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Released Mods / [PSI][STATS][HWP][ARMOR] PSIwar
« on: March 12, 2015, 03:22:40 pm »
Most mysterious of alien artefacts became a Mind probe.
Is already clear, it is an communication device which is used to take information directly from brain waves. But the device contains unknown organic tissue forming a neural network. Therefore replication of the mind probe is impossible.

The good news is, that using a parts of mind probe we can construct our own devices.

First of them is Psi-amp. Its purpose is obvious.

Next of them is Psi-armour. Scientists were able to connect components of mind probe to the human nervous system. Invented PSI armour boosts the nervous system and increase a psi abilities of soldier. The implications are poorly understood, but is already clear, that prolonged use of PSI armour may cause claustrophobia, panic, unmotivated aggression.

Theoretically possible make an artificial imitation of the human nerve impulses. Which allows to develop a HWP equipped with PSI weapon. This HWP will be intended for demoralisation and obtaining control over enemy soldiers.

All of psi-devices uses parts of mind probe. Therefore mind probe is most rare and most priceless of alien artefacts.

The bad news is, that psi abilities of aliens higher, than we suspected (yes, much higher;)).

Using the most powerful of our psi-equipment we can deter alien attacks.
But change the course of the war possible if will be found a technology of replicate a mind probe.


1. Copy the archive content to the "data" folder of your OpenXcom installation.
2. In Options-MODS submenu choose PSIwar.scenario mod.


Just find and delete the folder "PSIwar" and all files which starts with "PSIwar" from the "data" folder and subfolders of your OpenXcom installation.


As you know, psionic is unbalanced in the vanilla Xcom. I believe, that psionic unbalanced not because it is overpower, but because it is too weak, and because it is unlimited.

Psi abilities of aliens was increased.

For manufacturing of each sample of psi equipment need a mind probe.

For manufacturing a PSI armour should be completed the "PSI Armour" research project.
For manufacturing a PSI tank and (afterwards) PSI hovertank should be completed the "Psionic HWP" project.
Psionic tank can perform "Panic units", "Mind control" and "Use Mind probe" actions.

* The regular OpenXcom contains a bug, which prevents you to use PSI tanks. In the OpenXcom Extended this bug was fixed. Therefore, if you want to use PSI tanks, then try to use the OpenXcom Extended.

Spend each mind probe wisely, because quantity of them is limited in the game.
Don't destroy very small scouts. Each of them has one mind probe.

Better to start a new game or, at least, use a savegame prior to researching of Psi lab.


Sprites of PSI armour taken from the "Personal Armor Variants 0.51" created by harald_gray:

All the rest was created by redv.
Use as you want:)

This mod on the OpenXcom mod portal:

Thanks SupSuper and all developers of OpenXcom for a perfect remake of legendary X-COM: UFO Defense.

Released Mods / [CRAFT] AWACS Aircraft
« on: September 18, 2014, 05:18:24 pm »
This mod on the OpenXcom mod portal:

Xcom forces were armed with Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS).

The new generation of AWACS allowed significantly increase radius of detection. Which is especially important for low-flying and stealth targets. Radius of detection comparable with conventional underground Small radar system. Wait! Did I say "conventional underground radar"? It's ridiculous. Underground radars are not allowed because it is impossible.

Theoretically we can intercept and decode UFO transmissions, but even in this case we cannot determine the correct position of UFO. Therefore AWACS crafts is our eyes and ears. AWACS is most important part of our line of defense.

Are you ready to fight?


1. AWACS ruleset
AWACS ruleset just adds to your game an AWACS aircraft. You can buy it, fly back and forth, detect UFOs, enjoy by a new ufopaedia entries. Nothing more, because in regular OpenXcom using AWACS looks like a cheating.

2. AWACS.scenario ruleset
Can works well with regular OpenXcom, but I highly recommend to use OpenXcom Extended:
Forum thread of OpenXcom Extended:

You should begin a new game because the AWACS.scenario ruleset deletes Small radar system and Large radar system (you have been warned;)). You cannot build and use any kind of underground radars.

Starting base contains one Skyranger, one Interceptor and one HAWKEYE. Aircrafts of the AWACS class (HAWKEYE, AWACS and DARKSTAR) performs the function of radars.

