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The X-Com Files / So, What's -Your- Excuse?
« on: April 13, 2020, 09:40:26 pm »
When you finish the Share Alien Gardens Tech research,
your military envoy asks you how you're going to explain your decision to help proliferate alien chemical weapons to the council...

So let's hear it, what are you going to tell them?

The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« on: April 02, 2020, 05:44:16 pm »
Also, the council will be pissed if I ignore a Dimension X defense mission. Fine.
But if I go to the mission and immediately abort it, then nothing. No malus.

I actually like this feature, personally. And it's not just Dimension X missions, either. Terror missions generally give you less of a hit for arriving and immediately aborting either. Like, there's kind of 3 different outcomes. The worst option, where you don't do your job and the council gets pissed. The best option, where you win and everybody loves you, and the middling option where you don't do anything but tell the council you tried. (ignoring the possibility of actually trying and losing)

It feels like a lot of the game is about knowing what fights you can take and what fights you -should- take and I like that the political calculations are part of that. Plus in the early game it rewards expanding your territorial coverage and in the midgame it rewards maintaining aerial dominance.

The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« on: April 02, 2020, 06:42:15 am »
This is pre-patch, but this save file has a Chtonite mini-base with multiple inaccessible pockets. I've just broken into one with a heavy sonic cannon, the other one has the two remaining Chtonites in it.

Irrelevant, but I just gotta take a moment to say that I adore many, many things about that beautiful, sexy piece of pure Earthican engineering, but my favourite part is how it turns intervening obstacles into just more of an opinion, really.

I also recently (1.3, pre-patch) had an Osiron warehouse mission spawn without an Osiron warehouse (meaning no crates after battle) and a Jarhead bank robbery (1.2) on a map with no bank (still got the million dollar bonus, though). In both cases the level ended up being built around that L-shaped two-story motel. Is that supposed to be possible?

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.3: Sanity Check
« on: April 02, 2020, 05:46:01 am »
We've decreased the number of hybrid missions in 1.3. After a few months they will disappear completely.

Oh, so that was unintentional? I just assumed they were supposed to be the main enemy of 1999. Not an unwelcome change, but a large one!

The X-Com Files / Re: Re: The X-Com Files - 1.1: Big Rain
« on: January 31, 2020, 02:20:46 am »
This terrain indeed doesn't exist, but I don't know why the game is trying to use it.

I recommend skipping the mission and if it ever happens again, reinstalling the mod.

Having a similar issue to the nomad here. Game crashes while looking for a "SAVANNAPOLAR" terrain file when generating a ufo crash site in heavily forested terrain.

Some interesting details; there actually is a SAVANNAPOLAR file for all three terrain file extensions in my mod's TERRAIN folder (as well as a SAVANNAPOLARBITS file), despite the fact that those don't exist in a freshly downloaded 1.1.2 version and I thought I was already on 1.1.2. IDK, it's probably just there from some previous version or something and I need to do a clean install. Still, here's the save file in case you want to look at it. Let skyranger 3 finish traveling to crash site 4 and the error should reproduce on mission start, assuming it's not just my terrible file hygiene that's to blame.

The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« on: December 15, 2019, 06:26:05 am »
The text of the UFOpedia entry for the smart shotgun still describes it as using standard buckshot shells despite version 1.1 giving it its own unique ammo type.

The X-Com Files / Re: Some suggestions
« on: November 23, 2019, 03:43:38 pm »
Uh.. Any spriters here? Because this is would be a total redraw...

Not that I know of, sorry. But if I ever get into making XCom sprites I'll keep it in mind.

It requires Med Bay, which I haven't explained properly in the Ufopedia article. I guess you're missing this facility.

Yes, that'd be it, thank you!

The X-Com Files / Re: Rats
« on: November 23, 2019, 03:37:58 pm »
Or maybe instead of breeding the mutants you're mutating your own. If ratcruitment cost engineer hours and energetic blood, then it would probably be possible to balance.

The X-Com Files / Re: Some suggestions
« on: November 23, 2019, 05:15:22 am »
Almost to 1999 on my first campaign and I'm loving it so far, especially the Red Dawn.

Might it make sense to tie in the Red Dawn to the history of Posadism? Given that there was an actual communist ufo-worshiping death cult on Earth, drawing a link between the two could be a fun way to flesh out the setting.

It would be nice if the Female Red Ops unit had a detailed sprite with visible chest armour like the male sprite. This would make it obvious without research that the unit has elevated front armour, and make it even more clearly distinguished from the female Pioneer for new players.

Also, I'm confused by the UFOpedia entry for X-Com Bio-Enhancement. It mentions veterancy as being a requirement, so I assumed it was something you did to qualifying soldiers individually, like a transformation in XPiratez. But it doesn't seem to have unlocked anything like that, so is it some sort of passive effect, like a change to skill growth to all units? Or is it supposed to unlock a transformation menu and it's bugged/I'm missing it? I'm just not sure what it's actually doing for me.

The X-Com Files / Re: How to deal with Ninjas?
« on: November 23, 2019, 04:35:39 am »
Full disclosure, I'm only just about to make my first attempt on Lotus HQ myself, but during my last base assault, having a scout drone (or whatever the basic AI unit armour is called) helped a lot. It actually killed two assassins all on it's own! Apparently they have some sort of innate anti-camo vision, and they spot assassins from a more manageable distance. They've since become my go-to for any mission that might contain stealth spiders as well.

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