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I only read a few sentences and comments.

Are you guys kidding me? I play like that and Im picky as hell whos in the agency. Im still like that 30 years later I kick everyone out if they are below standards (Bravery below 50). These guys are suppose to be the pick of litter best of the best each country has to offer around the world Special Force tabbed out every once in awhile a regular army might make it in but rare. I havent played enough OpenXCom and going to install it again taking a break from other games. I always liked the base management to the original Xcom compared to Firraxis Xcom game.

I usually leave the highest ranking officer I think is commander back at base and bring one officer to the mission with rest as enlistees. Usually about 12 agents each equipped with one mag (not including one in weapon), one high explosive (except ones with rocket launcher/blaster launcher), one flare, one proximity, and one smoke. Its pretty cool late game playing like this. The entire game is like a selection process to create the perfect soldier or warrior. Once you get PSI Labs up and running keep everyone with high PSI stats and kick everyone else out which is a slower process? By then you should have some pretty good stats on agents but not all of them have the IQ to be psychics. See its like SELECTION all over again.

« on: September 20, 2019, 09:32:53 pm »
Spent the past week playing.


This is how XCOM should have been.

Im still learning the game it still feels different compared to Collectors Edition.

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