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I'm back to playing OpenXcom after almost a year, but I encountered some problems running nightly builds. The game crashes on me randomly when intercept screen pops up, giving "std::bad_alloc" error. Sometimes it also freezes on battle debrief screen, forcing me to kill the aplication process manually.

I tried running the game with different settings, with different screen resolutions, fullscreen and windowed, with and without filters, with and without mods - crashes always occur. I checked logs and there's nothing. I tried on clean 1.0 version, and no crashes there.

My specs - Phenom II X4 955, 4GB RAM, GF GTS 250, Windows 7 and OpenXcom on SDD disc.

Oh, nevermind. I fixed it shortly after posting. It seems there's a big problem with MP3 playback, since the crashes were gone once I removed the new OST by Sycraft. I switched to OGG version, did few quick tests and it works much better. Hopefully there will be no more crashes...  :)

Open Feedback / Music pack recorded with SB Audigy card
« on: July 21, 2014, 10:52:48 am »
I didn't know where to post this, so I'm posting it here. It wouldn't fit very well in modding section, I believe, since it's not really a mod...

Anyway, I had some problems with MIDI playback in OpenXCom, but I really like how my SB Audigy handles those files and I just couldn't find a good enough replacement, even though there are many music packs available. Pack converted using "MS_GS_WVTB.sf2" seemed to be the closest one to what I was used to hear, but well... it sounds awful to be honest.

Therefore, I recorded my own pack from original MIDI files using my SB Audigy card. It sounds much better than the stuff created with sound fonts, at least IMO. I made it mainly for myself, but maybe some other people will like it and find it useful.

Tracks were cut in Audacity, so they should loop nicely, although I didn't test it in-game yet. Also, I didn't adjust the volume - just recorded it as it is - so if some tracks should be played louder/quieter please let me know.

Link to the pack -

edit: Added small video for quick preview -

Released Mods / [SOUND] High Quality Sounds
« on: July 01, 2014, 08:24:57 pm »

Some time ago I put together a pack of sound effects for "UFO:The Two Side" game. I made it mainly for myself, since I love playing with headphones on and those old cracky UFO sounds just spoiled much of the gameplay fun for me. In the end, the pack was included in Ufo:TTS as the default sounds effects.

When I saw that OpenXCom finally reached 1.0, I thought it would be good to make a sound replacement mod using my old sound pack, hoping it will be usefull to at least some people.

The pack is not 100% finished and it lacks few sounds, which were not used by Ufo:TTS. What's more, I'm not totally happy with some of the new sounds, since in OpenXCom it's possible to give each weapon and each creature different sound (which is awesome), while I had very limited options when making this pack for Ufo:TTS.

Anyway, the pack is available here:

High Quality Sounds @

It works as a mod, so it doesn't actually replace the old files (to have the old sounds back you'll just have to disable the mod in game options, that's all).

Feel free to post your comments and suggestions. I plan to update this pack in the future, so if you come across some better samples to replace the original ones, just post them.

BTW, you did awesome work on OpenXCom, guys.  ;)

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