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Work In Progress / Future Start Date
« on: July 14, 2013, 03:19:16 pm »
Good day, commanders.

The problem:

1999 is no longer in the near future. However, the game takes place in the near future. Therefore, shifting the date somewhere later makes sense.

The solution:

Put this:
Code: [Select]
  second: 0
  minute: 0
  hour: 12
  weekday: 5
  day: 1
  month: 1
  year: 2099
Into data/Ruleset/FutureStartDate.rul,
And add this:
Code: [Select]
  - FutureStartDate.rulIn the end of openxcom.cfg.

Fun note: the week day in the attached start date is correct!

Released Mods / [WEAPON] Custom Grenades
« on: May 17, 2013, 10:19:34 pm »
Good day, commanders.

Incendiary Grenades

The Problem:

I like to burn things occasionally. Especially in forests and jungles, where those damn plants block your view and hide dangerous creatures, even more so at night time. Unfortunately, short of always keeping a spare auto-cannon with a few packs of incendiary ammo in the jet, there is little that can be done when you suddenly feel the urge to see the world burn.

The solution:

Enter the grenade mod, which creates a new, compact and convenient way to burn down the forest. Just pull the thing out of your shoulder pouch, prime it, throw it and step back. You can now bring some marshmallows to fry. You will need to research and manufacture it before it can be used, however.

Technical details:

The grenade mod comes in the form of a ruleset file that can be placed in your data/Ruleset/ directory and included in the config.cfg file. No external resources are necessary. It uses a grenade sprite from the original data files, which was, surprisingly, left unused for many years. Also included in the ruleset are the relevant translated strings for every language that i know, which is, admittedly, not that much. To make full use of this mod, an OpenXcom version no earlier than openxcom_git_master_2013_05_25_0747 must be used.

Stun Grenades

The Problem:

X-Com employs the brightest scientists on Earth. Can't they figure out a way to stun a room full of aliens without lugging around that awkward, single-purpose small launcher?

The solution:

Enter the grenade mod, which creates a refreshing new way to deploy stun bombs: by turning them into grenades. You see, by examining both the small launcher and the stun bomb, the scientists can figure out how the stun bomb is activated, which allows them to attach a trigger to it, after which it can be primed normally. The stun bombs themselves will still have to be modified to be used this way. Fortunately, you can always just manufacture more of them, right?

Technical details:

This grenade is included in the ruleset described above. Unfortunately, no free resources were available for this purpose, so the stun bomb sprite was reused a new one was made by combining the alien grenade and the stun grenade sprites. The sprite should be placed into a data/Resources/ directory (which can be acheived by unzipping the linked archive into the data/ directory. As above, make sure you have a fairly recent OpenXcom version.

Download links

Additional notes

If you are fluent in one of the languages i am not, feel free to add the translation here for further inclusion in the mod. Your names will forever be remembered by the forum software.

Translations contributed by:
Nightwolf - Spanish, SpanishAL

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