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Update by Meridian: updated to v0.2.1 to run on the latest nightly, download here:,5666.msg114975.html#msg114975

The year is 1980. Mankind has landed on the Moon, put satellites into orbit and has begun reaching further into space. As governments and private organisations send probes further and further towards the stars and scientists transmit signals into the sky, little does humanity realise just how much attention they are drawing to themselves.

At first, it was all just rumours and gossip - Tall tales of metal men and lizard people walking the streets. Eminent scientists and politicians going missing, vanishing without trace. But soon the tales became news - photographs of terrifying creatures and mechanical terrors hit the headlines as the Earth's infrastructure came under assault. It was undeniable - the Earth was under attack.

Following an emergency session of the United Nations, a rapid-response organisation was established to combat the extra-terrestrial threat - The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, or U.N.I.T.

Operating under the auspices of the United Nations and the guidance of an alien humanoid known only as the Doctor, UNIT's remit was to investigate and combat paranormal and extra-terrestrial threats to the Earth.

With the mysterious and elusive Doctor at their side, U.N.I.T stood firm against dozens of threats to the human race, but then suddenly the Doctor disappeared.

As the Doctor's enemies take advantage of his absence to step up their efforts against the Earth, U.N.I.T must stand alone against the increasing threat from outer space. Can they keep the Earth safe? Perhaps, more importantly, can they find the Doctor?


Version 0.2 is now available for download:

A couple of points to make: -

1.) It's a work in progress (obviously)
2.) Alien races have not yet been integrated into the campaign, so V.01 is only so you can have a chance to fight them in quick battle mode.
3.) Races are missing unique inventory corpse items.
4.) Daleks / Cybermen / Toclafane are basically done. All other races are WIP so fight at your own risk.

The below is a rough guide of my intentions, and an estimated percentage of how complete each element is. This is by no means a guaranteed content list, as I will undoubtedly add to it as I go, more of a rough reminder to me as to what I'm supposed to be working on.

Daleks [90%]
Cybermen [90%]
Sontarans [50%]
Autons [50%]
Silurians [30%]
Sea Devils [30%]
Toclafane [90%]
Weeping Angels [80%]
Vashta Nerada [80%]
Ogri [80%]

UNIT Field Uniform [90%]
UNIT Officer Uniform [90%]
GR7A Harrier [90%]
C-130 Transport [90%]
Learjet [90%]
L1A1 Infantry Rifle [90%]
RPG-7 [90%]

New Maps:

New Ships:
Cyberman Shuttle [0%]
Dalek Shuttle [90%]





Suggestions are welcomed. Once I release I'll be desperate for feedback on unit balance and bug fixing. Also, if anyone else feels like chipping in with any contributions, feel free.

Suggestions / Move Start Date to Ruleset
« on: May 26, 2013, 12:25:15 pm »
I appreciate tradition dictates the start date of X-Com is Jan 1999, but for modding purposes I'd love for it to be changed via ruleset. Any possible total conversions will always be stuck in the same time period until this can be changed.

Perhaps it's not possible, I just thought I'd throw this out there.

« on: May 24, 2013, 10:31:07 pm »
This statement intrigues me, anyone care to elaborate on what it specifically means?

Open Feedback / A Few Questions Regarding The Rulesets
« on: May 08, 2013, 10:18:47 pm »
Apologies if this topic is in the wrong place.

Now I've started work on the dalek mod, I'm getting a little bit confused when it comes to comprehending the rulesets.

How do you attach a species-specific weapon to a creature, like the cyberdisk/silacoid? I note there's a - type: ***_WEAPON section that defines what the weapons do, but I'm not seeing anywhere in the ruleset that actually covers their assignment to the creature itself?

I'm guessing it has something to do with the 'itemsets' further down the ruleset, but I'm flummoxed nonetheless.

Misc Questions:
What does the 'fixedWeapon: true' field do?
I'm presuming 'spawnUnit:' determines what unit is spawned by the death of the zombie. Will this work if added to other units?
Likewise with the  Chrysallid's 'zombieUnit:' field. Is this hardwired to the Chrysallid, or can I merrily add it to other units to enable zombification?

What do the Cyberdisk & Silacoid's 'specab' refer to?

Again, forgive my interminable questions. I'm sorry if the rulesets have been explained somewhere and I just haven't seen it. If not, we could really do with a wiki or tutorial somewhere.

Work In Progress / [ALIENS] The Dalek Invasion of XCom
« on: January 11, 2013, 03:38:26 pm »
(This project has now been rolled into the U.N.I.T. Operations project, located,5666.0.html)

Based on the Mk 1 dalek travel machine, I've had to make a few compromises with respect to accuracy due to pixel limitations. However, I am quite pleased with the result. It's been tried in-game in Xcom 2000, and whilst I'm no artist, it doesn't look too out of place.

Dalek Variants

UNIT Service Revolver

I originally made this to be used for the XCOM 2000 project, but it appears to have been dead for quite a long time, and I'd hate to see it sit and rot.

Out of respect for the open-source nature of openxcom, this work is completely free for anyone to use and adapt for whatever purpose they see fit. There are far better artists than me out there, and if anyone feels like they could improve it, knock yourselves out.

Oh, also hi everybody. I'm Cirius.

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