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The X-Com Files / Help wanted or feature proposal
« on: January 10, 2024, 12:38:12 am »
If someone can spare a bit of time please help.

Want to add a built in mag-lite to drones/robots but cannot understand how the x-com shadow bat got that third button for sonar function.

Proposal : add built in mag lite to drone and or tanks
Help editing rule files.

The X-Com Files / Submod "Recruit not buy". Test only.
« on: January 04, 2024, 09:02:49 am »
Based in the mod "Recruit Concerned Citizens" by Mobling.
This sub-mod its possible thanks to the valuable help of Juku121 and the patience of Solarius Scorch.
The purpose is make the first part of the mod X-Files a bit different offering a different way to recruit people. Because its a organization that just start, not trustworthy and without a penny, recruitment is not an option until promotion 3, or perhaps permanently.
And I remove the execution option from the original mod so X-com behave more idealistic and less than the CIA/FBI.

-Added more civilians and some low level goons, a total of 34 entries.
Some have more % than others to spawn and agent, science people normally spawn a scientist.

-Added armor strip for Syndicate Security and MIB Enforcer.

-Added armor for drone using "live" robot. Plan to add more but fear of balance damage.

Got some ideas but not sure how to implement them:
-Add named NPC the way of the mod Morozowa, I try learning from that mod without luck.
-Recruit certain NPC using drugs (moral? Its the end of the world commander!) Fight in alliance with former enemies.
-Dismiss people that cost lots money (added by this submod) using memory wipe drugs. Manufacture--> citizen + drug = wiped citizen cost 10$, enough money to send them home. But drugs in game are rare nearly precious, and not sure about crate a new item.

The probability number for recruit people need balance. Right now is around 10% recruit a soldier and 5% science/engineer.
This can be used right now but not sure about the balance. If I can lock recruitment then the mod is mostly done.

I m a total noob with this system, I made mods for lots games but learning its problematic for language and slow brain, so the mod most probably got fails.

V 3
Added a new item: muscle agent that comes for Stormy and Luchador. Spawn an agent with low sanity but high strength. I left the old file  just in case.

Still a long way to go.

16 Jan 2024
Testing and suffering. Balance is a mess. Too many prisoners, no money, obtain scientist its a pain.
Only way was change settings and remove limit, now prison got 160 people :p
V 4
Added a missing goon.

26 Jan 2024
Added hybrids: workers, soldiers and infiltrators. But after the appropriate tech is researched.
Not sure if add stats for soldiers and infiltrators or left them random.

Dont know how to assign proper gender to soldiers, so if you capture a male/female it can end in the opposite after recruitment.

Mod is still in "alpha" mode. Find enough scientists and engineers is a pain. Every time I go for capture some  Technomads they look at my desperate face and start running. At least that part of the mod is nailed.

I m using my other mod so more people surrender, less killing.

28 Jan 2024
Changes initial stats for Hybrid Infiltrators, nothing OP I hope, based in a middle ground between Infiltrator and common hybrid. Sadly I dont know how to make them look like babes :p
I m testing the mod slowly because X-Files its an incredible long mod. As far I know its safe to install this middle play, just dont buy soldier nor scientist or engineers (even with the instructions given I was unable to block the market)
If anyone its using this any feedback is welcome.
I was thinking on move out from the original mod and change the way and the % of the recruits and also divide each  type of screening into depend of certain research, like : research Storm then you can screen Stormy or other storm addicts and using research to obtain a recruit the same way hacking is made.

30 Jan 2024
Added Hybrid assault, that also give proper armor. Still, no boobs for hybrid infiltrator, for now.

OXCE Support / Support for cheat option
« on: January 03, 2024, 02:17:10 am »
How I can make the wheel button of mouse show full info, like "mind probe" and not just a picture?

What need to edit so research show how many points it need? I know I can just peek save game.

The X-Com Files / [Submod] Everyone surrender
« on: December 25, 2023, 04:40:38 am »
Added     canSurrender: true to everything.
Barely tested.
Purpose: No longer battle against wimpy things, they must surrender. No more kill 100 people in base attack.
I hope it work. Feedback welcome. Also money.
Edit : Forgot to add the file :p

Edit 2: As suggested I make a mod. But still its incomplete because "can surrender" work in relation of bravery and many units got 110 bravery. I dont touch that because make the mod more easy and is not my intention.

Suggestions / Feature request technical questions
« on: December 19, 2023, 08:34:23 am »
I dont know programming so my question its probably dumb.

Its possible and not very difficult add rows (squares?) to build in base? (Bigger base)

Same for extra bases.

Whats the biggest monster that the engine support? Like reaper is 2x2 and all them stop at that size. Its a technical limitation?

I ask just for modding purposes and curiosity.

The X-Com Files / Crops and MIBs
« on: December 10, 2023, 02:59:05 pm »
They come at turn 10.
- Can they be defeated? I put 2 to sleep with electric stick but they are too many.
- Reinforces stop?

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