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Work In Progress / [EXE][CONTROLLER] Adding native "Joystick" support
« on: October 16, 2017, 02:08:57 am »
Hi all,

I am currently attempting to add native controller support to OXC. Development is being done with an Xbox controller.

At the moment, the left joystick moves the cursor, the A button is mapped to "left mouse button", and the B button is mapped to "escape key". The D-pad will also move the cursor to the nearest button in the direction clicked. It's a little wonky as it only looks at the horizontal or vertical distance one at a time; as I am just getting started, I don't want to get bogged down with polish just yet.

The project is very much in its infancy; I have yet to reacquaint myself with git in order to share the code. I just wanted to share the progress I've made so far :)

Released Mods / [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: November 09, 2013, 02:22:13 am »
11/29/2015 : Stats portion has been merged into the base game. This mod now only provides commendations.

Code: [Select]
08/17/2015 : Merged with the Aug 11th nightly. Untested.

07/22/2015 : There are a few lingering bugs, but stats are being tracked fine. When the bugs are fixed, the commendations can be reset and regiven correctly. Changes are: ufopaedia has a proper commendations entry that has been reordered by Arthanor! Also, the mission details window is enlarged to properly show a mind controlled unit, and psi-related totals are displayed in the kill screen. Psi-related "kills" are still mixed in with regular stats, in order to avoid code duplication.

05/25/2015 : A few commendations are now only awarded for a victory. Thanks to Fudgedragon for bringing this mod up to date with the May 22nd nightly! Hopefully nothing went wrong with uploading the files... it's been a while. A Lost in Service screen has also been added in the mission debriefing.

02/08/2015 : Nightly and Legacy have been updated with new commendations, along with new art. I think there are about 50 unique commendations now? Some of the art is placeholder, however.

01/10/2015 : ivandogovich's ufopaedia mod has been merged into this mod! The French, Italian and Russian translations have been correctly uploaded to the 1.0 version of the mod. Nightly will be a little while longer :)

10/13/2014 : Fixed kills/stuns by melee weapons granting Nike Cross and Order of the Hammer. Improvisation kills/stuns are no longer checked for battle or damage type. Both legacy and nightly have been updated.

10/11/2014 : Added missing lines back to the ruleset.

10/07/2014 : Sync'd with master branch. Added 3 languages! Thanks to SiceX fro Italian, Erased for Russian and werbfred for French!

7/18/2014 : Added missing strings.

7/17/2014 : Added Nike Cross, updated rulesets to reflect the updated code, fixing silly bugs!!

7/08/2014 : Fixed Swiftness medal, added Prowler Cross, fixed modular medals!

6/21/2014 : Base defense locations now save properly. Merged with nightly.

6/20/2014 : Fixed a crash when playing a New Battle. Merged with nightly.

6/15/2014 : Merged with nightly.

5/13/2014 : Memorial works properly. Merged with nightly. Github updated.

5/08/2014 : I play tested and fixed a few things. Also, the person who killed the cyberdisc that killed the whatever now gets credit for that kill!

5/01/2014 : Memorial now works :)

4/30/2014 : More content! I am up to 23 commendations now. Also, lot's of behind the scenes stuff so that save files are less silly. This link has also been merged with the nightly last night.

4/23/2014 : New experimental link.

4/21/2014 : Merged with nightly. Also, here are some experimental changes:

4/4/2014 : Merged with nightly.

3/30/2014 : Merged with the latest nightly, and added a lot more control over kill related commendations. For example, there is now a commendation for using Incendiary weapons (vanilla only has the Incendiary rocket) and another for killing alien soldiers from each race.

3/24/2014 : Warboy fixed a silly rank oversight in the ruleset, and with his help I was able to rewrite how race and rank are decided for units.

3/23/2014 : Split the ruleset! This mod is now proper in the sense that it does not touch the vanilla rulesets. Replacing the .exe is inevitable, however. Github branch was force updated, so beware of that.

3/18/2014 : Updated the game to match latest changes by devs.

3/7/2014 : Fixed the little mission summary window size problem, and recalculated stat totals instead of updating them (and not saving them which was a bad thing). Only the .exe has been updated

3/6/2014 : Fixed a silly bug that meant you couldn't play past a month using this mod... Oops. Only the .exe has been updated.

