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Released Mods / [WEAPON] Ufo:TTS Style SniperRifle
« on: May 23, 2013, 04:53:32 pm »
Good day, commanders.
I'm japanese
Since not write English, I use Google Translate.Because I do not think I read, please understanding, somehow

Ufo The two side Style SniperRifle
UFO: The Two Sides from sniper rifle. The contents of Ufopedia, I wrote I have delusion
This is useful to raise the hit rate, but you will suffer from power shortages since the mid.(English only)

Image is normal rifle .(gun bigSprite: 1 ,crip bigSprite: 2)
You can be close (in the sprite folder) to Ufo the two side by using the image of the bundle it if you do not like.
I do not know how to add a custom file, I have integrated BBtoolpack( )

Custom Style Sniper Rifle
more cost ,more Accuracy, more Heavy weight, more use turn, small Increase power.
I Like !

download  Sniper_Rifle_Mod.rar.
Please look at the post of,1245.0.html
Sniper_Rifle_Mod.rar unzip data (ruleset folder and resources folder) in the openxcom/data/ folder,
Appending config.cfg isunder the  rulesets: <br>  - Xcom1Ruleset of    - SniperRifle_u2s or   - SniperRifle_custom  (choose your like!)

(I need custom sound parameter and more weapon's parameter(hit rate correction due to the distance And  the size of the collision detection of the bullet itself) )


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