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Open Feedback / How does the game behave?
« on: December 25, 2019, 04:20:54 pm »
Hi everybody! I’m Jone.
If an alien is equipped with a weapon that has multiple ammo types, and has multiple types of ammo in inventory (let's say hypothetically an autocannon with incendiary and AP ammo objects) how does the game behave?
I'm planning on modding in more ammunition types for the small launcher (well, a small-launcher equivalent weapon) and I'm interested in whether the aliens could actually benefit from this on the battlescape.

Also, do aliens actually use up shots from ammo they carry? I suspect not as I can't remember finding a non-full weapon but I also haven't been looking too closely.
Thank in advance.

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Open Feedback / create a "facility" ?
« on: December 13, 2019, 02:54:01 pm »
Hi everybody! I’m Dome.
I was wondering: how hard would it be to have x-com bases that have sizes other than 6x6 small facilities?
I mean, other than the problem of actually displaying them in the basescape view, is it possible at all? restricting the game to a base of 4x4 (two hangars plus seven facilities or one hangar plus eleven facilities) or even 3x3 (one hangar plus four facilities) to make the game harder might be fun. or a modded game where you only have one base, but that base has 12x12 facility spaces?
is there any part of the base layout that is still so hardcoded that this would be completely impossible?
another interesting thing would be bases with other shapes (3x5? 2x8?) or spaces that cannot be built on... like in apoc. is there any easy way to make this possible? maybe it would be possible for "scenario"-type savegames to create a "facility" (named "rock" :) ) that does not need to be connected to the access lift and can only be placed or destroyed in debug mode? this would make it possible to reduce the available space.

Thank in advance.

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