AWACS has radius of detection comparable with Small radar system. Average chance of UFOs detection is 40% (* works only in OpenXcom Extended).

For manufacturing a DARKSTAR should be completed the "Unmanned Aircraft" research project.

Battle aircrafts of Xcom have average chance of detection 70% (* works only in OpenXcom Extended).

Hyperwave decoder cannot determine position of UFO (* works only in OpenXcom Extended), but can intercept and decode hyperwave transmissions. Therefore an UFO must be detected by AWACS or any other craft, then Hyperwave decoder during 30 min decodes transmissions and gives additional information about this UFO and his mission.

Update 1.1:
   Added E2 Hawkeye and RQ-3 DarkStar aircrafts.

Update 1.2:
   Fixed several mistakes in the ruleset.
   Updated sprites.

Suggestions / Numbering of detected alien bases [POOL]
« on: August 13, 2014, 04:48:44 pm »
I expect, that every one of you, as fans of Xcom, well know about pro&contra of this issue.
Therefore I'm interested to know your opinion.

Offtopic / Saves from Windows and DOS versions of Xcom
« on: May 09, 2014, 06:24:52 pm »
Hello everyone!

I need to collect some statistical data about behavior of vanilla Xcom and OpenXcom.
I need to get gamesaves near July-August 1999 (in-game time of course)).

So, therefore I need:
1. Saves from Windows and DOS versions of Xcom near July-August 1999 regardless of difficulty level, your tactics and other factors.
2. Saves from OpenXcom near July-August 1999. Desirable if the save not require installed mods.

The result will be published later. I promise :)

Programming / Features: Show chance to hitting and the throw trajectory
« on: September 07, 2013, 08:04:52 pm »
On the screenshots - result of cooperative work three options:
 battleRangeBasedAccuration, battleShowChanceToHit and battleShowThrowTrajectory

screen064. Was chosen snap shot. Near crosshair you can see probability of hitting.
screen065. Next rookie in the skyranger ready to throw smoke grenade. The game is shows the blast radius and the throw trajectory.
screen066. Chance to hit for first soldier significantly decreased because of dense smoke.

I wrote this code just for fun) , but
I would be interested to know ideas about this and suggestions about optimization.

chance to hitting:
throw trjectory:

Suggestions / Scripts of aliens AI
« on: March 12, 2013, 03:19:40 pm »
Suggest to formalize the behavior of aliens in the form of scripts.
The script describes actions and the condition of the action.
For example, could be three stages:
1. Search for the enemy (conditions – percent of TU);
2. Attack the enemy (conditions – shooting mode selection; percent of TU);
3. Search for cover.

For each type of units in Xcom1Ruleset.rul, write path that point to script.

Feature: if you write a script for soldiers, then the battle will be in automatic mode:)

Suggestions / New version of battleRangeBasedAccuracy
« on: March 08, 2013, 11:22:21 am »
Anybody uses option "battleRangeBasedAccuracy"?

I prepared a new version of "battleRangeBasedAccuracy".

 1. Unit always have chance to hit;
 2. Unit always have chance to miss;
 3. Chance to hit depend on range to target;
 4. Chance to hit depend on lighting (day/night and sources of light);
 5. To hit in Sectoids difficult, in large units – easily;
 6. Chance to hit on range 10 tiles approximately equivalent as displayed accuracy;
 7. Autoshot great only for short range (near 7 tiles);
 8. If you have displayed accuracy near 120% and above, you almost always hit on any distance;
 9. If you wear Power Suit or Flying Suit, then easier to shoot at you.

What factors should be taken into account?
What factors are unnecessary?
I need feedback.

Suggestions / Too easy Psi Attack
« on: February 20, 2013, 06:38:50 pm »
The problem.
I'm sure, Psi Attack is too easy in OpenXcom.

