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XPiratez / So ... I ran out of stuff to research. What now?
« on: August 20, 2016, 11:30:40 am »
Well, what the title says. I never thought it possible ... but yeah, it's April 2603 and I've got nothing left to research.
If I get lucky in my loot, I can still do the occasional decrypted data disc, but that's about all that's left.
Captured enemies, Gun Almanachs, Government Papers ... all appearently exhausted.
I've got some plasma (and a few other) weapons left unresearched, but they spawn no projects (yet).

I dunno if I broke something on the geoscape somehow, but everything is eerily quiet. Well, not really, there's lots of traffic, but it's always the same types.
The church keeps doing sway government missions in south america, but none of the governments there are paying protection money anyway, the last dropped out half a year ago.
They also do the occasional base supply, since they have two bases left there (I kept them around to have something to fall back on in case of a bad month - but my last three months were ~10000 scorewise).
The guild (I think) is doing survey missions in australasia and very rarely, the star gods do some peacekeeping mission - even capturing new star gods spawns no research projects though.
Then there's the occasional civilian mission (disregarding that I already researched the stop targetting civilian traffic thing) ... and that's about it.

On the event side, the most common left is Warehouse Wars, very unfrequently there's a mutant pogrom, the last were of star gods and mercenaries. Managed to win both, but no new research.

Am I supposed to capture some specific type of enemy? Especially with the star gods, this is extremely difficult, since this mod lacks potent stun - I have a few small launchers, but can't research them nor build additional ammo. And stun batons, stasis grenades and cattleprods do jack shit in most cases.

What am I to do?

XPiratez / Any way to make your gals emit light on night missions?
« on: August 08, 2016, 12:14:56 pm »
I only just started playing the mod and my main gripe so far is the night missions. They're almost unplayable to me.
I see a pitch black screen with the occasional hint of a dark grey thing that I might be imagining or not. When there's an enemy ship, thankfully THAT is illuminated, so I can see a darn thing.
In some missions, where a ship crashed for example, there's no such salvation. I run across a map on which I can't see a single feature. Did I just climb a hill? Or jump down a cliff? Are there trees or buldings? I have no idea. I click somewhere in the dark, my gal moves a bit, if I get the enemy spotted indicator I try to find the tile that will cause the crosshair to glow and then blindly shoot there.
That's no fun at all.
Anything I can do to tweak this?


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