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The X-Com Files / Does psi training work differently?
« on: August 23, 2023, 02:13:23 pm »

I have a base with soldiers in psi training since about 1 month and a half and only one of those has gained psi skill.
I don't get how it could happen.
I also tried to let the game run to the end of the current month, and I got no psi improvement on any soldier again.

I guess I'm missing some information.

Edit: I looked at my save, the soldiers that did not get psi skill actually have a negative psi skill o_0
Code: [Select]
      - type: STR_SOLDIER
        id: 520
        name: Pape Sow *
        nationality: 65
          tu: 53
          stamina: 53
          health: 30
          bravery: 20
          reactions: 36
          firing: 50
          throwing: 55
          strength: 26
          psiStrength: 89
          psiSkill: 0
          melee: 32
          mana: 70
          tu: 57
          stamina: 64
          health: 34
          bravery: 20
          reactions: 36
          firing: 63
          throwing: 55
          strength: 41
          psiStrength: 89
          psiSkill: -2
          melee: 53
          mana: 70
I'm gessing I got very unlucky and got 9 negative roll (does that event exist?) over 10 soldiers


I'm not sure is this is a bug or just something that could be improved, but when using the alternate inventory system, if you have more weapons in the craft than ammunition, they will steal ammunition from soldiers inventory at the start of the missions.

I have attached a save file to demonstrate the issue. The craft has 1 soldier with 1 rifle and 2 clips (+1 in the rifle) and 3 empty rifles. If you send it to mission, the 2 clips in its pocket will be moved to the rifles on the ground.
It also happen in the inventory screen at the base if you don't have enough ammunition in stock.
Ammunition that are inside an equiped weapon are not affected.

To be fair, this is exactly how to original inventory system is also working, but the original system has always been a mess.
The new system is great, but I've had a few bad suprised because of this issue.

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