Formula Psi Attacks in vanilla Xcom:

Attack Strength (AS) = INT(Psi Strength * Psi Skill / 50)        Attacker stats
Defense Strength (DS) = INT(Psi Strength + (Psi Skill / 5))     Defender stats

Attack Success (A%) = 100/56 * (Constant + AS – DS – Distance)
where:   Constant = 25 for Mind Control;   45 for Panic

In one string, formula for Mind Control:

A% = 100/56 * (25 + INT(APSt * APSk / 50) – INT(DPSt + DPSk / 5) – Distance)

If A% < 0 then attack always fail. If A% > 100 then attack always successful.
For example:
My unit: APSt = 90; APSk = 30.
Victim – Sectoid: DPSt = 40; DPSk = 50.
Distance: 20.
Attack Success: A% = 16,07%

Formula Psi Attacks in OpenXcom:

Code: [Select]
double attackStrength = action->actor->getStats()->psiStrength * action->actor->getStats()->psiSkill / 50;
double defenseStrength = victim->getStats()->psiStrength + 30 + (victim->getStats()->psiSkill / 5);
int d = distance(action->actor->getPosition(), action->target);
attackStrength -= d/2;
attackStrength += RNG::generate(0,55);

else if (action->type == BA_MINDCONTROL)
if (attackStrength > defenseStrength)

APSt * APSk / 50 – Distance / 2 + RNG(0,55)   >   DPSt + 30 + DPSk / 5

Or, after transformation:

A% = 100/55 * (25 + APSt * APSk / 50 – (DPSt + DPSk / 5) – Distance / 2)
No difference between "Mind control" and "Panic" attacks!

My unit: APSt = 90; APSk = 30.
Victim – Sectoid: DPSt = 40; DPSk = 50.
Distance: 20.
Attack Success: A% = 34,55%

OpenXcom easier to play versus vanilla Xcom.

The suggestion.
1. Suggest to use formula such as in original Xcom. Should be a difference between "Mind control" and "Panic" attacks.
2. Suggest to give less experience points for "Panic" attack, and only if attack is successful. This will reduce the possibility of training exploit.

For example:
Code: [Select]
if (action->type == BA_PANIC)
if (attackStrength > defenseStrength)
int moraleLoss = (110-_save->getTile(action->target)->getUnit()->getStats()->bravery);
if (moraleLoss > 0)
return true;
return false;

3. Can be added to the formula unit Morale.
For example:

A% = 100/56 * (Const - (Morale / 10) + (APSt * APSk / 50) – (DPSt + DPSk / 5) – Distance)
where: Const = 33 for Mind control;    53 for Panic attack.

My unit: APSt = 90; APSk = 30.
Victim – Sectoid: DPSt = 40; DPSk = 50; Morale = 80.
Distance: 20.
Attack Success: A% = 16,07%

Suggestions / Formula of the Perfect explosion.
« on: February 18, 2013, 03:24:43 pm »
The basic data.
In vanilla Xcom explosions was flat. Xcom is not designed for 3D explosions.
Basic formula for calculate the average power of explosion:
Code: [Select]
Power = PowerMax – 10 * L
where: L – range from epicenter in tiles.
In OpenXcom explosions is 3D.
Game field is limited in height by 4 tiles.

The problem.
Tiles is not cubic, but rectangular 16x16x24 voxels. 3D explosion stretched in height.
For the correct convert between real angles and in-game angles need use processor expensive formulas (for example: tg(real fi) = tg(in-game fi) * 16 / 24).

The suggestion.
Easy to use formula for calculate the average power of 3D explosion must be:
Code: [Select]
Power = PowerMax – 10 * L – 10 * H
where: L – range from epicenter in tiles. Same as L in previous formula (no projection on axis X, Y).
            H – height in tiles; projection on axis Z.
Formula is the compromise between vanilla Xcom and OpenXcom.
Result of the explosion would be more realistic.

Sample of calculations is attached.

Suggestions / Aircraft's Plasma beam recharge by Elerium 115
« on: February 13, 2013, 10:44:14 pm »
Plasma beam do obsolete Avalanche missile.
Plasma beam is perfect and infinite weapon, because very powerful and have not ammunition.
All alien's technology based on the use Elerium 115.

The suggestion.
Plasma beam must recharge by Elerium 115.
This does not contradict the logic.
This does not change balance of the Game, but will be small change in gameplay.
Player can not to make a lot of Plasma beam and mount it to all aircrafts, because he is limited by available Elerium 115.
Player must to know: one shot – one precious Elerium 115.

This is could be option in "Xcom1Ruleset.rul".
For example:

clip: STR_ELERIUM_115

All true for Hovertank plasma.

I tried to change the ruleset. The game drop out with error:
"yaml-cpp: error at line 1508, column 1: illegal tab when looking for indetntation"

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