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Suggestions / Auto-calc battles?
« on: June 17, 2014, 01:14:08 pm »
Not quite sure if there is an option to that, or just can be suggested. Is there any way to do some auto-quick-battle. So you dont need to mess with battles? Sometimes im not in a mood to battle, so a quick battle might be very useful.

Suggestions / Optional Bonus for missions
« on: June 10, 2014, 11:32:51 am »
To make missions more diverse, what about adding optional requests? Once you arrive to crash, or landing site, etc, you get a short brief when tell to you where are, and the main and secondary objetives.

Secondary should be optinal, yet gives to you some bonus, maybe some country loyalty, more cash, etc.

For example:

- rescue a VIP civilian -> A random civilian is generated, you need to protect him.
- Try to no destroy enviroment due unnestable situation. Maybe its a sensitive place, maybe is there a gas exhaust vents that makes explosive stuff not a very good idea
- Capture an alien is a must
- Generate some crates that must be recovered
- No civilian shoud see the UFO, so all civilian shoud be stunned.
- An infiltration mission against other humans, where you need to pick some stuff and the run, not need to kill everything (this could be great to try to recover a country from Aliens)

From Ufo: Aftemath i really like that you could do a rescue mission to recover a pilot from a failed intercept misison :)

Translations / Spanish Translation for mods
« on: May 26, 2014, 08:15:01 pm »

I've translated (and made a few fixes to older translations i've made) to the following mods. I've package all .rul on a .rar, so you only need to overwrite the .rul file for mods you already have installed. Mods are updated (just uploaded today and translated) but only contain the .rul file (so you ned to download the mod)

Since i will need to play to test, please, tell me any typos, or whatever need to be changed (for example someone who doest want the mod to be translated for whatever reason, please, let me know)

Feel free to add the translation to your oficial mod if you please (that will be excelent indeed)

Here is the link:

I've added also a spanish-latam translation, but so far is the same as spanish, so change it if need, and post here to fix it. Thanks!!

Mods translated/revised into spanish:

Commendations.rul -> Translated by Renegado
Drone (PLAIN)
Shotgun -> I've made some changes to the already latam translation, since was not a spanish-spain.
WeaponPowerGlove -> But this mod hungs openxcom, so i cannot play, but I've translated it anyway
XCOM1_Improved_Nations_Final ----> Done

Thank you very much for your work, modders, OpenXcom developer and Microprose :)

What topic said. Just an option. Might be useful to know how much cover a blast will be, or a smoke grenade. What do you think?

Hi! First i want to  congratulate the team for openXcom. Indeed was a long travel, hope never to be fully finished, as the engine grows adding more and more stuff. Then second to present me. I was played a lot the original Ufo back in its heydays.

I didnt play ufo since... maybe 10 years, so i want to share some ideas.

I played a lot Laser Squad, and i always loved the idea of opportunity fire. But now, i think could be very nice if that can be disable, to make the tactical scenario much faster, and probably wild. Not quite sure if actually that can be disable, of needs to be changed on source code (beyond my skills) But i think this might be pretty fun to try what type of warfare the game becomes without the Opportunity Fire.

Then i found when equipment screen just before the battle, i was not able to remove stuff with right mouse button, and then going automatically to the storage. Then was a pain to left click on the item, then look for a free space, or worse, to click on the "scroll" right arrow. Might much faster if right button can do it.

Also, tool tips might be very welcome, once you want to buy stuff. Want a tank? Fine! But... do i need to buy missiles for him? What type? Maybe a some kind of help to newbies to determine what "reload thing" belongs to, or what stuff needs what to be reloaded. (just maybe a little tooltip if you let the mouse a while on an item) Also, pictures are much better than just the name, it helps to know what is what.

Of course, all of this should be optional, as probably you will like the original way as was the game we loved. And i really want to play some kind of Ufo:Enemy Unkown Enhanced :) But not only for gfx, but for added content :) (more different scenarios, maybe adding more different missions other than kill and recover ufos, like recue some VIP, rescue fallen pilots, fight against other "bad" humans (ey why not, after a country is under ufo control, maybe you need to recover it maybe with infiltration missions and need to kill someone special) so the game can generate some kind of history, but not fixed, but be by random events and how your performance is. The posibility is endless indeed (why not moon can be another region where a base needs to be stabilished and be under control, etc)

Sorry my bad english, as im from spain.

Again, thank you for your time and effort. You made me happy with OpenXcom :)

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