostalgia tingles down your spine, if that's not too creepy. It was tons of fun and I hope you enjoy it!


SAMPLE GEOSCAPE TRACK (click to listen):

INSTRUCTIONS: Since this is for TFTD, it goes without saying that you'll need one of the recent nightlies; the zip contains a folder named "TFTD", simply drop it in your OpenXcom directory and so that it replaces your existing TFTD folder. Simply delete the .OGG files in "SOUND" if my music starts to bug you!

I'd like to put this on the mod portal as well, but I'm having some weirdness with the file uploader, so this thread will have to do for now.

Work In Progress / [UNFINISHED][ENEMY] Calcium Man/Oculon
« on: January 08, 2015, 06:16:00 am »
Howdy! I've been MIA for a while due to college and Doom modding taking up a lot of my time. Before I left, I was working on a pair of races and made a lot of progress on the sprite sheets. I don't currently have time to finish them myself, but maybe the community is interested. As far as I'm aware, they should be loadable in the skirmish generator, but the graphics weren't all properly arranged or aligned, and will require tweaking. The ruleset is also pretty bare-bones. Here's my progress, with a conceptual description:

Calcium Man (click for download)
Early-game gun-wielding biped; not particularly fast or accurate, but very tough due to a hard white exoskeleton, which resembles terrestrial bone matter. Likely has high AP resistance (comparable to the Cyberdisk), forcing the player to get lasers quickly. No Psi abilities.

Oculon (click for download)
Flying terror unit for the Calcium Men; in short, a Tentaculat with a basic melee attack similar to the Reaper. Agile, but not extraordinarily tough. No Psi abilities.

Hope somebody can make use of these! :)

Resources / [SPRITES] Gifty's Garage
« on: July 17, 2014, 09:28:00 am »
I've been doing lots of Xcom spriting/tweakery lately, so I thought I'd make some of my doodles available as a sprite resource. Some of these may become weapon mods, some may not, but in any case the sprites, names and text are all free to use. More to come.

Mihal Storm Rifle (A Romanian alternative to the standard X-Com rifle, heavily inspired by the popular Kalashnikov line. A primitive, wood-heavy design makes it difficult to handle, but automatic fire is fast and reliable.)

Acid Weaponry

Blazer-XX Incendiary Rifle


Tactical Nuclear Device (I made this for Metgame's tactical nuke mod, if he wants it)

Incendiary Grenade (This canister encases a self-igniting white phosphorus charge, creating intense fire when detonated. Despite NATO protestations, X-Com is fully authorized to employ this munition. Extreme discretion is advised.)

Blade Runner Blaster

Snubnose Revolver (A popular civilian pistol often used in law enforcement. It is small, light and powerful, but limited by meager range and clip size.)


Fusion Weapons

Work In Progress / Remastered Sounds Project (demo available!)
« on: July 12, 2014, 02:03:29 pm »
Demo Download

Playing internet detective, I've managed to track down a lot of the stock sounds used in X-Com, but in a much much higher bitrate. My goal is to replace every sound in the game with its high-quality counterpart, effectively improving the sound without straying from vanilla. I've searched about a dozen sound effect libraries and some of these things are turning out to be quite elusive. If anyone can help me locate the remaining samples (or even point to other games that used them), that would be super helpful.

Sounds located:
Big explosion
Small explosion
Metal footsteps
Grass/dirt footsteps
Item drop (?)
Item throw (?)
Metal door open
Metal door close
Common door
Laser fire
Bullet fire
Ship plasma beam
Heavy/Auto cannon fire
Blaster/Stun launcher fire
Bullet ricochet
All UI beeps/whooshes
Ethereal death
Muton death
Snakeman death
All female death screams

Sounds missing:
Rocket launcher fire
Plasma fire
Mind probe
Mind control
All interception sounds (minus plasma beam)
Snow footsteps
Mud footsteps
Mars footsteps
Sand footsteps (the same?)
Hover sound
Male death 1
Male death 2
Male death 3
Metal crash (cyberdisk death, etc.)
Silacoid move
Snakeman move
Reaper/zombie attack
Chyssalid death
Silacoid death
Sectoid/Floater death

Open Feedback / Mission frequency?
« on: June 20, 2014, 02:46:45 pm »
I'm noticing in 1.0 that there seems to be a dramatic increase in terror missions (2-3 a month), while standard UFOs seem much rarer; I tried several new campaigns at various difficulties and terror missions started popping up immediately, while it would sometimes take two weeks just to spot a UFO. Is it just me? Was the original game like this and I'm just remembering incorrectly?

1.0 is fantastic, regardless. :)

Fan-Stuff / All-New X-Com Soundtrack! (Sans-intro music)
« on: August 14, 2013, 01:52:42 pm »
Greetings to you! I want to say that this port is a thing of beauty -- the way the menus move so much faster than in DOSbox, and the cursor doesn't huff and puff across the screen like it's having a baby. It's great. It's inspired me to write X-Com music, because after 100+ hours of (consecutive) play you can't really write anything else. It's now grown into a full-on soundtrack replacement. As perfect as the vanilla music is, I figure you guys are like me and hear those songs in your sleep. Some variety is always nice. So voila, here she is!

Full Soundtrack:

Individual Tracklisting:
[MENU - "X"]
[GEO1 - "Contingency Plan"]
[GEO2 - "The Lab"]
[GEO3 - "Project Bluebook"]
[GEO4 - "The Big Board"]
[INTERCEPTION - "Avalanche"]
[TACTIC1 - "Greys"]
[TACTIC2 - "They're Here"]
[BRIEFING - "Jetlag"]
[DEBRIEF - "Dates and Names"]
[TERROR - "Worst-Case Scenario"]
[MARS - "Cydonia or Bust"]
[WIN - "Big Red One"]
[LOSE - "Colony Earth"]

These were created with Ableton 9 and a towering pile of Amiga chipset samples. If you're a fan of the Straylight Productions tracker-based soundtracks of the early 90s, you'll know where I was coming from with this. Stuff like Crusader: No Remorse, Unreal, Jazz Jackrabbit, etc. I'm a huge fan of that general sound, and I also liked that it was period-appropriate for X-Com, so that's what I went with. You might think of this as: "if Alexander Brandon scored X-Com." (These were mixed on an old pair of Steelseries headphones, which I tried to get as level as possible; hopefully it'll sound alright on your end. If it doesn't, I can always bust out the old studio monitors and do'em up all nice)

Bonus Tracks:
["Big Red One," Long Version]
["Dates and Names," Long Version]
[Untitled - Alternate win music 1]
[Untitled - Alternate win music 2]
["Ghost Rockets" - Alternate battlescape music]

[All bonus tracks]

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