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I love this modpack. I really do. The few months I played were my best X-Com game experience. But the game mopped the floor with me :(

I like playing X-Com modpacks in a laid-back way, researching and carefully reading every little piece of tech I can. So when I saw the "affects game progression" sign on something, I tried postponing it as long as I can. I collected all the dossiers from cult members, dissected all the monsters and researched every piece of equipment I could loot.

Unfortunately while I was busy researching, the cults were busy expanding. Now I keep getting cult suppression missions and I struggle a lot. I still can only take 4 agents max and need 5 vans to keep up with all the things going on around the globe. The funding nations are angry at me. When I accidentally discovered the cult bases (not the holdouts but the alien base-like bases), I couldn't figure out how to deal with them. 4 agents in suits showing up with light firearms will never do the trick..

I just want to play slow and enjoy it all.
Playing on veteran btw

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