2/24/2014 : Sprites scroll!! Also, UFOs now properly display their names in the little mission log window. Links are up to date, however only the .exe and the ruleset has been changed. In the ruleset, I only changed the Merit Star's criteria, so if you did it yourself, then all is well.

2/22/2014 : Fixed HWP bug.

2/21/2014 : Added sprites and commendations to this mod. Commendations do not grant soldiers bonuses. One issue : commendation sprites do not scroll, but nothing crashes. It just doesn't scroll. The github history as been rewritten, so mind that.

1/17/2014 : Finally uploaded my mind control fix. This iteration contains work from my achievement mod, so a ruleset is also needed.

11/18/2013 : Fixed a stun logging bug that crashed the game if the player fell unconscious due to smoke or other environmental effects. Fixed a bug that credited Scout UFOs to terror missions. Here are some more screenshots : Updated executable and git branch.

11/10/2013 : Kills that are not made by weapons (exploding gas pumps) are credited to the weapon "Improvisation". Wounds are tracked and displayed in mission totals and specific mission information. Git branch updated, dropbox .exe updated.

11/10/2013 : I made some more UI changes. Some basic totals are now displayed in the totals screens, as well as button visibility changes. My git branch's history has been rewritten if anyone is merging it, so beware of that. The dropbox link is also now a public link, so that's good too.

11/9/2013 : _Shadow gave me a lot of feedback on UI stuff, and now things look a ton better. If there are more suggestions, let me hear them. Next thing I want to add are tallies on the kill and mission screens; simple "total missions> #" and the like. Links updated.

This mod tracks more stats for individual soldiers and adds a button to the soldier info screen that allows you to view said stats. It is feature complete, but not everything that is being tracked is shown. I will probably add more information to the career totals screen, but if you have requests, or more importantly suggestions on how I should lay out this information, I am all ears. Also, pallet and background image suggestions are welcome as well.

For those using github :

Link to the .zip containing the ruleset and resources :,1718.msg55250.html#msg55250
Link to a ruleset using the updated syntax:,1718.msg79897.html#msg79897

Link to the .zip containing exe, ruleset, sprites and the README (this is no longer necessary if you use the latest nightly) :
Nightly version :
Latest 1.0 version (reported to crash on start) :
Old 1.0 version :

The following forum post contains various alternate versions of this mod, including OpenXCom Extended :,1718.msg45954.html#msg45954

New button :

List of missions :

Mission specific details :

Career totals by kills:

Career totals by mission:


Commendation award screen:

Work In Progress / Achievements mod
« on: July 07, 2013, 05:58:59 am »
The purpose of this thread is really more for me to ask general questions in one thread, instead of many. Also, I will outline the mod so people can feel free to recommend more elegant ways of proceding!


The purpose of this mod is to award soldiers medals for their valor in combat. These medals would grant stat bonuses. In the future, they could be required before a soldier can equip a certain weapon or something. Or provide bonuses in specfiic conditions, like long range accuracy or vs alien accuracy.


This mod will act a lot like how promotions are done.

In the SoldierInfoState, there will be a new button that leads to SoldierMedalState that lists all the medals (and their effect) for the current soldier.

After a mission, the DebriefingState will check to see if a medal has been awarded. If one has, it will show which soldier got what (This is different from Promotions and Ranks, because there is only ever one new rank, but many possible new medals...).

In Soldier.cpp, I am adding the actual medal code. Perhaps I will make Soldier.cpp call Medal.cpp to keep things clean. I will be asking questions about how to do what I want to do at a later point.

Here is a link to my git repo branch :

My first question is this : Where are all the strings located? :x I know they are all centralized for easier translation, I just can't find where!

I am running into this error while compiling.

1>OpenXcom.rc(11): fatal error RC1015: cannot open include file 'afxres.h'.

Following the compiling instructions on the wiki, I downloaded VS C++ 2010 express, downloaded the dependencies from the pre-compiled link provided, and ran the .sln. I am familiar wtih git, so I know I have the latest git branch. Where is this missing file from?


Suggestions / Achievements
« on: July 02, 2013, 03:23:39 am »
I was wondering how feasible adding achievements to the game would be. I've done virutally no C++ at univeristy, but I've been working witn Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead for about 6 months now, so I am learning. I intend to do this on my own, with your help, but before I even start I would like to know if the mechanics are in place for doing achievements.

Hopefully this question is answerable :x if not I will delve in myself and ask tons of questions on the IRC!

Edit: Disregard the poorly spelled title...

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