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Suggestions / Optional Psi-Amp "need LOS to use" rule
« on: May 19, 2013, 04:22:33 pm »
Since I first played UFO as a kid I soon discovered how totally over powered Psi-Amps can be. When the first alien is spotted my team of Psi specialists sitting in my craft just takes control of it. Then that alien sees other aliens and you can take control of those too and soon the aliens are killing each others.

So I personally quickly adapted a self-limiting rule: a Psi user needs to see the target himself, or he can't use the Psi-Amp. That at least forces the Psi-users to go out in the field and at least be in some danger. I enjoy the rule even if I say so myself.

Maybe an OPTIONAL rule like that could be put in the advanced settings menu? (post 1.0 of course)

But if that's too obscure it's fine. I can still limit myself like I've done thus far :)

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